Can’t we just stay here a while longer?

I love summer. I love coming home from work while the sun is still bright and warm and knowing it’s going to stay that way for several more hours. I love that on these days when my husband and son have already gone off to work by the time my work day has come to an end, I know that the house won’t be quiet for long. Kacey’s work day is ending and she’ll soon be coming through the front door.

I want to do all my cooking on the grill on these warm summer evenings. Everything is so easy and tastes so good when it’s been cooked on the grill. Tonight I scrubbed up a few potatoes, left the skin on and sliced them thin. I chopped a small onion and then a home-grown green pepper. Don’t green peppers smell good?  And the home-grown kind smell so much better than the store-bought kind. I made a foil packet for all of these veggies and tossed in some butter, then put it on the grill. By the time Kacey came home, the pork chops were just going on.

I sat out on the deck tonight in the only patch of shade available under the canopy. The air was warm, but not uncomfortable and the smell of dinner drifted over from the grill. Mark just refilled the bird feeders and the birds were feasting. I watered the flowers in their pots. I sipped a light beer and  listened to the sounds of traffic. There are plenty of motorcycles to see out on the road this time of year. Sometimes I think I’d like to be riding on the back of one of them.

I’ve had lots of girl time with Kacey lately. I’m soaking it up and trying not to think about her leaving for school again in a few weeks. She sits on the deck with me and tells me stories about her summer job. She’s a good employee and they like her at work. She works in a file vault with many people of other nationalities. Her boss, Dawitt has a soft spot for her, I can tell. He alternately teases her and tells her what good work she does. He says, “Kacey, you go college. Come back. I kick out old lady and give you her job.”

“Which lady,” Kacey asks?

“One out front at desk. I kick her out. She crabby.”

Kacey joins in on Dawitt’s joke. “Send her to the nursing home,” she says!

“I not say it! I not say it,” Dawitt laughs as he walks away.

I love talking to Kacey. She knows who she is and she likes who she is. I love that about her. She embraces all of the experiences that come her way. I always say I could never work in a file vault. There’s a reason they hire college kids as summer temps for that job. No one wants to stay there forever. But Kacey admits that although she might not want to deal with files for the rest of her life, she enjoys the office environment. She embraces the challenge of the work. She likes to do a good job. I feel like she’ll make her way. She’ll make the best of what comes her way and she’ll climb her way to the things she finds really fulfilling.

Lucy is happy to have Kacey home too. She gets twice the attention when Kacey is around. After dinner, they play on the living room floor with the tire toy and we laugh at how silly our dog is.

Connor is pretty likely to come around on these summer nights. If he doesn’t come for dinner, he’ll be here shortly after. Sometimes he and Kacey hang around the house and I enjoy their silliness and laughter. Sometimes they go off to find something or someplace more entertaining than home. But I like that they come and go through the door often during these summer days.

I was just thinking how summer will start coming to an end soon and how much I’ll miss it. But I just realized that as much as I love the long days and warm temperatures, the birds and the blue sky and the grill, it’s not summer that I’ll really miss so much. It’s them that I’ll miss.

19 thoughts on “Can’t we just stay here a while longer?

  1. so lovely terri; you made me feel as though i am sitting on your deck with the lovely sights, sounds, and smells….just waiting or the screen door to swing open and closed with the laughter of your family filling your heart.


  2. You describe so well the things I usually love about summer, but as hot as it’s been here, it’s just not feasible to sit on the deck. So thanks for sharing your experiences with me!
    I know it’ll be sad when Kacey goes back to school, but what a proud mom you must be! She loves who she is. She’s confident, she’s independent, and she faces challenges head on. And you’ve created such a loving home for her, that I have a feeling she’ll always look forward to coming home. Kudos to you for doing such a great job!


    • Thank you, SR! I hope you get a break in the weather so you can enjoy summer. The days are still pretty hot here, but the humidity isn’t so bad. By evening, it’s very comfortable.


  3. That Dawitt! He cracks me UP!

    This is a nice stop and smell the roses post. Sometimes I get caught up in how hot it is and all the kids and their friends hanging around and being rowdy. Then in the winter, I’m whining about the cold and quiet. I should make pork chops.


  4. I know just what you mean, Terri! When I turned over the calendar to this new month, I couldn’t help realizing my son will only be home for a little over two more weeks before returning to college. The Sheltie is going to miss him as much as Lucy will miss her girl!


  5. For a variety of reasons, we never had the times you describe with our kids. I hope you know how lucky you are … but of course, you do, I can see it in your posts. Still, Terri, light beer? Get yourself a Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA ;)


  6. Cooking out on the back deck this time of year is really the way to go. Enjoying the summer temps and outdoors while grilling up some chops and veggies and a beer. I hope the temps have fallen a bit for you guys to enjoy more time in the yard. You definitely need to max your time with Kacey before she heads off again to school in a few weeks. At least she won’t be too far away for her to come home on the occasional weekend. Glad to see Lucy is still as goofy with her toys.

    And forget the light beer, you need to try some Mankato Original when you are down at MSU.


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