Hangin’ Out on the Deck

It was a beautiful summer weekend. The humidity finally dropped off for a while and we were able to open windows and let some fresh air inside. Saturday brought plenty of sunshine and a blue sky spotted with the occasional fluffy cloud. Our deck was a great place to be this weekend, and we weren’t the only ones who thought so.


Mark wanted to know why I was spending my time taking pictures of the woodpecker instead of chasing him away!


This toad was hiding on a plastic chair, underneath the canvas grill cover. Mark had neglected to cover the grill back up the last time he used it and Kacey moved the cover as she was searching for a plastic jug with which to water the plants on the deck. She screeched a little as the toad leapt from the chair to the siding on the house. Normally, I wouldn’t too keen on getting close either, but this guy was kinda cute!

“C’mon! Gimme a kiss!”

Sunday morning brought a steady, gentle rain, the kind that’s so good for the flowers and grass. Lucy needed to go outside, but she wasn’t so sure about the rain. She spent a few minutes going outside, sitting under the canopy, then scratching to come back in. She repeated this routine a few time before finally venturing out into the raindrops. When she came back inside, I tried to rub her down with a towel, but she preferred to dry off by rubbing her body against the living room furniture.

Later in the morning, the rain tapered off and the sun came back out again. A few more visitors came to hang out on the deck. These are frequent visitors to our back yard, but they don’t usually sit still for long or pose so well for me.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal

19 thoughts on “Hangin’ Out on the Deck

    • I know the woodpeckers are spending a lot of time on our pine tree in the back, but I can’t say that I’ve noticed the noise. Our back yard is on a fairly high-traffic street, though. Maybe that’s why I don’t hear them.


  1. Your deck gets some interesting visitors! I can’t decide which is my favorite, but I’m leaning towards the old married cardinal couple. I’m glad the humidity let up at least for a while. And a towel? Why a towel when the universal dog dryer is living room furniture?


    • I’m partial to the cardinals too. They usually take flight just as I’m getting my lens focused!

      Lucy is lucky we’re so infatuated with her. It makes her drying herself on the furniture seem cute instead of aggravating!


  2. I so love when when the wildlife is at home in our back yard. We have lizards and lots of birds. To me it always speaks to having a good healthy environment where things come to eat and live.


  3. Looks like you have a regular wild life refuge on your back deck! It’s a well-populated place. Now you only need a squirrel and chipmunk.

    Hope you have a good week, my friend. Great to read your post today!



  4. As I sit here in Illinois, sweating my buns off in the 104 degree weather and high humidity, I am extremely jealous that you are able to enjoy your deck. I hope you’re taking full advantage of it… and that you’re not inside cleaning….hmmm???


  5. Great pictures, Terri! Yesterday, I was out in the veggie garden trying to pull out more big chunks of weeds and long branches of clover, etc., and it started to rain -a nice, soft and gentle warm rain. I kept on pulling out the weeds and my older grandson called out to me, “Gram! You do know it’s raining, don’t you?” Yes, I responded to him but it felt so good after the heat to have the rain lightly falling on me and providing a cool respite! Kind of like a cold shower except not as jarring to the body and mind as the cold water would be.


  6. Love your cardinals. I’ve never seen on here in Socal although they show up once in a while in Arizona. There is something amazing about red birds. We used to get scarlet tanagers in Connecticut but no red birds here.


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