These are the dog days of summer. Here in Minnesota, you’re required to proclaim now and then that, “It’s not the heat. It’s the humidity.”

It has been very warm for these parts. We’ve seen upper nineties and even a hundred degrees these past couple of weeks. That’s pretty hot for people who are used to trying to stay warm, not cool. Factor humidity into the equation and it gets pretty uncomfortable. It’s been so humid that lately, when I return home from a morning run, my sports bra is so drenched with sweat I could almost wring it out. I’ve sweated so much that Mark has actually looked me up and down, crinkled his nose and stated, “Ick.”

I’m not offended, trust me. I can smell myself after those runs and he’s right. And no shower feels as good as one taken in an effort to wash off all that sweat and stink.

There are two camps of people when it comes to these dog days of summer. There are the ones who’ll tell you to stop complaining because after all, it could be winter! And then there are the ones who say if they wanted to live like this, they’d move to Texas. For the record, I belong to the former.

Just like the cold, though, the heat gives us something to talk about. A complete stranger in the elevator this afternoon struck up a conversation with me about the heat. I reminded him that it could be twenty below and snowing. He asked, “Aren’t we really just looking for the happy medium?”

Are we? I don’t think I am. Here in Minnesota, we get all four seasons. And part of the draw for me is that none of them lasts too long. Except for winter which last nine months. And we’ll get our happy mediums. They’re called spring and fall.

I like summer and I’m not about to wish it away quickly. I happen to like the sun when it’s so hot I can feel it soaking into my skin. I like to catch some rays and get a little summer tan. And I love to be in the water when the heat is so intense that all I want to do is escape it. And not only the weather, I love the sound of lawn mowers and air conditioners running. I like that there are summer foods; tomatoes and corn on the cob and sweet, juicy watermelon that taste as good as they do because you just can’t get them during the rest of the year. I like that people come outside in the summer and the way it always feels like there’s something going on and something to do. I love that there is color all around and that it’s so bright all the time and the way the world feels a little smaller in the summer.

So, yes. It is HOT! But I’m not complaining.

18 thoughts on “IT’S SO HOT!

  1. We’ve been very lucky so far this summer. It’s not been hades hot and it’s rained fairly regularly, but today we hit the 99F mark. Summer has finally hit it’s stride in NW Florida. I’ve already over it.


  2. I remember some summers here in Minnesota when it didn’t even get to 80 degrees! Our weather has been very unusual, and you are right, the weather always gives us Minnesotans something to talk about. That, and the mosquitoes. They are bad this year.

    Before we know it, we will have to try to remember where we put our sweaters. Like you, I’m trying to soak up all the warmth I can!


  3. It’s been very hot here as well, but I will NOT complain. We also have high humidity and I can wring my running clothes out when I get home too! Not pretty. Even at 6 in the morning. I don’t want winter to come back though, so I refuse to say anything bad about summer.
    I’m missing the lawn mowing sounds though. We have not had to mow for over a month. It’s been so dry here that our grass is all brown. That part’s sad, but again…. not complaining! ;)


  4. Somehow, I think we must have picked up your weather patterns by accident. Down here in south Texas, we’ve had unseasonably cooler temps and beau coup rain. Today it is now 74 and may even break 90. Totally NOT typical for a Texas summer. But I’m like you and the rest of the clan, I ain’t complaining. We had our drought/heat wave last year. It is nice to have grass to mow again. Although, the mosquitoes are roaming the neighborhood in packs.


  5. I love your attitude about it :) It’s been infernal here as well and you are absolutely right — it definitely gives strangers a common ground to talk about.

    On the flip side, animals are hurting. We had a skunk come under the fence and into the yard sneaking around for water … eek!! Thankfully Frankie was inside.

    I love the four seasons and I love this post!!



  6. I would always be amazed at how humid Minn would be during the summer when we visited Wife’s family. I later found out that with it being only about 900 feet about sea level, that all the humidity from the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes can just pour into the region.


  7. I’ve been following your blog and commenting long enough that by now, you know, I’m gonna bitch about winter and the snow, ice, sleet and cold temps -very cold temps -from time to time. My main complaint about winter isn’t so much the weather conditions as it is the cost of fuel oil to run the furnace, to heat this semi-barn of a house and stay relatively warm without going bankrupt! No, I don’t especially love ice, sleet, snow and the wicked driving conditions they bring but I do love a walk in freshly fallen snow, especially on the first snow of the season when it seems like a totally new entity to me, to rediscover the beauty of that each year! Spring, though I love the blooms coming out on trees and flowers and the sight of the fresh green color of the grass, you’ve also probably heard me grump about those doggone April showers. Fall is so lovely with the various shades of browns, gold, orange and dark greens. And then there is summer! The first really warm days are such a welcome thing after the winter chills and spring soakings but after a couple days of the light heat when the really sweltering stuff hits -with the high humidity and uncomfortable nights, trying to sleep and catch a little breeze -suddenly I’m back to wishing for fall’s cooler offerings and even, now and then, dreaming of a little snow! Yeah, just can’t be pleased, can I? But I’m like you in that I wouldn’t want to have one type of weather most of the year. Give me the four seasons, each with something nice that it brings -depending on the particular time of year we’re in then! Today -in central PA -we have beautiful sunshine, warmth that isn’t oppressive (at least not yet today), and a nice breeze that does help keep one from feeling as if you’re going to melt any minute! Remind me come winter that I said this then, will ya?


  8. I’m impressed at your looking on the bright side. I’ve been striving to do this on the hot days, but I have to work at it sometimes! I also agree that I like having four seasons, even if it means putting up with some “extremes” on occassion. Be careful during those runs, though! Heat and humidity are not our friends!


  9. I’m with the guy in the elevator — moderation, please! Yes, I love having four distinct seasons, but usually, we in the Midwest heat up, then get a cold front and cool down a bit. We haven’t had much of that going on this summer. I think that’s why it feels so oppressive.


  10. Welcome to my world, Terri. Our summers in FL are like you are dealing with now, and they last as long as MN winters. If I could move and get me those four seasons, I’d do it. But, as I said in my latest post, I still have much to be grateful for so I don’t dwell on it too hard. Enjoy your summer. :-)


  11. We are still cooll and wet here in England. There is a promise of some summer weather starting at the weekend – hope it is true! This is the worst summer I can remember – I have got wet more times since Easter than in any WINTER for years!


  12. Hang in there! At least you don’t have the humidity (It think), which really adds to the misery. I’ve been in Vegas when it was 106 at 6 PM but it wasn’t as bad as 95 in Florida with the humidity at 90%….


  13. Same temps here in Nebraska. So many corn fields drying out. But people are out and about, unlike in winter. I always like to see the first bikers, both bicycle and motorcycle, in spring and I enjoy seeing kids playing in summer. The humidity is high and makes it hard for some of my senior friends to go out. The windows at the east view get hot in mornings, have to close the blinds and keep out the sun. But evenings are great. I like your spirit, and your stinky self when you get back from running. Good for you.


  14. I’ve been staying INside. Not much for me to do outside in 100+ weather. It’s just yucky. No rain either. I just want it to rain for 3 days straight.


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