Coming Home to Lucy

She sleeps at the foot of the bed most nights or on Mark’s side if he happens to be working third shift. Sometimes when we’re both there, she climbs up in between us and lays right in the middle. She lies on her back like a baby, paws up in the air, turning her head from side to side trying to sneak in one of those big wet doggy kisses. Most nights, she stays on the bed all night long, only getting up in the morning after I’ve snoozed my alarm clock a few times and she senses that I’m finally going to get out of bed too.

Once we’ve left the bedroom, she dances and prances all around me, desperate for attention, so happy to “see” me, as if she hasn’t been half-laying on me all night long.

When I come home from work, she does the wiggle-butt dance. Sometimes she can barely refrain from jumping up on me. She tries to help me get my shoes off, even though I’ve told her countless times that I don’t appreciate the help, nor do I need it.

When people come to visit, she brings one of her toys to show off while she wiggles and dances around them in a show of welcome.

In the evenings, she mellows out. And when I go to the gym for an hour or so, she makes herself comfy on one of the love seats in the family room in the lower level. And when I return, I call out to her from the entryway, but she doesn’t come. I go look for her, and there she is, still in her comfy spot, debating, “Do I want to leave my cozy spot, or no?”

As you can see, she debated getting down to come see me. She just stretched herself over to the ottoman and hung out for a while. Eventually, she slid from her little perch and strolled over me as if to say, “Oh, hey. We’re you gone? I hadn’t noticed.”

No worries. When I get home from work again tomorrow, I’ll be greeted as if I’ve returned from long and distant journeys. Doggy love is a wonderful thing!

20 thoughts on “Coming Home to Lucy

  1. Those are some of the reasons why I like dogs over cats. I definitely think Lucy has you wrapped around her little paw. Funny to hear how she lays on her back waiting for some attention. Claire is a master at that style of attention getting.


  2. Dogs are great aren’t they? You can really depend on their love and affection. Custard always barks when he hears my bike breaks outside the house – unless he is distracted by dinner being served in the kitchen – then my first greeting is Frou Frou, who weaves in and out of my legs and bike wheels as I try to get into the garden. One day I will fall over her…


  3. My Gabi always grabs something in her mouth when she greets someone she knows, if there isn’t a toy or sock around, she’ll grab a flower or a leaf of the grass. :)


  4. Reminds of my long ago gone yellow lab. I had to put her to sleep more than 25 years ago and have not had another dog since because I do not want to suffer that loss ever again. In no pets condo now anyway. If there is an afterlife and I could be with just two “people” it would be with Mozzi and my first grandchild Crislynd.


  5. I think you have captured one of the most wonderful benefits of having a dog–their being so darn excited to see you–always—-always–always—-except for that one time, which makes it all the cuter in contrast. Love this post, Terri.


  6. Doggie love is the best. Our golden acts that way with my husband. And she gets jealous when he’s holding the cat, or when he’s hugging me. It warms my heart to see how excited she gets when he wakes up or comes home. I’d love to have that too, but I have my hands full with teens and a time consuming job. As soon as things settle into place, I will be going puppy shopping. You are definitely giving me puppy fever. :)


  7. Thank you for sharing Lucy with us. The thing is, I find myself just as excited to see my dog as he is to see me. Their cheer rubs right off on us, even on the roughest of days. Enjoyed reading about you loving your Lucy.


  8. One thing about working at home — I get my beloved Sheltie ALL the time! And you might think he’d get tired of herding me from office to kitchen to bathroom, but no — he seems quite happy to do so! I can relate to that doggy love, for when I have to go out (even for a brief time), he LOVES it when I return!


  9. The boys always tease me that I love the fuzzy kid more. Shh .. it’s true. Know why? He loves me always, he’s happy to see me, he never disagrees with me and he seems to think everything I suggest is just darn brilliant :)

    She sure is a cutie .. MJ


  10. Dogs are GREAT! Even Sammy, with his incessant barking if a leaf blows by the front window and he feels the need to publicize that event, is still such a sweet mutt who shares our lives here. He sleeps -usually near the foot of the bed -with Maya and me and sometimes, he edges is way up a bit so he is closer to our faces. Those occasions tend to occur, so it seems, when he is probably in dire need of a bath cause he’s inclined to be a tad odorific on those occasions -or so it seems anyway!
    But really, overall, you can’t beat a dog for being your bestest friend -and one who never forgets how much love he/she has for the humans in his/her life either!


  11. You know, Terri, I’ve never been a dog person. But my daughter and her husband just got a St. Charles Spaniel to go with their pound dog, so I have two grand dogs. And Roxy, the pound dog jumps in my lap as soon as I walk into their house. And the office manager where I volunteer brings her black and white spaniel to work and she (the dog, not the manager) goes nuts when I come in. Maybe they’re winning me over.


  12. Dogs and their unconditional love is awesome. We don’t allow our tiny little 10 pound pooch onto the bed with us and I can’t imagine how you do it with Lucy!!


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