Kleiner Garten

No work for me today. I took a couple of days off, originally to have a long weekend at the cabin. That plan fell through when we realized it would be difficult to travel and be away from home with all of Lucy’s restrictions and needs right now. But I kept the vacation days. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had a mental health day.

I have few solid plans for these days off; a minor appointment this morning and dinner with friends tonight. In between, I’ll find ways to entertain myself. I’m hoping I can finish cleaning up my little garden. Right now the skies are looking as if they’re planning to rain.

I carved out my little garden in the back corner of the yard several years ago. I don’t have a naturally green thumb, but I thought I could do something with this thing. In reality, it’s been nothing but a thorn in my side. Originally, I planted a big variety of bulbs, hoping that all kinds of colorful flowers would show up in waves in the spring. A few came up. I waited for the rest. They never came. I can only guess the squirrels or some other animal dug up my bulbs over the winter and ate them.

One year I filled the garden with petunias. It was pretty at first. Then I got tired of trying to keep up with the weeds. I planted a few more perennials a couple of years ago – pregrown – not from bulb this time. Mark threw a bunch of wildflower seeds and more bulbs in. It’s been a mish-mash of flowers and weeds ever since. We try to ignore it as best we can.

This spring, I had an idea for the garden. Nothing earth-shattering. It’s just that with the quieter lifestyle that’s come with all the kids being out of high school now, I have time to think about and do more things like gardening. (Never thought I’d see the day when I’d become interested in such things! It’s official. I’m gettin’ old!)

Last weekend I went out and bought a roll of weed block and some bags of mulch. I approached the garden with a pair of gloves and a shovel. I pulled weeds and Mark helped dig out a gigantic plant that could have been legitimate, but it also could have just been a huge weed with some cute flowers on it. Either way, I decided it was taking up too much space, so it came out.

I got half done with my project last week. Before the weekend is over, I hope to have the other side done. What do you think?

Can you tell which half is done and which half isn’t?

Looks a little better this way!

Asiatic Lilies – not only thriving, but multiplying!

Just starting to bloom

Solar lantern. It’s cute!

Mark has an old 5-speed bike that’s doing nothing but gathering rust behind the shed. I have this idea to paint it and put it in the garden once it’s finished. Something like this…

Credit: Google Images

 I’m not so sure about the pink, but you get the idea!

22 thoughts on “Kleiner Garten

  1. Beautiful garden. Looks like your work is paying off quite nicely. I especially like the pavers and the stand (birdseed?). The bike would be a nice touch. Pale blue, perhaps? Or maybe red to match the lilies?


    • Thanks! Mark gets credit for the pavers – at least the manual labor part. The “stand” is actually a bird bath Mark won recently in a silent auction at a Ducks Unlimited banquet. The bowl is glass with beautifully painted Wood Ducks inside.

      I like the idea of a red bike. I’ll be sure to post photos if I’m able to make it happen.


  2. It looks good! I like the simplicity! Easy to maintain! The blocks look good as well!
    The bike idea is neat! My buddy Charlene used an old toilet!


  3. You’re the second person in a couple of days to shame me into cleaning up our garden! My husband is usually the gardener, but he’s slacked off a bit and I’ve never had much of a green thumb either. Yours looks like it’s in a nice re-awakening stage. I love the vibrant photos! Is that Lucy’s scarred butt I see in one?

    I think your garden would be a nice resting spot for the 5-speed. Enjoy your long weekend!


  4. I like it! I always think I want to make my garden bigger, but then I think of all the work that would involve – a lot. Gardening makes me realize I have muscles that I never thought I had! The best part of gardening is being outside, especially when the mosquitoes are out of sight!


  5. I like it too. I think the mulch brings out the colors of the flowers. I’m a big believer in ground cover and weed cloth. I’m a bigger believer in having a spouse who likes to do this stuff for me :)


  6. Love it! Makes me wonder what in the world my garden looks like – I’m scared to go in the back yard and check (because it has been a few days and I’m sure the okra and cucumbers are taking over! And the weeds!).


  7. Terri! It’s absolutely beautiful! I have a corner of my yard that needs to be done… so if you’re looking for a side job, let me know.
    And your photos…. stunning once again!


  8. I love it … love other people’s gardens. Contrary to my farming roots, I have a black thumb. Looks like yours is definitely green — your corner is cute and inviting … hope Lucy Pie is making progress … MJ


  9. That’s a great half of a garden! Nicely done. Good luck with the second half. Oh, and I think the bike will make it look too busy. I could be wrong, depending on your vision.


  10. I think you’re well on your way to being a full-fledged Gardener! The half you’ve done looks beautiful and should give you courage for tackling the other side. Love the bicycle idea — only not-so-much the pink color! Tell Mark Happy Father’s Day weekend!


  11. I envy anyone who has any kind of success with a flower garden. My thumbs both seem to be black especially with the flowers. Even my veggie garden this year is having issues. The squash is coming up like gangbuster, lettuce is now up to a pickable status, onions are doing okay and some of my pepper plants are beginning to bud, but the green beans and tomatoes are both a sorry looking lot. Apparently the deer are feasting on both these items and by gosh, by golly, I hope every last one of those deer doing that meet their maker come November and December! Pays are -well you know the word there and I’m trying to clean up my act a bit, at least my vocabulary part anyway!


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