Lucy’s Visitors

Brad and Heather were home this past weekend. It was a work weekend for Mark – working nights and sleeping days. And Kacey was gone for the weekend with Connor at his grandpa’s cabin. And Jake? Well it seems like he’s always gone. We sure don’t see much of him. So I had Brad and Heather mostly to myself.

We enjoyed a low-key weekend, not wanting to be out and about too much. Brad wanted to make sure they were around during those windows of time when his dad was awake and not gone to work yet. So we entertained ourselves by cooking together and eating together. We did a little shopping and played with the dogs. We watched movies and enjoyed mornings on the deck drinking coffee.

I love these weekends with my oldest son and his clan. I love that he and Heather don’t mind hanging out with the family and I enjoy cooking for them and taking care of them. These weekends always go too fast and there’s always a lump in my throat when it’s time for them to leave again.

Lucy loves these visits too. In fact, I’m quite sure she thinks that our visitors come solely for her benefit. When they first arrive, she’s beyond excited to see her pal, Dacotah. And as soon as she can garner some attention from Brad and Heather, I’m all but forgotten. Normally, Lucy comes to bed with me and stays there until I rise in the morning. When Brad and Heather are here, Lucy wants to sleep wherever Dacotah is sleeping which is usually with Brad.

Lucy and Dacotah wear themselves out tumbling and playing in the living room. Lucy is still “on restriction” since her hip surgery, so chasing around the back yard is out of the question. Instead, the two dogs entertain themselves as best they can in the house, scuffling over toys and fighting for human attention with one another.



I think Lucy thinks that Heather belongs to her. I don’t know exactly what it is. Does Lucy understand that Heather is a “dog person” through and through? Maybe it’s Heather’s sweet voice that appeals to Lucy or the generous affection and attention Heather showers over her. But when Heather is around, am chopped liver.

Sleeping through a movie together

Dacotah is so tolerant of Lucy’s antics. Lucy insists on walking underneath Dacotah and knocking her off balance. She licks Dacotah’s ears and refuses to let Dacotah play with her toys. When anyone comes home and the dogs go to greet them, Lucy “boxes out” Dacotah so she can be the first one to receive a pat on the head or scratch behind the ears. Still, Dacotah loves Lucy and graciously takes the back seat to her younger pal.

And after Brad, Heather and Dacotah go home again, Lucy pouts. She sleeps a lot too. Having visitors takes it out of her! And she always spends a day or so looking to see if her guests are simply hiding on her. Today, she wandered down the hallway to Brad’s bedroom, scratching on the closed door. She wandered away, dejected upon realizing that neither Brad nor Heather was going to come out. It makes me feel a little sad to see Lucy feeling so lonely after they’ve gone. But I’ll gladly resume my place as the favorite human in the house. I’ll pamper her and be her cuddle buddy when she wants attention at least until her visitors come again!

18 thoughts on “Lucy’s Visitors

    • Thanks, Kathy. It WAS a wonderful weekend. Over too soon as always. And Lucy is busy trying to destroy her new toy, so I think she’s recovered from her doggy depression. :-)


  1. Ahh they are so cute! I have only one dog, and he loves me mainly and also my boyfriend. I think sometimes about getting a 2nd dog and I feel that the burden would be mostly financial. But I do wish that he could play with another dog all the time! They look so happy!


  2. And the best part – she’ll be totally forgiving of them for leaving her. We humans could learn a lot from dogs’ relationships.
    I adore the picture of Lucy and Heather. So sweet! (Dacotah doesn’t get jealous?)


  3. Nice way to spend the weekend. I know that feeling. When guests come over, you become the second fiddle. Those two were definitely a cute pair. I loved how Lucy would box out Dacotah for toys/attention. My two have similar habits – whenever anyone is getting any attention, Claire “muscles” her way into the deal. I realize a 2nd dog is not in the cards (yet), but it does seem to add some zest to the day.


  4. the joy on their faces is palpable and that last picture? with Lucy’s front paws down like they just got told to sit still? Priceless!

    I hope her healing is coming along well!


  5. First off -loved all the pics you posted but the 3rd one down is my absolute favorite! As to the depression -back in 2003, when my son was in the midst of moving back to this area, he brought his dog, a mix of German Shepherd/Akita up to stay with us. Andre was one great big lug, for sure -as one of our neighbors quipped about him “Holy Horse, Clayton!” -because he was almost that big, or so it seemed. But on Sunday evenings when Clate would leave to return to Gettysburg, after he would pull away, Andre would go through the house, searching for his master. Not finding him, it was inevitable that he would then go park in front of the front door and howl, the most mournful sound you’d ever hear! And our little Sammy now, often when I leave, he will park in the windowsill of the bow window and cry. But as to dog people, as soon as my older daughter comes in the house, Sammy is automatically all over her and there are certain other people too who, when they stop by the house, Sammy attaches himself to them, so yes, I do think dogs definitely can sense those who truly love them or animals in general, perhaps.


  6. Don’tcha just wish somehow you could reason with them and tell them the visitors have gone, but they will return again another time? What a sweet adventure with Lucy and Dacotah. Dacotah sounds like a balanced and wise lady. Always love to read about the doggies. A dog person through and through is typing this out. :-)


  7. Those two are so great together, like they’ve BELONGED in the same family all along. I’m sure Lucy looks forward to weekends like that!

    Reminds me of when we had two dogs and they would have their “puppy time”. We’ve thought of getting another. If only they weren’t so big…


  8. I’ve never been a dog person but now that my daughter’s family has two dogs, I’m getting some doggy-love. They have Roxy, a terrier mix, and Darla, a King Charles. The minute I enter the house. they climb onto my lap. I’ll still never have a dog (Muri says,, you get a dog, I’m outa here … not a good thing), but at least I’m getting to understand you “dog-posters” a bit. My sons cats hideout when the grandkids are here, by the way, although Mr. P trusts Reed.


  9. I like all the pictures, but I especially like the last one!

    I hope they come back to visit again, real soon! It’s great to spoil the kids no matter how old they get:-).


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