Raindrops and Birdsong

Last evening, it rained. And then the birds sang a symphony. I’d forgotten how pretty the world can be when you stop to notice it.

Raindrops on the canopy frame

29 thoughts on “Raindrops and Birdsong

  1. Nice photos, a blue bird? I’ve yet to see a blue bird in my yard. The other two are finches, right, yellow and red? Trying to bring up my bird knowledge!


      • I need to get a small paperback to keep close in the kitchen to identify Minnesota birds! Suggestions? I can identify the nuthatch, chickadee, yellow finch (I think the pic you have must be a red finch) and of course their mates, cardinals, but that’s all we seem to have flying through.


  2. Great pictures, Terri. The one of the bluebird is sooo pretty -it actually managed to cheer me up as I sit here looking at the 3rd straight day of rain -which tends to depress me!


  3. What is it about birds that is so fascinating. Maybe it is the way they look when they fly that seems so much fun (though I suspect as animals surviving in the world it is a lot less fun than we make it out to be.)


  4. Terri, you got some excellent pics of the birds and the outside after the rain. You must have a nice camera. I too love to hear the birds in song.


  5. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but it had been a while since you graced the blog with your stellar photos. Well worth the wait! I’m glad you took the time to smell the rain.


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