Move Away to College Day – Kacey’s Sophomore Year

And so begins Kacey’s life as a college sophomore. Over the past few days, she’s been busy making sure all of her laundry was done and all of her necessities were packed for life in a dorm room. Everything that could be was packed in the truck last night so that she could just hop in and go this morning. We were on the road by 7:00 a.m.

Kacey’s freshman year at UW Eau Claire was fine, but she quickly realized she hadn’t found the fit she was hoping for. By the end of first semester, she had completed her application for one of the University of Minnesota schools and shortly afterwards was accepted. Several close friends were already attending school there and several others were also busy applying for admission. I could tell already today that she is going to be very happy where she is.

She’s got good friends close by. Haley’s room is just two floors above. Andi, Kacey’s pal since Kindergarten, is her new roomie.


And of course, Connor is across the hall, along with Alex, Matt and Zwick.

Where did Matt go?

The dorms are beautiful! The dorms at Eau Claire were many years old. I remember thinking they weren’t bad. After all, they were dorms. They weren’t supposed to be spacious and beautiful. But Kacey’s new dorm at her new school was built only four years ago. Her room is palatial in comparison to last year’s room!

Check out the high ceiling!

I was happy that Kacey and Andi let us moms help put the room together while the dads went off to relax in the study room. We girls had fun arranging and organizing and making the dorm room feel homey. And we laughed when we saw the girls’ bedding. They had unknowingly color coordinated their stuff.

Andi’s black bedding with teal accents and Kacey’s teal bedding with black accents

We also laughed when we poked our heads in the rooms across the hall. The boys definitely feel confident they can survive with fewer belongings than the girls.

At one point, Kacey joked that I wasn’t allowed to cry when it came time to say goodbye. I told her it had been a tough week and I was making no promises.

“Okay,” she said, understanding.

But when it came time to say goodbye, there were no tears. It was hard to feel sad when my little girl was clearly so happy. She’s surrounded by the best of friends and I know they’ll all take good care of each other. Before we left, I not only got hugs from Kacey, but from all of her friends as well. Some of them even said, “I love you,” as they hugged me. Could I ask for better people to be in my daughter’s life???

Time for the parents to go home

13 thoughts on “Move Away to College Day – Kacey’s Sophomore Year

  1. Best wishes for Kacey :) I hope she will be so happy there. And best wishes for you too! I hope you won’t miss her too much.
    My youngest son also left the nest – 18 years old. Skype is activated, hehehe.


  2. Ah, college life… Year 2 looks like it’s off to a great start for Kacey. I’m not sure if this whole immersion into college-dom makes me feel young again or OLD.


  3. Good luck to Kacey at MSU! New School! New Dorm! Old friends! She will have a great time in a new school with all her friends. And with Connor next door, she should be much happier this year. Boy, dorms sure have gotten a lot nicer since I attended college.


  4. I am happy for Kacey. I am sure this year will be much more comfortable and enjoyable for her. The inside of her dorm room looks much nicer than I remember mine being–mine was like an old motel. Yuck.


  5. Love to see all those happy faces! This is just what they need.
    It really is hard to be sad when your kids are so happy, isn’t it? I hope the year continues to go well for her. They’re off to a great start!


  6. Best wishes to Kacey for a wonderful sophomore year! Now cheer up, Terri — you can rest easy knowing she’s comfortable, happy, and surrounded by friends. Her dorm is palatial, compared to the one my son lives in!


  7. I’m happy for Kacey and for you; it’s a great feeling to know your kid is with friends at college. Kendall and I toured an Eau Claire dorm. I remember being underimpressed.


  8. Good to see her so happy with her friends! My parents helped me settle in a little bit then went with me to register and then dropped me off and left. No tears were shed, and that was my freshman year! Sounds like all her friends love you though; way to be a cool mom! :)


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