Meeting the Parents

Brad and Heather have been dating for … oh, about three years now. It’s pretty safe to say they are serious. They’ve been “roommates,” sharing living space with other students for a couple of years. They share a dog. They’ve recently learned they are losing their current roommates and have found a new place to live, just the three of them. (Brad, Heather and Dacotah.)

They’ve mentioned a few times that Mark and I should meet Heather’s parents. A date has been proposed a few times but never panned out. A couple of weeks ago, Brad suggested again that we try to meet. He and Heather would be at her parents’ house for Easter, so the distance between us would only be an hour. We could meet half-way for a casual lunch on Saturday.

I was a little nervous. What if they didn’t like us? What if we had nothing to talk about? In the end, I had nothing to worry about. They were actually scary similar to Mark and me. Before we left, I’d kind of been on Mark about what he was wearing. We were going to a casual restaurant, but he was dressed, well… pretty casual. I asked if he couldn’t ditch the sweatshirt and put something a little better on. He found a denim shirt to wear over his t-shirt. (Oh well.) When Heather’s parents arrived, her dad was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt with some kind of hunting/camouflage logo on it, the likes of which can easily be found in Mark’s wardrobe. And Heather’s mom? Dressed pretty much the same way I typically dress. And the conversation was easy and we all had a great time.

More than once, I wondered why the push to get together on Easter weekend? Heather’s mom was busy! She was hosting family for Easter the next day. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t be so thrilled about taking time out from the holiday preparations to go to lunch. Could it be that Brad and Heather had a special announcement to share with us? Could it be they finally decided to make things official? I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, they are perfect for each other!

But nope. After all was said and done, it was just lunch. But it sure was nice to meet Heather’s parents!

20 thoughts on “Meeting the Parents

  1. Nice to hear that you and Mark hit it off with the PILs (parent-in-laws). We tend to be nervous meeting future family members, but it looks like you guys are a good match for the future Mr & Mrs Heather-Brad. The way those two kids are going, I’m sure you’ll be getting an announcement soon. I’m betting on a hunting/camouflage theme reception…


  2. I’m not surprised that Heather’s parents are so much like you and Mark. I’m glad the meeting went so well. I’m with the rest of your commenters… an announcement from Brad and Heather can’t be far off.


  3. Heh, I couldn’t help but relate to the “are you going to where THAT?” scenario with husbands. Although you put it much nicer. ;-) I was hoping for an announcement too. Drat. Oh well, sounds like a really nice visit anyway.


  4. Aw, this is so sweet! It’s truly a blessing if all the parents can get along — nothing worse for a young couple than those in-law disagreements. And I’m with everybody else — looks like an announcement might be forthcoming any time now!


  5. I was sure you were leading up to making a big announcement but I think the way Brad wanted to set up the meeting between both sets of parents is a darned good, very telling sign, that the big news probably isn’t too far off in the future!


  6. Glad you got on well with them, it makes things so much easier.

    Big announcements? Don’t rush them, plenty of time! But they look like a couple that is in for the long haul to me…


  7. Ooooooo, so close. It could have been marriage, a little one on the way…almost anything!! A near miss for you! You were THIS close to being a grandma!! Bwa-ha-ha!!


  8. Wow I’m late getting to responding to this post! I can honestly say that it’s always been uncomfortable for me meeting the parents of my kids significant others.


  9. I can’t imagine you being nervous in a social setting, or having nothing to talk to people about.

    Here I thought you were building up to an announcement yourself, but I guess not. They’re a cute couple though… I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.


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