Loungin’ at the Lake

We love our friends from the Saturday night bowling league. They are such generous, kind, welcoming and fun people! And we miss each other over the summer months when we don’t see one another so often. So it was decided there should be a “weekend.” This weekend was to take place at Paul and Megan’s family cabin, which is “up north.” (Everything more than an hour north of the Twin Cities is considered “up north.” The cabin is about two hours north, which makes for a good weekend get-a-way.)

There were five couples able to make it to “the weekend.” Three of them arrived Friday evening. I, being in desperate need of a change of scenery, really wanted to go on Friday, but Mark and I just couldn’t make it work. Word has it that the Friday night couples stayed up all night long. I’m not such a night owl. Maybe it was best that we got a good night’s sleep and arrived fresh and energized on Saturday morning.

We arrived in the late morning, just as the all-nighters were coming back to life. Jodi wasn’t looking so lively. She was sitting quietly in a lawn chair in her sweats and a sweatshirt, looking like she could use another few hours of sleep. The rest of them were dressed in their bathing suits and before I could set my purse down, there was a Bloody Mary in my hand. Mmmmm, it was good! I really must learn to make a good Bloody Mary. Before I finished my drink, I went inside to put my suit on too. Then we all convened around the picnic table and Bonnie insisted that everyone must have a tattoo. They were fake and glittery tattoos and everyone ended up with several. I was informed that no pictures were allowed during the weekend, but I managed to snap a few that no one could be opposed to being published here.

Mark never cooperates for pictures. Can you see his tattoo on his face? Can you find Dori’s tattoo?

After everyone was sufficiently tattooed, we piled onto the pontoon boat for a cruise around the lakes. We brought plenty of food and drink and the sun was gracious enough to shine for the majority of our cruise. The moon was spotted a time or two as well! ;-) We crossed paths with many other boaters, always asking the fishermen and women how many they caught. There were other boats full of families and friends out enjoying a fine day as well. We were a friendly bunch and shared many laughs with many other “lake people.”

After our boat cruise, it was back to the cabin for some yard games, more drinks and some music. Sorry, but I’ve been forbidden to post pictures of us dancing on the picnic table to ABBA’s Mamma Mia! Suffice it to say that everyone was feeling pretty good by this time. Can ya tell?

Pauly, feelin’ good!

Some of us prepared dinner while others played cards in the gazebo or played bean bags out in the yard. Then together we enjoyed a delicious meal of hot beef sandwiches, tortellini salad, sweet corn and an assortment of other side dishes. Afterwards, we were so full we could barely move. The guys congregated outside while the girls relaxed on the porch. Bonnie insisted on giving all of the girls a foot rub. And let me just say, I would pay good money to have one again!

Mike, enjoying a cigar!

Someone had made sure there was a good bonfire burning and after dark, we all circled around it, talking, telling jokes and stories, playing games and laughing until our stomach muscles ached. Somewhere near midnight, the all-nighters began to lose steam, which was fine with me. Being the early riser that I am, I don’t make a very good night owl.

I slept like a baby on what was described as “the marshmallow bed.” I guess the beds in your typical lake cabin don’t tend to be of the highest quality, but it made little difference to me. I was tired and didn’t get up the next morning until after nine o’clock. Sunday morning was overcast and cooler, but perfect for a leisurely breakfast and coffee out on the deck. We all lounged around until well after lunch time, leisurely packing up this and that and preparing to head home again. Everyone seemed reluctant to break up the party.

“We need more time,” they said.

“I wish we had an extra day,” they said.

“I have a hangover,” someone said.

“Can’t wait to do it again next year,” someone said.

Like all good things, it was over too soon. But I have a feeling the stories will live on for years to come.

18 thoughts on “Loungin’ at the Lake

  1. Wow. What a great way to spend the weekend, even if the pictures weren’t allowed (I can see why). Great way to send off the summer with friends. Glad you and Mark were able to make the trek up north for the weekend. And, for the record, I spy Dori’s tat. Wild bunch of friends you have. My kind of crowd.


  2. Cigar smoking, beer drinking, tattoos required? My kind of crew. Would love to swap stories with them. Definitely a good bunch of friends to have. Those kinds of weekends are what makes life memorable (at least in my humble opinion).


  3. This reminds me so much of our old camping days. It’s a shame we let work and kids’ schedules get in the way of that. It does the body good to let loose once in a while, so I’m glad you and your bowling pals actually made it happen. I’m a little jealous… :)


  4. Aw. I want one!
    I found both Mark’s and Doris’ tattoos. Just as long as one of them didn’t do a rubbing of their tattoo on the other, it’s all good!


  5. An hour north of you?? That’s Canada! I would have applied Dori’s tattoo for her….nice!! Sounds like a very nice weekend. I do like me some Abba over the weekend!


  6. Oh my Terri! Your post brings back so many great memories to me -family reunions about 2-3 decades ago when many of my cousins would come to the park where we had our gathering, some arriving as early as Friday evening, to tent or camp out there and the bonfires we would have with the old farts singing and even the youngsters joining in and learning the old songs along with lots and lots of laughter and story-telling. No lakes involved there though but further back in time -in the mid-to-late 60s, there were a lot of fun times I recall spent on boats out in the Chesapeake Bay or trips to Ocean City, MD or Rehoboth Beach, DE -loads of fun times involving lots and lots of water! Make as many memories of this type as you can now because sooner or later, the availability of these events will begin to dwindle and you will wonder how quickly could time passes by like that – in the blink of an eye!!


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