Patient Updates

I checked in on my Chica via text message to see how she was feeling after the mastectomy and she said, Like a cement truck ran me over … then backed up and did a spin out on my chest … But other than that … I AM GREAT! :-)

I said that I was glad to see she hadn’t lost her sense of humor but was sorry she was feeling icky. And then I said that when she was feeling up to it, she should check my blog because I asked for prayers for her and there were lots of them offered and also a lot of really nice things said about her.

And she said she would definitely check but that it may be a while before she can because just reading a few text messages makes her konk out.

And I said there was no hurry. I just wanted her to know they were there . And then I said I had to go make some copies so she should feel free to konk out again. Except when I looked at the text after sending it, I saw that I had actually told her to feel free to KINK out again. So I had to send a retraction.  KONK. Not kink.

I don’t think I will be kinking any time soon, she said. And then she joked about getting separate beds but still needing a king size bed for gettin’ busy.

They took her boobies but her sense of humor is still fully intact! That’ll take her a long way, I’m sure.

This whole thing has scared me into inspired me to schedule a very necessary appointment of my own. Boob smashing commences this Thursday morning. I’m not even gonna tell you how many years overdue this appointment is. I have no excuse. I’m not scared, worried or otherwise impaired from having this done. Just lazy and dumb. No more, though. I’m on it.

In other patient news, Lucy seems to be feeling more herself again. She seems to get that something isn’t right, and she tries to abide by the rules, but sometimes she just gets so excited that she can’t help nearly wiggling out of her skin. Thankfully her energy doesn’t last too long and she crashes for yet another nap.

Getting comfy across Jake’s legs

I just hope she doesn’t get too used to being carried up and down stairs. My back muscles may not put up with this for long!

17 thoughts on “Patient Updates

  1. Gad just the thought of the hospital experience and major surgery gives me flashbacks and the heebie jeebies. Hope she can get out of there as soon as possible!


  2. I love Gina’s attitude! She sounds like a great gal. And kudos to you for going in for a boob smashing. It’s something I need to do as well.
    Lucy looks like she’s handling things well! It helps to have great parents and siblings to get her back on her feet! :)
    Thanks for all the updates!


  3. I have no idea how you carry Lucy. I tried lifting my 65 pound boy onto his grooming table on Sunday and almost took both of us down. Heh. I had to call for my husband. My best to your Chica.


  4. Thanks for the updates. I was thinking about Gina over the weekend, she’s a tough girl! And Lucy looks to be healing well.

    And what’s this you’re just NOW going for your boob smash!? Well, better late than never!


  5. Glad to hear Gina’s sense of warped humor is still in tact. I know that will lift her over this bump in the road and she’ll be back out there getting her kink on. We’ll keep praying for her speedy recovery. And good luck with your own adventure on Thursday. Sometimes it is a close friend or family member that reminds us that you gotta get these things checked out.

    Lucy’s looking good. Especially sporting that shaved butt look! I bet she is hard to hold back from wanting to play, but that will come soon enough.


  6. Glad to hear Gina and Lucy are doing okay after surgery. Thoughts and prayers are still with everyone! Hope the appnt. goes well for you on Thursday.


  7. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you Muri had breast cancer, about fifteen years ago. It took several surgeries to get it all, but her attitude was amazing. She was doing things like bringing cookies to her radiologist because he was kind of shy and she wanted to bring him out of his shell. It sounds like Gina is having the same sort of attitude, which is so important. I’m more than glad you’re getting an exam. I’d have been yelling at you if I knew you weren’t.


  8. Great to see that Gina’s humour is still there – it will get her a long way, attitude seems to be a major factor at times like this. Hopefully it won’t be too long before she is getting kinky again :-)


  9. Glad to hear things went well. Half the fight is mental and it seems she had the forces to beat it! I’m sure your communication with her is a plus for her as well.

    Yes, do get checked!!!!!

    Nice ass shot of Lucy… LOL


  10. I’m so glad your friend’s humor is intact — you’re right in saying that will speed the healing process! And Lucy’s scar looks much “kinder” than it did before, so that’s an obvious sign of improvement. Good for you, in getting your checkup!


  11. My best wishes to her for a speedy recovery, both physical and mental. (I’ve known a lot of cancer survivors, and sometimes the mental trauma can be quite bad, especially when drastic surgery has been done)


  12. Boobie smashing!! Not the fun game I like to play I’m sure. Ha! Bad Terri for not going regularly to get them checked out. Bad, bad Terri!! Happy to hear Gina is recovering. Tough thing for her to go through, but I know she’s not going through it alone.


  13. Speaking here as one who has been down the surgery road twice now for cancer, I firmly believe that keeping a really strong sense of humor definitely does make the whole yucky process at least appear to be easier to cope with! It’s what I credit for keeping me semi-sane anyway. That, and also, lots and lots of prayers from family, friends and even from lots of folks who don’t know you, who don’t even really know the person who requested prayers for someone except as a blogger friend. But I do truly also BELIEVE that prayers from the great unknown numbers do work wonders too. After all, remember the little girl I wrote about on my blog about a month ago whose family had been told to plan for the worst and the next day, that child turned a major corner and now, miracle of miracles, is being described as “CANCER-FREE” and the catch phrase from her parents and which is floating around here where I live as well as on Facebook too now is “I BELIEVE!” So Terri, your friend will most certainly be in my prayers for a swift and full recovery! And keep on with the wise cracks too because attitude is as much of a major consideration there as anything!


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