Life with Lucy

Some of us in this house are a little infatuated by our dog.

Each morning as we get ready for work, Kacey and I will often make comments to one another about Lucy.

“Too bad for everyone else that we got the best dog in the world,” I’ll say.

“I know,” Kacey will say. “She is the cutest dog ever.”

“I know,” I’ll say.

She really is seriously cute.

She lets us know when she wants some attention and play time.

“Here! Here’s my ball! Throw it! Throw it! Throw it!”

Lucy is not supposed to be on the living room furniture, but lately, she’s begun a new trick. If I’m sitting in a chair, she puts one paw up on the cushion.

“What,” I will ask her? “Whatcha want, LuLu?”

And then the other paw comes up. And then a hind foot. And then the other. Before you know it, she’s in my lap. She’ll turn her head and look at me as if to say, “Oops! Wouldja look at that? I accidentally climbed up in the chair and onto your lap!”

Watching Mad Men with mom

Sometimes we’ll marvel at the fact that we have the smartest dog in the world. She knows how to secure the comfiest spot in the bed at night. She knows how to ring a bell to let us know she wants to go outside. And she knows how to play catch…

And when Rock Chef showed his dog’s favorite toy on his blog recently, I was reminded of some of Lucy’s favorite toys. These are those dog toys that come with no stuffing. We quickly learned that Lucy feels that anything with stuffing in it must be unstuffed promptly. These did have squeakers in them, but as you might guess, Lucy made it her mission to first destroy the squeakers and then remove them. Now that they’ve been sufficiently de-squeakered, Lucy is quite happy with them.

Oh! What are they? They are a fox and a raccoon!

Maybe they don’t look so much like a fox and a raccoon because Lucy tore enough of a hole in each in the de-squeakering process to allow her to turn them inside out! See what I mean? Smart! They are supposed to look like this.

Yeah, she really is cute and cuddly, loving and energetic.

We’re not quite as confident about her intelligence, though. It’s sporadic. Yesterday we found her licking the walls. And she eats a lot of grass. And leaves. And the Irises. No matter how many times she throws up, she keeps eating all the greens she can find in the back yard.

But quirks and all, we’ll keep her because she really is the best dog in the world!

14 thoughts on “Life with Lucy

  1. When I saw Rock Chef’s post about his dog’s favorite pet, I marveled at the fact that it was still intact. Our dog de-stuffs her stuffed animals – squeaker or not. It’s almost like she tries NOT to for a few days, but then just can’t help herself and pretty soon we have stuffing everywhere.
    Looks like Lucy’s got you all wrapped around her cute little paw. I can’t blame you. She is pretty darn cute. I like the way she sneaks up onto your lap. How can you resist?


  2. Can Lucy be any more lovable!? And looking at her previously stuffed toys, I’m quite impressed. You can tell she’s in a hunting/fishing family, look how she gutted those things!


  3. Some dogs really take to toys, while others (like my current two) don’t have much interest. Claire will play with some of the stuffed toys, but only if you are with her. Grayson has zero interest in any of the toys we’ve offered (no even tennis balls). Shadow loved his toys and even go get some out of the bin. His favorite was the rope knot – he would play tug-of-war for hours, if he could. Lucy’s is pretty dared cute and it looks like she has you guys well trained. I was curious to know how she was doing on house arrest after her surgery. She looks like she has recovered very well.


  4. My Sheltie has one of those unstuffed raccoons, and he loves it! He’s got a chipmunk and an extra-long skunk as well, and we play hide-and-seek with them — he lets the squeakers alone, thankfully! What would we do without our dogs to entertain us??


  5. This is so, so funny to me, as our larger dog Ralph has, in the past several months decided he too should be a lap dog, like his sister Lucy. His technique is nearly identical to your Lucy’s. What would we do without the dogs we love?


  6. Funny! Our dog Lila has eaten many things since we’ve had her, and she hasn’t thrown up. I guess peanut butter and jelly sandwiches agree with her! She sneaks stuff off the table when people aren’t looking. She also likes to eat the chives out of the garden which can cause a bad odor later on. Cute post about Lucy. I just wrote about Lila today too. Looks like some of us are on the same wave length today!


  7. Dogs are great animals, and Lucy-Pie is certainly up there as one of the best.

    These photos really capture her don’t they? She looks like great fun, but I would not want to be on the wrong end of those teeth! I bet you get a few injured hands and fingers when you play with her!

    Hm, I seem to have given the impression that my dogs do not tend to destroy their toys – I will tell the full story soon.


  8. She seems awesome! Ringing a bell to go out? Really? That is pretty sweet. Our dog just barks and we have to figure out if she wants out or food or whatever.


  9. Nice! Lucy rings a bell to go outside! Genius. If we get an inside dog, I’m teaching it to ring a bell. I love reading your Lucy stories. It’s the next best thing to having my own dog.


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