Underwear? Under there?

This is what I love about girlfriends: You can ask them things that in polite conversation would probably cause raised eyebrows.For instance, in polite conversation, you can’t just ask someone if they’re in the habit of wearing underwear or not. But in girlfriend-conversation, you can ask, and they’ll answer honestly and not even think you’re strange for asking.

I went to the gym this morning for Step Aerobics and Body Works classes, as has become my Saturday morning routine. Upon entering the room, I spied my friend, Lori. We chatted a bit, talking about weekend plans. She’s having people over tonight. This being my loner weekend when the husband works all night and sleeps all day, my plans are a bit more low-key. I’m going to start watching the DVDs Lori loaned me – Mad Men Season 1 – so I can participate in the Mad Men conversations that happen during lunch break. Because clearly I do not watch enough t.v. to keep up with the lunchtime conversations.

Soon enough, the class began. We stepped and kicked and mamboed for an hour.  (Yes, we did the mambo! That was fun!) And we sweated our butts off.

After Step Aerobics, there was a fifteen minute break before Body Works began. Lori and I grabbed some hand weights and waited for the class to fill up. While we waited, Lori looked around at the others in the room and remarked that we were all wearing Easter colors. For some reason that reminded me of a gym-wardrobe question that had been plaguing me.

I asked Lori, “See everyone wearing the yoga style pants and capris like mine?”


“Are you supposed to wear underwear under those?”

For the record, this is NOT my butt.

Lori didn’t bat an eye. She looked at me and said, “I wear underwear when I have a looser style on. But when I wear those kind, I don’t. I think a lot of people go without when they wear yoga pants. But I think it’s a matter of personal preference. Why?”

“Well, I was noticing at home that if someone were to look at my butt, they could probably see the outline of my bikinis underneath. When I look at my butt in the mirror, I can see the outline.”

Not that I was studying my own butt. Okay, so maybe I was. I’ve been working hard. I might have wanted to see if it was getting toned. This is when the underwear line dilemma was discovered. I’ve also been known to do that body-builder pose in front of the mirror to see if all this work has had any sculpting effects on my arms and shoulders. It has, but it’s only really noticeable so far if I flex. Oh well.

Lori shrugged, signalling that I was worrying needlessly about underwear.

“You’re probably right, I said. “Not that anyone is probably looking at my butt while we’re busy working out, anyway,” I  was trying to make myself feel better. It didn’t work because clearly I was checking out other ladies’ butts to see if I could see the outline of their undies. And believe me, in many cases, I could not find one!

“Well, I don’t look at your butt,” Lori laughed, swatting me playfully on the arm! “But I’m gonna now!”

And then Body Works began and I was almost too busy lunging and lifting my weights to worry about whether or not the outline of my underwear was visible to others. So there’s one worry I can check off the list of many. And I can relax now that I know that going commando is an acceptable practice at the gym.

26 thoughts on “Underwear? Under there?

  1. Ugh. I hate having underwear lines. I’ve tried many styles of undies over the years to see if I can find a pair that doesn’t show lines, but have had no luck. Even the ones that say “no lines” have lines. It doesn’t bother me that some people go commando, but I’m not sure I’d be able to. So my solution? No yoga pants. I wear shorts or running pants that are flattering, but don’t show underwear lines.
    Cute post! :)


  2. Clearly there are no guys in your class because (if they were honest) they would tell you that there would only be a few moments during the class when the were NOT studying butts…those few moments being when they were wiping sweat off there face with a towel.


  3. Hmmm…I’m an undies kind of gal. Just too weird not to. However, right now I’m a NO CLASS kind of gal until the back is 100%…close, but not yet.


  4. I am not going to be the stupid male jerk that makes a stupid male joke about this subject. No siree you will not trick me into making a comment today so I will just keep silent and not make a comment so I won’t be accused as being a stupid male jerk.


  5. Carl…great comment.haha

    Kendall and her friends all wear thong underwear with their yoga pants. Isn’t it funny that we want people to think we’re wearing underwear, but we don’t want anyone to SEE that we’re wearing underwear? Too funny…

    And I’m sure your butt looks fantastic.


  6. Hmmm…. I’ve got some “activewear” that shows the panty lines some, but I have yet to join the commando club. It motivates me to run faster, so anybody looking just sees a blur!


  7. I think we all the right to decide to wear or not to wear undies anytime, anywhere.

    Your humor makes your writing even more fun to read. I like the way you can describe conversations for instance. After all the work you have been doing lately at the gym, your butt must be hard as a rock.


  8. Can’t imagine going commando, even at the gym, even in yoga pants, even if my butt were solid as a rock! Some of Mom’s warnings (the one about having nice underwear on in case you’re ever in a car accident) just don’t die easily!


  9. > the underwear line dilemma

    At a gym, I see no “dilemma” with underwear lines. Now if you were wearing a tight evening gown…

    Now, I do have a problem when I see guys wearing a “crew” t-shirt under their shirt and you can see the top. Very tacky… That’s why they make V-necks!


  10. Definitely a girl thing – not many guys discuss underwear with each other like that. The only one I can remember having was debating tighties or boxers, but that sort of lead of from talk about having the snip!


  11. I avoid looking in the mirror -whether I am clothed or unclad! Way, way too depressing a sight and not one I care to see at all! Above the neck to make sure I don’t have too many loose ends sticking up when I think I finished combing my hair, or to check for loose broccoli in my teeth, maybe once in a while to pay attention to drawing a light covering of lipstick but beyond that, mirrors are my nemesis!


  12. Reminds me of all of those running shirts/shorts I spotted at the Marathon – ones with the expression “Does this shirt make my butt look fast?”. I’m like RC, not may guys I know will sit down to carry on a conversation about their drawers. Not sure if I could do commando for my runs – I prefer the running shorts. I’m more into the functional, not fashionable. Sweat can be a great equalizer.


  13. Panty lines are the worst! I find that ‘boy short’ panties are awesome in not showing panty lines and they are the most comfortable I have found to wear for any occasion.


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