Summer Days

We are right in the heart of summer and I’m loving it!

My friend, Kendra invited me to her house last weekend. Her neighborhood is built around a 25-acre lake and she asked if I wanted to come worship the sun with her. (I did.) Mark had gone back to work after having several weekends off. The kids were off doing their own thing. It was perfect timing and turned out to be an absolutely perfect, sun-shiny and hot summer day!

Lake Anne

The lake was so quiet and clear! As we floated out on our rafts, I could look into the water and watch schools of little Bass and Sunfish swimming by. One of them tried to eat my leg, but it didn’t hurt. It just surprised me!  Kendra and I talked and laughed and reminisced together for hours! Kendra has a fabulous summer tan going on, but my skin hasn’t seen much sun yet. I brought my sunscreen and applied it several times, but apparently not often enough for the amount of time I spent in and on the water. I spent the next three days suffering the sting of a decent sunburn but now have a decent tan to show for it.

At home in the back yard, the bird feeders are a busy hang-out for the local creatures. We’re having trouble keeping them filled! The squirrels aren’t helping matters. The little Red Squirrel isn’t making any friends either.

Red Squirrel

… chasing a Grey Squirrel …

… establishing dominance!

And even with weather as beautiful as we’ve had, there is still bowling! Summer league is almost done and it’s been a big challenge. I did well last night though.


The game in the picture above ended with a score of 194 for me! My other games were in the 150s and 170s. I’m always happy to bowl just for the fun of it, but it’s always nice to score well too!

10 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. Aww… little red squirrel is so cute! It’s so funny to see him intimidating a bigger squirrel!
    Congratulations on your 194 game! That’s huge in summer bowling. I know how tough the lane conditions can be! I almost miss it a little.
    And weren’t you aware of the pasty white leg club? If you keep the sun soaking up, you’re not going to be allowed in anymore…..


  2. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend, relaxing on the lake getting eaten by the fish working on your Minnesota tan. I imagine that dip in the lake was a nice break from all the hot weather you’ve been having up there.

    Those little tree rats are so cute. Just because the Red Squirrel is 1/2 the size Grey doesn’t mean he is going to be a pushover. You gotta watch out for those small ones. Congrats on the 194. Nice score.


  3. Go Mr Red Squirrel! Over here, Grey Squirrels are blamed for the almost complete disappearance of Red ones!

    I love Squirrels of any sort, to be honest, but we live just a bit too far into the built up area to get them in the garden.


  4. What a good summer you’re having, Terri! Congrats on your bowling score — I always think of bowling as a winter sport, but I suspect it works really well during this heat wave, too!


  5. So happy to hear you’re enjoying your summer. We are, as well. However, we have had heat here that has made it nearly impossible to enjoy the outdoors–that it until the last few days. We had more than 10 days with 100+ heat. It was infernal. So happy for a break! Happy summer, my friend.


  6. Love those red squirrels pics! Ha! nice summer to be on the water. Very nice for you. Some pretty nice scores. I’ve got to get out on the lanes myself soon.


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