I HATE this short hair! … Oh wait, maybe I don’t.

Every woman, every once in a while, gets the itch to cut her hair. I mean, really cut it. I have these itches now and then. I usually talk myself out of them. I get a little bit freaky about my hair. Any change to this head of hair happens fractionally. Most of the time.

Brad’s girlfriend cut her hair recently. It is ADORABLE. It got me to thinking that I might be ready for a change. I thought about this for weeks and weeks. I researched haircuts on the internet. I even printed out pictures to show my stylist.

On the day of my appointment, I started getting cold feet.

“I can’t do it,” I told Kacey.

“It’s just hair, Mom. It will grow back,” she said.

“I don’t think I can do it,” I told my coworker, Belinda.

“It’s just hair,” she said. “It will grow back.”

I decided they were right. I took my pictures to my appointment. I showed them to Patti, my stylist. She gasped with glee.

“Are you going to let me cut it,” she asked?

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s just hair. It will grow back.”

My hair looked pretty much like this when I sat down in Patti’s chair.

I mentally said goodbye to my hair. Patti began to cut. She watched my face in the mirror.

“Are you going to cry,” she asked?

“No,” I said, wiping a tear from my eye.

Patti cut and cut. She oohed and aahhed. She assured me it would look great. She styled it. It looked pretty good. (Doesn’t your hair always look great after your stylist does it?)

Over the next couple of days, I struggled to style my hair the way Patti did it. Short hair on me is a lot more work than long hair. I began to regret getting it cut. A couple of times I decided I hated it. But then someone said it made me look younger. And then another person said it made me look younger. And then my friend, Teri said, “I really like your hair. It makes you look younger. I mean a lot younger. Not that you looked seventy or anything before, but this style makes you look a lot younger!”

Well then… maybe I don’t hate it after all. I guess maybe I’ll keep it for a while!



24 thoughts on “I HATE this short hair! … Oh wait, maybe I don’t.

  1. Your style looks great! It’s always a good idea to change up once in a while. Congratulations for having the nerve. It’s funny…your hair looks long to me compared to the short way I wear my hair.


  2. I like it! Susie used to have long hair – down to the middle of her back. Years ago, she told her stylist to cut it short. it’s now about the length of your new cut, but in an asymmetrical style called a diagonal wedge. She’s frequently told by women who are strangers that they love her hair, which never happened when she had it long.


  3. I think you made a great decision! It’s beautiful, and your friends are right! You look so young! Kudos to you for being so brave. I would have chickened out… which is why my hair hasn’t changed much in years.


  4. Wowza, looks great, Terri! You really do look younger, who would’ve thought that a haircut could do that?! I had a haircut today – same as I’ve had for years. There really is a comfort zone to hair, but maybe we really should play around more considering your results!


  5. Well I always thought you looked young, so I don’t know what this “you look younger” business is about, but I’ll tell you this, this new haircut is so chíc and sophisticated. You look absolutely lovely, and definitely made the right choice. It’s good to change things up once in a while.


  6. First of all, you’ve always looked young to me. I can’t believe you have college-age kids. I think you adopted them when they were in high school. Secondly, I LOVE the cut. You are so attractive you young thang you. :-)


  7. Wonderful decision, Terri! I love your new ‘do — not that I didn’t like the old one, but this one is chic, sophisticated, and frames your face well. We ALL worry over our hair, but the younger set seems to have a more realistic handle on it. After all, it is just hair!


  8. I always liked seeing your pics and your hair was always so pretty -well-tended and all and just very attractive. But this hair cut -Wow! SWEET! Maybe I’ll venture out before my big class reunion -in two weeks now -and get some more taken off my mop and maybe, if I’m lucky, it will look half as good as your new cut does!


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