Pretty Weekend

This was one of those picture perfect weekends. Yesterday morning I was awake early with Miss Lucy Pie. Since she just had her hip surgery, she needs our help getting outside, especially because of all the steps in the house and the ones on the deck that she usually uses to get to the back yard. And because she doesn’t know to be cautious, she needs to be on a leash even in her own yard so that she’s not tempted to run and cause damage to her hip. She’d doing amazingly well, by the way. If it weren’t for the huge shaved patch of skin and the ugly stitches, you might not even realize she’d just had a major surgery.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The sky was clear blue with sun shining so bright that it felt as if the air was sparkling. The air was comfortably warm, even so early in the day. Lucy and I strolled around the back yard with no hurry to go back inside.

It was a mellow weekend for us. We chose to stick close to home to keep an eye on our canine patient, only making quick trips here and there when one of the kids was home to keep an eye on Lucy. I picked up a few more flowers to finish planting around the yard.

It seemed like everyone in the neighborhood had the same idea. Everyone was taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and prettying up their yards and gardens for the summer. Sometimes I look around the neighborhoods in our area and feel as if they are going downhill. Twenty-four years ago when we built our house on what had recently been a farmer’s field, everything was fresh and new. Now homes have changed owners several times over. Some of them have been “let go.” But a mature neighborhood has a little something over those sparkling new ones. It has character. It has seen the benefit of time. Some of the residents, like us, started out as young adults, with young families and limited budgets. All these years later, we’re more established. We’ve made improvements to our homes and yards little by little over the years. Our homes have personality.

I looked around this weekend and saw that personality all over our neighborhood. Everything is so pretty right now. I love this time of year when there’s so much life and color all around us. My own flowers are in various stages, some of them already past their prime, like the Irises. Some of them are at their peak, like the Clematis. And some of them have yet to even bloom, like the petunias in the whiskey barrel under the tree out front.

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I love this time of year. I love this kind of weekend.

15 thoughts on “Pretty Weekend

  1. I know this is a rather cynical comment but I call those types of weekends in the northern climes (like Connecticut where I was raised) as Venus Flytrap weekends. Because you think, “Wow what a wonderful place. It would be great to live here.” Then you find out about winter.


    • I had to laugh because you’re right! And it’s not just winter! Even this time of year when it’s relatively warm, we still have our share of roller coaster temps, rain, clouds, wind, etc. It’s a rare occasion when it all comes together so nicely like it did this weekend.


  2. How wonderful that you were able to enjoy such good weather this weekend after dealing with such wet weather last weekend!
    The white flower is absolutely stunning! Loved that picture!


  3. Wow. Those are some really fantastic shots. It is a good time of year to enjoy the outdoors before it becomes too hot or too buggy. Glad you were able to enjoy it at home. Pretty flowers. Were all those from your back yard?

    I was curious to know how Lucy Pie was doing. Has the surgery slowed her down any (I doubt it)? Did you ever have to get her a cone of shame?


  4. Thanks, Agg! And yes, all of the shots were taken around our yard.

    Lucy was very quiet and sleepy through Saturday, but moving and walking amazingly well. Today she seemed to have her energy back and she seemed confused that we kept slowing her down. She wanted to run and play! And we’ve managed so far without the cone, but we still have to see how she does when she spends some time alone this week while we’re at work. (We got her one of those kiddie corrals to keep her contained while still allowing her some space to move around.)


  5. So glad Lucy is doing so well! That’s awesome!

    Your weekend sounds like – well – February around here, haha! We consistently hit the mid-90’s this time of year. It is 75 degrees at 7 a.m. this morning, too warm for me to run without being coated in a heavy sweat. And I don’t do sweat. Sometimes your weather sounds perfect to me (and don’t get me wrong – mine is perfect for my marathon days at Schlitterbahn!).


  6. Nice slideshow! Your title is perfect, and for some reason, when I first saw it, I thought it was “pretend weekend”. Am I getting dyslexic in my old age??

    I agree with you. We also live in an older established neighborhood. Yes, some of the yards and properties are a bit weathered, but I like to think that we have more personality than the newer housing tracts that just have the beginnings of anything “landscape”.

    I’m glad Lucy’s getting around and healing up!


  7. Thank you for sharing the photographs. I love spring flowers and autumn leaves with equal vigor. Each season is a reminder of the fragility of life in all of its forms. Summer sunshine and outdoor fun speaks to the need to endure what seems to be endless days and nights of barren fields and blustery cold winds that send pain deep into the bones of even the must sturdy among us.

    We have our moods and so it is with nature [if it is to be anthropomorphized as one entity]. This constant shifting from one condition to another is no more than our day to day shifting of one situation to another. Dealing with each as they come is what makes life fun and interesting.

    first snow
    time to to replace
    this old chair

    Thanks for posting.


  8. Not only are your flowers gorgeous -but your photography is really terrific too! Wish I had flowers like that to photograph but even more so, wish I could take pictures with the angles and clarity that you have in your work!


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