And the world got a little smaller!

When I started writing a blog five years ago, I never would have guessed that the people who came by to read my stuff, the people whose stuff I’d make a routine of reading, would someday become people I would consider friends. I never imagined that. And furthermore, I never imagined I would meet these friends in person. But I have now actually had that privilege; several times. It is always an honor and always so fun to see my blog friends in person, to see live and in person those personality traits that are so easily displayed in their writing.

Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting Agg! He was in town for work but made time to squeeze in a visit with me. We made plans to go out for lunch at a place Agg was quite sure he’d read about on my blog, although I assured him it was not me who’d written a review. When he suggested we eat at The Nook, I was excited. I had seen a local news story on this little bar/restaurant a while ago. There had been a fire, and some ensuing renovations and then a grand reopening. It was while watching this news story that I learned this little corner place is locally famous for their burgers, the Juicy Nookie in particular! I made a note to self to go eat there sometime, but just hadn’t made it happen. Agg’s visit was the perfect excuse!

Agg arrived at my house in the late morning and let me just tell you, my very first impression was, “Holy cow, this man is TALL!”

I didn’t want to be rude though, and so I kept my thoughts to myself. (Agg, how tall are you anyway?) And just so you have some perspective, I am a tall woman at over 5′ 9″, so a person must be pretty tall to strike me as being very tall!

As Agg was getting out of his car, I came out to the driveway to greet him. You might think it would be awkward meeting in person when you’ve never done so before, but it wasn’t awkward at all! We hugged like old friends and then I hauled him inside to meet the members of the family who happened to be around. Brad and Heather were home for the weekend, and of course, Agg had to meet Lucy Pie and her pal, Dacotah! It was too early yet for lunch, so we had some coffee and swapped stories and Brad and Heather got to know Agg a little bit. And Agg is a great storyteller too. He swapped hunting tales with Brad and told us the stories of how his various dogs had come into his life. I hope someday that Agg will write on his blog the story of the dog who kept digging up ┬ápaving bricks and scattering them all over the yard! It is quite a comical tale!

Soon it was time to head to lunch and we all piled into my car and headed for St. Paul and The Nook!

Once inside, it was clear that there would be a wait for a table. The host informed me it would be a half-hour wait unless we cared to go down to the lower level where there was open seating. Everyone was agreeable, so we headed downstairs where the first thing we saw was the old school bowling alley!

I thought we might give the old school bowling a shot, but it just didn’t pan out. I definitely want to try it another time!

Just beyond the bowling alley was the bar and an area full of tables. There was an open spot for four and a friendly waitress quickly passed out menus. Brad, Agg and I all decided to try the famous Juicy Nookie. Heather opted for a Philly cheese steak style burger. We didn’t have to wait for long before our food was delivered, along with a warning from the waitress that the Juicy Nookies were extremely hot and that we should use caution before partaking.

I figured I could munch on my onion rings for a while and let the burger cool a bit. The onion rings were delicious – crispy and greasy as all good onion rings should be with thick rings of onion inside the delicious batter. After a few rings, I wanted to try that famous burger, so I threw caution to the wind and took a nice big bite. It was delicious, stuffed with cheese which exploded out the backside of the burger when I bit into it. MORE NAPKINS!

The conversation remained lively as we all enjoyed our burgers and more stories were shared about Agg’s various travels, his time in Germany, and experiences on the Autobahn! As we talked, we all noticed the ceiling of the bar. It was covered in dollar bills that had each been signed or personalized in some way before being stuck to the ceiling.

Agg asked the waitress the significance of the bills. I thought I’d heard her say there was another bar where people stuck money to the ceiling, but there was a bit of a challenge to it. She said someone decided to start doing it at The Nook. The ceiling is low and easy for most people to reach, and so the trend caught on quickly. (For the record, our little group left without parting with any dollar bills.)

Before we left the restaurant, I asked Agg if we could have our picture taken together. I reminded him that when he’d met Rock Chef, they’d failed to take a picture together and I wasn’t going to let him get away with that this time. He easily agreed!

After lunch, it was back to the house where Agg got to meet a few more family members, Mark and Jake. He also chose this time to bring in a few gifts. Lucy loved hers and refused to let Dacotah play with them at ALL!

Lucy is shown here with the rope toy Agg brought for her. Rope toys manage to survive quite well around here. The little stuffed duck with the squeaker inside? Didn’t last 20 minutes before the squeaker was dead and stuffing was being removed. I had to take it away!

Soon it was time for Agg to head back to the airport. I walked him out to his car and we talked about how fun it would be to meet with some of our other blog pals one day. I’m sure Agg will do so sooner than me, considering how well-traveled he is!

Thanks for the visit, Agg! We had a great time!

22 thoughts on “And the world got a little smaller!

  1. This is such a happy story, I needed it! I read Agg’s installment on the visit this morning, and it’s fun to come here and read your take. Two of my favorite bloggers meeting “for reals”! Now I’m curious. How tall IS he?


  2. I feel the same way you do. I never thought I’d meet up with so many people that I consider friends…. even if we’ve never met.
    So to read about 2 of my blog friends meeting in real life (or ‘for reals’ as Abby says), brings a smile to my face. I am so happy for you!
    Thanks for sharing the story and pics with us… and as I recall, you commented on one of my posts about The Nook being on the Food Network. Maybe on one of my BBQ blogs? I’m gonna have to go check. :)


      • Try looking under Casper and Runyon’s Nook. I found it on their website Was supposedly featured on DD&Ds. I still think I heard about it o Terri’s blog, but she SWEARs they have never been there so it must have been another local Minnesota blogger.


  3. Thank you Terri, you are way too kind. It was actually my pleasure meeting up with you and the rest of the Terri crew. Like Abby says, it is incredible to meet up with another blogger “for reals”. I guess I must come across a bit shorter and stumpy on the net. When I met Rock Chef last year, he told me he wasn’t expecting someone as tall. For the record, I am 6′ 3″, but I guess I just sound shorter and fatter.

    Thanks for putting up with me for a short visit. It was an incredible visit for me. I regret us not leaving a bill or two at the Nook ceiling as a memento.


  4. I’ve only met one of the bloggers I followed and who followed me -including on Facebook too. However, yesterday, I met a lady in person who had found me via a Facebook page for which I am co-administrator and that was a lot of fun. Met her, several members of her family and I was able to introduce them to two people in my area who are both very knowledgeable about local history. We all took a little tour of the area where my Facebook friend’s ancestors had settled a century ago. Learned a lot of local history myself and had a very good time doing that too. Wish I could do things like that all the time, ya know. Seeing as it inspired me to write a post about it and also had brought me up a bit out of my recent blues, being able to meet people who you feel like you’ve known forever but had never actually had the change to meet in person before, really is a fun thing, isn’t it?


  5. Sounds like the visit was fun for all. You always look great in photos, Terri, and you sound like a gracious and entertaining blog hostess that any of your readers would like to meet in person. I have not met any bloggers in person. And living out in the little town in Nebraska it is unlikely I will. So it is doubly fun for me to hear of the blog encounters when bloggers I like meet their blogging buddies. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit with Agg.


  6. How fortunate you and Agg are to have met one another in person! I, too, have met so many wonderful people — whom I now call friends — during my blogging adventures, and I’d love a chance to sit down with them over a tall glass of lemonade and get to see the person inside! Maybe one day!


  7. Sounds like a fun time! Good for you guys. Bringing a toy for the dog is a nice touch. The burgers look delicious. I always cut my in half first, easier to eat and they cool off a bit. Try it!


  8. I’m not really a blogger, but I’d think of this as “pen palling at it’s best – writing and writing, and then finally getting to meet that person – how fun! The Nooks is the best – we grew up in the neighborhood and went there when it was Mickey’s Nook (the original owners) – and BTW there is also the “sister restaurant” down on 7th called Shamrocks – same owners-great food! And the Nook has been featured on Diner, Drive In and Dives at least once, maybe 2X!


  9. Oh, this sounds so great. I hope I can meet some blogger friends some day. I’ve met people from writing forums in person before, but no blogger friends yet. Been at it for 7 months now, so perhaps eventually. Terri you are so adorable, and would tower over me if we ever meet. I’m under 5 feet. :-) So glad you had a lovely time.


  10. It’s interesting that you’ve actually met some of your fellow bloggers. Except for a few friends who read my blog, almost all of the people I’ve “met” live a long way from Socal, as far as South Africa, actually. Sounds like fun.


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