Flying Time

I wasn’t looking forward to returning to work this morning. With the 4th of July holiday falling mid-week, going back to work today just felt like Monday all over again. Two Mondays in the same week is just not fair!

I got wrapped up in a project first thing this morning. I mean, I was really absorbed. At one point I looked at the time display in the lower corner of my computer monitor and was confused to see that it said 12:30.

“Something’s wrong with my computer’s clock,” I thought. So I looked at my phone display. Again, I saw 12:30! Then it registered with my brain. It was really 12:30 and time to go to lunch. I had no idea so much time had passed since I’d arrived at work this morning! I must have been having fun! You know what they say! Time flies…

Later on, after sharing the finished project with the rest of my team, one of them emailed me to say, “I don’t know what we would do without you!” He didn’t have to say that. The project was something I was responsible for completing. Just part of my job. But his show of appreciation pretty much made my day. I need to remember to do that for others too. Positive feedback is highly motivating and we all tend to forget that when we feel overwhelmed, which is often!

So pseudo-Monday turned out not to be so bad after all. And besides, tomorrow’s Friday already! How many other Mondays do you know that roll right into Friday? Hmmm. I could maybe get used to these two-day work weeks!


Totally unrelated, since I doubt I could write an entire post about these,  here’s a picture for Abby who wanted to see my new dishes.

Yes, guys, we women do actually get excited about things like dishes. Actually, I didn’t find these all that exciting until they were marked 70% off. And then I checked around online to see if they were on clearance everywhere and it seems that everywhere else, they are still full price. Then they made me pretty happy. :-)

13 thoughts on “Flying Time

  1. I love looking at the clock and finding out it’s later than I actually thought. For me, however, it means we are extremely busy so I’m likely to be exhausted by the end of the day. :/
    Work 2 off 1, work 2 off 2 …… Sounds perfect to me!
    How nice of your teammate to send you that email! You’re right, it needs to be said more often. I try to show appreciation to our housekeeping team for all the hard work they do to get the rooms “turned over” quickly enough that we’re able to accommodate early check-ins even after a sold out night. I let them know often that we think They Rock! Sometimes just knowing that others notice your hard work is great motivation to keep going!


  2. A lot of my days at the office are like that – never enough time to get everything done. But I’d rather be busy than bored. It was nice to have the week broken up like it was, but I kept thinking yesterday was Monday. It is nice to have your efforts appreciated by your co-workers.

    Nice dishes. I like how they are stacked in matching color. Now, the question is: will Lucy ever get to dine off them?


  3. Glad your day worked out OK. It is nice when people show appreciation for a job well done, and I am sure you deserve more than you get.

    My wife gets excited about red kitchen stuff – crockery, toasters, utensils… I just like new stuff I can play with, like my pasta machine…


  4. Yay, stoneware photos! I don’t know what I’d do without you – really! I love the earth tones.

    Don’t you just love satisfyingly engrossing projects like that? Einstein was right, time is relative.


  5. Those dishes were a pretty great find. I can appreciate a good set of dishes! Positive feedback is very underutilized in business. People feel threatened or weak for offering it, but those that can’t openly provide it often, are not strong managers.


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