Almost Like Old Times

I had a trying day. I mean, just one of those really frustrating, nothing-goes-your-way kind of days. It felt like dominoes. Just one problem after another and nothing going right. At the end of the day, I felt a little better thanks to the fact that I have some amazing coworkers. But I was still stewing a little bit.

Mark and I went out for a casual dinner and he listened while I blathered on about things that have no context for him. But he listened and it felt good to get things off my chest. Afterwards, we went to watch Kacey play softball.

Kacey’s serious softball days ended last summer when her fast-pitch team reached the end of the line and girls went off to college. She was sad to say goodbye to her ball-playing days. And as much as I’ve enjoyed tournament-free weekends and time to do my own thing, I often miss watching those fun and exciting games.

When Kacey came home from college this past spring, she was invited to play slow-pitch softball on Thursday evenings with a group of friends. She couldn’t resist the call of the game, even if it wasn’t going to be as intense as her last few years as a softball player. Mark and I didn’t so much feel the need to be at the games anymore. That one year away at college had changed things. Last summer, Kacey was still a kid, and it was a given that we would be there to support her at her games. But when she came home from school for the summer, she had grown up a little bit and her softball games became “her” thing. Not to mention, she discouraged us from coming to watch because, as she told it, “We suck!”

The summer games were played and each week, Kacey would come home laughing, with stories about how bad her team was. The season began to wrap up last week with play-offs. Suddenly, Kacey had a change of heart. I knew it when she joked to me, “You don’t love me. You haven’t come to even one of my games!”

“You asked me not to,” I defended myself.

“Well it might be nice if you came to one,” she said. “You never know. I might never play softball again!”

And so last week, we went to her play-off games. And they actually won one! Word has it that was maybe the second win all season. And it was enough to keep them playing another week. With such momentum, we couldn’t resist going to watch her team play again tonight. They won another won and it allowed the team to advance to theĀ consolationĀ game! And it was exciting! They ended up in a tie with the other team, going into international rules and losing by one in an exciting finish!

It was a chilly evening for August and we wore jackets for the first time in months. It was nothing like the more serious softball of the past few years, but as I sat in the bleachers watching the girls joke and play with one another, watching them simply have fun playing the game, and cheering them on in the hopes of a win, I remembered how much I love watching one of my kids doing something they love. And it was good. After a day like I had, I really needed to forget about my work problems and just enjoy having my kid home and see her enjoying life.



16 thoughts on “Almost Like Old Times

  1. so glad you got to see a couple of her games. a nice memory to carry forward after her school year begins shortly! Thanks for sharing, and i am glad you got a chance to vent regroup and enjoy


  2. Good! Sometimes we just need a change of place to get us out of our ruts. Kacey’s softball sounds like good fun even if they do, in fact, suck. And maybe you were their lucky mascot. See how they started winning when you showed up?! I love the photo, with the game going on the other side of the chain-link backstop. It really conveys that summer softball night feel!


  3. I think the thing I miss the most from the youth sports scene is the tournament trips. The competition always lifted the girls play and we always had fun with the parents in the evening.


  4. Yep, I know just what you mean — after all those sports events and band events and other activities, it’s hard to just let go, isn’t it? Nice that you got a chance to recreate some of the fun!


  5. Watching Kacey’s game must have brought back so many fond memories for you… I’m happy you were able to get your mind off of work and enjoy the finer points of life. Obviously her team needed you there as much as you needed to be there. :)


  6. Do you know how long it’s been since you posted about problems at work? Is that a new attitude or are things just better. I have to say, I enjoy my grandkids sports mcu more than I did my own kids since I now know that in the larger scheme of things, it means nothing. You seem to be a lot more relaxed about the while thing than I was.


    • I’ve made a conscious choice not to post about problems at work. I always feel just a bit uneasy when I get too specific. Things are better there, though. We’re now in our start-up years with our new business and it’s challenging. But even on the most challenging days, I realize that I love what I’m doing and I know that makes me one of the lucky ones.

      As far as the kids sports, remember just a year ago I wasn’t nearly as relaxed about them. It’s just that now that Kacey is in college, she’s not playing on the kind of teams that are so serious and driven. I don’t regret the years that she did that, but it’s fun to see her simply having fun.


  7. Woah there, summer has only just arrived here! Hoping for a good autumn to make up for it!

    Good that she asked you to go along to some games – I guess she missed having you there cheering and snapping away on the camera!

    Of course, I am starting to wonder how many more “last games” Kacey is going to have! :-)


  8. I miss going to all my kids games so much! Glad you got a chance to watch Kacey play softball again. It’s nice when our kids realize they actually like to have us around.


  9. Because I do understand Baseball/softball much better than Football, it has always been a sport I enjoy watching -but only in person -don’t enjoy it that much on tv. But to watch a game, sitting there in the stands, enjoying the camaraderie around, a hot dog and maybe a brew too, and knowing someone who is playing on the field -now that is a really great way to spend and afternoon or evening! I’d have enjoyed something like that immensely!


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