Such Good News

Yesterday I was at the hospital hugging my friend while she cried. I was at a loss as to what to say or do for her. Her son, Joe laid in a hospital bed. disoriented and not himself due to the head trauma he suffered last weekend. He was able to maintain consciousness for only small bits of time throughout the course of a day. During many of those waking moments Joe was angry and displayed aggression at being confined to a hospital bed.

Our poor friends could only sit and wait. The hospital staff advised that while Joe was resting they not touch him or talk to him. They were not to stimulate him in any way. I can’t even imagine the fear, anger, frustration and sadness of having to sit back and simply wait, not knowing whether my child will recover, not even able to convey love through a touch.

Today? Today came news that Joe had a great night. He slept well overnight and was able to get up and use the bathroom. When my friends arrived at the hospital this morning to see their son, he was speaking clearly with a nurse and answering her questions clearly. When the nurse asked Joe if there was anything she could get him, he responded, “A hundred dollars.”

The nurse asked him why and he told her, “Because I’m poor!”

What a miraculous improvement! I can’t even begin to describe how much joy this brings me!

19 thoughts on “Such Good News

  1. Great news! It is a terrible thing to sit on the side not being able to help your children when they are hurting. We’re pulling for him to recover quickly. I like RC’s idea as well.


  2. What great news! I love his sense of humor, I’d love to donate to the pot too!

    These high tension fire days, I’m struggling with lots of emotions. I’ve noticed that, despite all the tragedy – or maybe because of it – people are treating each other with such kindness and care. I’m sure your friend greatly appreciates you being there for her.


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