Good Weekend

I had a good weekend. I had a nice, contented feeling that’s been lacking in recent weeks. This weekend wasn’t particularly special, but it was busy. And Mark and Jake were actually around some. I get in a rut when no one is home and there’s nothing in particular to do.

I attempted running again on Saturday morning, and that turned out pretty nicely.

After my run, Mark and I attended a funeral for the mother of a friend. Her death wasn’t entirely unexpected, but still understandably difficult for our friend.

After the funeral, we started in on the normal weekend chores – cleaning, laundry and such. I can’t say as I have ever enjoyed such chores, but I used to feel some satisfaction at completing them. Lately, I just don’t seem to care as much. I still always do my chores, but lately it’s been with a definite sense of drudgery. This weekend, my motivation returned. I turned on some music and tackled the to-do list.

It certainly wasn’t the weather that boosted my mood. I’m usually energized by the sun, but there was little of it the past two days. And there was rain! Lots of it! While I was doing chores on Saturday afternoon, I would periodically take a break in the living room to watch Friday Night Lights with Jake. (I’ve seen the movie plenty of times, but it’s one that I can watch over and over.) During one such break, Jake and I were watching the movie and Lucy was busy on the living room floor, chomping on a new bone I’d bought for her. The skies had grown very dark and suddenly there was  blinding flash of light followed by a deafening boom that sounded like it happened right outside the windows. Lucy bolted upright and started barking. She was trying to be brave, but within seconds she was plastered between my legs, gazing warily out the windows. And then the rain came down… big, heavy drops of rain in showers so heavy it made the world outside the window go out of focus. The worst of it let up within a half hour or so, but rain continued to fall off and on all weekend long.

Saturday evening brought some fun! It was the end-of-season banquet for our Saturday bowling league. We met up early with several of our bowling friends at the restaurant and ordered drinks. Then we went to the banquet room and had a great meal. I was reelected as vice president of the league, which only means that I’ll be responsible for planning fun night again, a job that I really enjoy. I earned several awards for various bowling accomplishments, which means that in spite of the ups and downs of my bowling abilities, I’ve improved over the last year.

After the banquet, we went back out to the bar and lounge where a local band was playing. They played a lot of music from the sixties and seventies. Most of the guys weren’t too interested in dancing, as guys tend not to be. But a few of them were not only willing, but very able to dance. Those guys took turns hauling each of us women out onto the dance floor and in spite of some of the music and dance styles being not quite my speed, I had a great time! We didn’t get home until well after midnight.

Sunday morning, I was “gently” awakened by Lucy. She decided to cozy up right in the middle of the bed between Mark and me. I love that my dog does such cute, loving things, but I wasn’t ready to be awake. Still, there was no falling back to sleep at that point.

Sunday turned out to be a mellow day. I was in a fog, feeling my age after a night out “partying” and feeling some previously unused muscles protesting after an unexpected run the day before. I finished up a few chores, did some grocery shopping and otherwise allowed myself to relax and do nothing. At one point, Mark caught me curled up in the recliner under my fleece blanket, watching Gilmore Girls

“Really,” he asked? “Is this what you’re doing with your day?”

“Shut up,” I teased. “Yes it is. It’s my weekend and I can do nothing if I want to.”

I don’t like too much nothing, but sometimes nothing is just what I need. And nothing was just the perfect wind-down to this weekend.

10 thoughts on “Good Weekend

  1. How funny. Our dog Ralph loves to lay directly between Sara and me on the bed. We need to upgrade to a king-sized!

    Glad to hear you had a busy and productive weekend. May this week prove to be the same!



  2. Haha, I’d say be curled up in the recliner with a blanket on a Sunday is a great way to spend the day. And running on Saturday is surely worthy of you earning extra relaxing time the next day.

    Glad you had fun.


  3. We need our curl up time every now and then!

    We’re having us some rainy weather too. China doesn’t even try to be brave, she’s all about the “Run for cover! It’s Armageddon!!”


  4. I always have a chore day and a “nothing” day as part of my weekend. It used to make me feel guilty, but now, I know I’ve earned it. I don’t shower on those days, my hair stays in a hat. If I do chores, it’s only because I like them (car washing, baking, etc.). They really are a great way to wind down a weekend.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your bowling party! Will you be bowling in a summer league again? I have some bowling balls I’m willing to give “free to a good home”. :) Have a good week!


  5. It’s really been brought home to me that being able to just do ‘normal’ – the chores, the get togethers with friends, the relaxing – is an incredible blessing and not to be taken for granted.


  6. We had bucket-loads of rain this weekend, too. On days like that, it’s kind of nice not to have any obligations, to just sit and do nothing!


  7. Those kinds of weekends can really let you unwind, relax, and recharge the batteries. Given the chaos that sometimes surrounds life, it is good to be able to have a “do nothing” weekend.

    Brave Lucy. At least she is not uber crazy/destructive like some dogs can be. I like Claire’s reaction best – she’s nervous and will hide out in the closet stuffed in a laundry basket.


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