The Week in Cell Phone Photos (and some video!)

It’s been an eventful week!

Miss Lucy Pie got herself a new pool. The story behind this is that I wanted to give her a bath one day when she came in with muddy paws. I tried to put her in the bath tub but she was having nothing to do with it. She leaped out of my arms before I could get her in and took off running as far away as she could get. Later, I had the idea that maybe a kiddie pool was the answer. And it was. On Sunday, after this video was taken, Lucy willingly let Kacey give her a bath in the pool.

Mothers Day and Kacey’s birthday fell on the same day. I’ve pretty much fallen off the cooking bandwagon, but wanted to make a birthday dinner that I knew my baby girl would enjoy. And she did!

Cheese-Stuffed Shells


My kids gave me the coolest gift for Mothers Day! A customized cell phone cover. I’ve been looking for a new cover, but couldn’t find one I liked. This one? I love!

Lucy has laid claim to the area under the pine tree in the back yard. She loves to hang out there. It seemed a fitting place to put the garden stone my nephew, Matthew made her for Christmas. (He made one of these for all of the family dogs! Isn’t he creative?)

Lucy Pie’s Lounge

Belinda and I ventured out of the office Tuesday at lunch time. The food trucks travel around downtown St. Paul in the summertime and we walked to Mear’s Park to see what was good to eat. We found Lamb Gyro wraps – basically a gyro in a wrap instead of in flat bread. And they were delicious!

The Cave Cafe – I highly recommend!

And after work on Tuesday, B and I enjoyed a little happy hour with some current and former coworkers! FUN!

Mmmmm…. BEER!

File this one under the not really funny, except it is category. My mom broke her toe and ended up having to wear one of these boots. How did she break her toe? She was helping my dad put on the boot that he’s required to wear for his own foot injury. (Dad’s boot is much bigger than this one.)

The fashion at my parents’ house

And the happiest ending possible to my week … Kacey is home from college for the summer!

Now to figure out where to put it all until next fall!

Happy Friday, everyone!

30 thoughts on “The Week in Cell Phone Photos (and some video!)

    • I’d like to promise that I’ll post food pictures more often, but I know I won’t stay committed to cooking. Then again, with Kacey home again, maybe I really will cook more. Who knows?


  1. Enjoy Kacey’s stay — I pick up my son this weekend, and we’re BOTH ready for him to be home! Your poor parents aren’t exactly basking in the fashion world these days, are they?! Love Lucy’s Lounge!


    • I’m not very adventurous in the kitchen. I mainly just follow a recipe, but if you’ve got suggestions as to other kinds of cheeses to try, I’ll go for it! The family loves when we have pasta of any kind.


  2. That cell phone case is awesome! What a great idea!
    Put a few drops of dog shampoo in the pool, and Lucy can create her own washing machine. :) Too cute!
    You must be on cloud 9 having Kacey home. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you to make sure you enjoy every moment. :)


    • Kacey was so excited for me to open my gift and see the case. She knew I’d love it.

      I may do just that with the pool. Lucy’s been shedding so much I’m worried she’ll lose all her fur. The bath in the pool seems to have helped that problem.

      I am thrilled that Kacey is home. The house will be lively again!


  3. Great photo blog! I thought of getting China a kiddie pool to cool off and clean off in the summer, but the hubs reminded me that she would just eat it. I love the garden stone!

    Welcome home to Kacey, and I really shouldn’t come here when I’m hungry. It’s torture.


    • Thanks, Abby! Lucy eats many things, mainly Kacey’s shoes and the pad under the rug in the entryway that’s supposed to keep it from slipping around! So far she hasn’t eaten the pool. She just chases the water around.


  4. Oh my Lord, I was giggling like crazy watching Lucy in the pool. We’ve always washed our dogs (the one who died and now new one) in the kiddie pool. We do it all year round here, since we live in Florida. They go in willingly, but not as excited as Lucy! Stuffed shells, that’s a great bday meal. They looked yummy. BTW, Terri, I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but you look college age yourself. I can NOT believe you have children that age. I think you’re their older sister who raised them. :-)


    • Life is such an adventure for Lucy. It’s so fun to watch her discover new things. I’m glad she likes the pool. I was worried I’d have to pay to get her bathed every time she needed a bath.

      The stuffed shells were good. I hadn’t made them since a couple of years ago when I made them for Jake’s graduation party. (And they were a huge hit with the guests!)

      Thank you, Lori! What a great compliment! You made my day.


    • It’s my favorite. I don’t try many different beers, I just stick with the one I like. My sister lived in Chicago for several years and I remember her complaining she couldn’t get it there.


  5. This entire post just made me smile. Lucy was so funny in that pool; she was my first laugh of the day. And then it just carried on to all things happy (except your Mom’s toe, ouch!!) What a sweet idea, the cell phone case. Anyone tell you lately how simply gorgeous you are? Well, you are.

    Happy Saturday; enjoy having your girl home (( I know you are loving it…))



  6. It’s good to see Kacey back home for the summer (along with her laundry). I bet it won’t be long before she is out trying to catch up with her friends. Great idea with Lucy. Not all dogs take to water, but she does seem to have a splash in the pool. I got a kiddie pool for Grayson & Claire for the summer heat, but they just wind up laying down in it or using it as a giant water bowl. Still, a good occasional bath will help with the shedding. And if you want to talk shedding, you ought to see how much fur two Goldens can generate in one day.

    Keep posting the food pictures. I’m getting hungry.


  7. Oh she wasn’t home for two hours before she was off with friends! I can’t blame her. She’s excited to see everyone and catch up.

    Lucy uses the pool for drinking too. It’s been warm here the last couple of days (80s and 90s) so it’s good to know she’s staying hydrated. She likes to lay in the sun. I’m sure you have more than your share of dog fur floating around the house. It’s a small price to pay, isn’t it?

    I’d like to promise more food pictures but I just can’t guarantee that I’ll keep cooking. But I’ll try!


  8. Fun video. Lucy getting her own doggie pool is perfect for fun and bath. I like the stepping stone that Matthew gave her. Looks good leaning on the tree.

    The cell phone cover is awesome. I like personalized items like that. You and your family are all so photogenic.


  9. Awesome live action of Lucy! What a cool dog. Great pics from your week. I need to find out where the food trucks go in Chicago. I don’t think they are allowed in the Loop…..they have to be somewhere though!


  10. Yay!! Sounds like a great week, indeed. I love the video of Lucy, and the cell phone cover was a very clever gift. The food looks amazing as well. At the moment, I have been listening to my stomach growl at me so everything looks good, but especially baked pasta with cheese!!!!!!


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