Independence Day

It was a typical July day, sunny and hot. A hundred degrees, in fact. The pop and boom of fireworks filled the air all afternoon. The heat didn’t keep the kids inside and it didn’t stop them from running and playing either. They played football in my sister’s back yard until their cheeks were red and their hair was soaked with sweat. The adults sat under the shade of a sprawling shade tree, drinking cold drinks and watching the kids. Inside, there was more food than we could ever hope to eat. It was a great way to celebrate freedom!

12 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. **sigh** That looks so much more fun than the day I had.
    Sure glad you enjoyed the holiday! It seems like your family always has such a good time together! Love the pics – yummy looking strawberries! :)


  2. Happy 4th! I was wondering how you guys were holding up when I heard on the radio yesterday that the temps in St Paul would be in the 100’s. With all the rain we’ve had of late, we were “cooler” than you guys (mid 90s). Still, looks like you managed to have fun despite the heat.


  3. I like your last sentence so much. “a great way to celebrate freedom”.

    The photos are great and it looks like you had a wonderful fourth.


  4. Rather a contemplative day here as I received word Wednesday a.m. that one of my lunch group girlfriends -this one who lived next door to me since the summer after 1st grade so over 60 years of friendship -lost her daughter-in-law to cancer of the liver after a very short period of time since she was diagnosed. (Only about 3 weeks, give or take.) Kind of makes a person have a bit of trepidation on Wednesdays now as this was the 3rd Wednesday in a row that someone who has been a major part of my life or related to someone in that circle has died. And, this being such a small town too, I’m friends with relatives of this young woman (only 41 years old) on her side as well as her husband’s. So many people around here stricken with atrocious illnesses and the tentacles reach out from knowing the families and other than offering prayers, not much else that can be given. So, not the best 4th of July but still one has to be grateful for what the holiday represents to all of us under the best of circumstances or the worst that life brings with it.


  5. Unlike you, I stayed inside as much as possible, Terri. Temps were hovering over the 100-degree mark, and that’s just unsafe for a gal with Irish skin and a Sheltie with a full, thick coat of fur! Looks like y’all had fun, though!


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