I ran into my boyfriend, Blake Shelton at the Minnesota State Fair

He’s kind of got a big head,

…but he’s Blake Shelton, so I guess he’s entitled.

You’d think that seeing Blake would have been the highlight of my visit to the fair, but oddly enough, it wasn’t. The highlight was my new sticky roller purchase.

No refills are needed, ever and, as promised, this sticky roller removes short, wiry red dog fur from my navy blue love seat like none of the other sixty-odd fur removal products I’ve tried. Comes complete with telescoping handle and a handy purse-sized roller for those embarrassing times when you realize you are out in public with dog fur stuck to the butt of your black dress pants.

They don’t call the state fair The Great Minnesota Get-Together for nothing. I think we were all there today.

Scary high swings!

And there is so much to see! We went inside the Education Building only because there was a huge line of people waiting to get in when it opened. I never did figure out what the big deal was, but we got good free stuff in there. Many of the Minnesota state colleges and universities were represented there. We got bags there! You know, the eco-friendly kind that you can take shopping and reuse again and again. And we got drawstring back packs there. I use those to carry my shoes to the gym. We filled these with all kinds of free things that were available all over the fair. I must have been in a healthy state of mind. I kept picking up flyers on good nutrition and recipe booklets and one on the benefits of flax seed. (Yeah, I’m not sure what that was about, either.)

And we ate. I don’t even want to admit everything we ate. But I will, just because the fair is an exercise in excess and so I’ll admit to doing my part. We had deep-fried cheese curds for breakfast. We had shrimp on a stick. We had turkey jerkey, Sweet Martha’s cookies, an apple pie pocket ala mode. Mark had a foot-long hot dog. We had gelato!

We saw big stuffed animals.

And artwork made out of plastic cups, forks and spoons.

There were a few things we just looked at and said, “Hmmmm. No thanks!”

Mark checked out new docks for his parents’ cabin at the lake. We both checked out motorcycles at the Harley Davidson shop. I sat in a black Cadillac SRX at the Cadillac dealer. A sales girl got in and sat in the passenger seat and tried to sell me one. I said, “Maybe in the next year.” But shhhhh… I don’t think a Caddy is in my price range. It was fun to sit in it though.

We saw strange people. We ran into old friends. We learned to follow people with strollers when trying to make our way through a crowd. People get out of the way for strollers. Mark pointed out the Cutco booth. We just bought a knife set from Cutco. I looked over to the booth where a young man looked at us expectantly. I gushed, “Cutco! I love you guys!”

We proceeded to talk with the young salesman and tell him how much we love our new knives. I bought a new ice cream scoop from him and he asked if we could just stand with him all day and continue talking about how much we love Cutco products. But we had so much more to see and do, so we said goodbye.

I bought a concoction to turn wine into a frozen cocktail. They were giving out free samples! It was good!

Mark checked out a “shack” for ice fishing.

Hell, if this is what ice fishing is all about, I could do ice fishing!

After six and a half hours, my feet hurt and my stomach was full beyond full. The sun had come out and I could feel my skin beginning to burn. There was nowhere to turn to escape the smell of sweat. So we headed for one of the fairground exits , sweaty and tired, but happy that we’d experienced the fair for another year.

36 thoughts on “I ran into my boyfriend, Blake Shelton at the Minnesota State Fair

  1. Ooooh. Bacon Ice Cream. I really miss some of that great State Fair food. I’m like you on the displays – always looking for freebies/samples. Nice haul, but couldn’t you use that sticky roller on Lucy and cut out the middleman? I love the Ice Fishing shack – I’ve seen trailers that don’t look that good. Is that an a/c unit I spy up top?? If so, isn’t that a wee bit unnecessary for ICE fishing?


  2. First of all, brilliant idea to follow the strollers through the crowds. I don’t do well in crowded situations so I’ll be using that tip!
    Your reason for going into the education building reminds me of the time we were at Disney World. We walked by this huge line – had no idea where it went, but we figured we should probably get in it before it got longer. Turned out to be the Indiana Jones show. Worth the wait.
    Did you try any of that bacon ice cream? I’ve always been tempted, since I like salty and sweet, but have never had the chance.
    Overall, it looks like you all had a great time! Our state fair is held 2 hours away from us so we’ve never been. If it’s similar to yours, we may just have to make the trip.


    • We didn’t try the bacon ice cream. There is just SO much to eat there and you can’t possibly try it all. And it was just Mark and me this year, so everything was split between the two of us. In past years, we’d have kids along and split one item among all of us so we could try a lot more foods. Maybe next year.

      Our fair is only a 20 minute ride from home, so we go every year. There’s always something new to see and always several things we want to revisit.


  3. Some how it seems a bit odd to be extolling the virtues of flax seed while promoting fried cheese curds, foot long dogs, and gelato…but that’s a fair for you. You’re looking smashing by the way. And I’m very embarrassed to say I’ve not a clue who Blake Sheldon is :(


    • That IS the fair! All kinds of good things and all kinds of good things that are not so good for you.

      And thank you … for the smashing comment! :-)

      Blake Shelton is one of the current crop of country music stars. He’s also become a t.v. celebrity for his work on The Voice. He’s got a great sense of humor!


  4. I guess if you’ve got a boyfriend with such a big face, it’s good that it’s a nice looking one! Sounds like a fun time at the fair. I love how you just threw yourselves into it and let the fair have its way with you. And I’m also going to remember the follow-the-strollers tip! That’s an ice fishing “shack”? I thought you Minnesotans were tough!


  5. Wow–It sounds like you really got your money’s worth at the fair! Very interesting. As the owner of a yellow lab puppy, I’m especially interested in the dog hair sticky thingy. What’s it called?


  6. Sounds fun. I’m hoping to drag my husband there next Saturday. I think I’ll pass on the bacon ice cream! Yuck. Some of the things they think of are unbelievable. What people will do with food – funny!!!


  7. That ice shack sure does look a lot fancier than the one Tim Taylor sank on “Home Improvement.” And the nod to Cutco knives is one I really can understand. I bought a full set of their knives back in the summer of 1963 and it was a purchase fully approved by my Mom -who normally would have frowned, big time, on spending that much money on a set of cutlery but the salesman definitely had her eating out of the palm of his hand. They are really terrific knives, for sure -as long as you keep them out of my son’s range. Remember I wrote a blog post about him and my knives a short time back. He managed to lose the entire set of 12 steak knives that came with my purchase and also, destroyed the carving knife too when he used it to trim the base of a Christmas tree one year, trying to make it level. Ah, children -wouldn’;t want to live my life without ’em but sure could have done it a lot more economically at times if i’d kept certain items under lock and key, maybe?


  8. That’s a neat fur picker-upper you got, Terri! That alone would be worth the price of admission. I somehow doubt it would work for my Sheltie’s fur, though — we’ve just learned to live with it. Domer says he finds dog-fur on his stuff for weeks after he gets back to campus!


  9. You do have a way of describing things and getting the rest of us interested. Your state fair sounds wonderful. Wouldn’t it be cool if lots of bloggers could show up when RC is there next year?


  10. Wow that looks fun!! Good for you. I’ve actually been to the state fair there (after early elimination from a softball tournament) and had a lot of fun. We keep saying we’re going to go a state fair, but haven’t yet. ANY state fair!


  11. We love our two fairs (Orange County and LA County) but there’s no way we’d spend six and a half hours. I had to laugh at you picking up all the “eating healthy” flyers while eating all the not so healthy fair treats. Our favorite things are the people watching, since fairs bring out such a cross-section of the populace, and the arts and crafts exhibits. The giant stuffed “animal” of choice at our fair this year seemed to be a banana with dreads and a hat like Bob Marley. Go figure. That reminds me … I think the LA Fair is on right now. You’ve got me wanting to go …


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