Weekend Snaps

I was wandering around the yard this weekend, watering my flowers. I was just getting ready to douse one of the flower pots when something red caught my eye. I pulled the watering can back and crouched down to see. It was a red Dragon Fly! No, two of them! I dropped the watering can and ran into the house for my camera. The dragon flies were kind enough to wait for me to come back.

I got the sense that I was interrupting something, but it was just too great a shot to pass up.

It was a good weekend for the camera. I love this series of shots that I took of Connor and Kacey out on the back steps.

Having Kacey home from school made me happy. She’s only been gone a week, but I missed her already. She was my ray of sunshine this weekend.


P.S. Yesterday’s post has been hidden. I didn’t want it hanging around the internet wide open like it was. Thanks to everyone for all the great perspectives and advice!



19 thoughts on “Weekend Snaps

  1. *GASP* Bug porn!

    Fun series of shots of the kids – a lot of personality between those two. It was nice they came home for the weekend, to provide a little one-week-gone boost.


  2. Did seeing those dragonflies get you in the mood to clean house? Just wonderin’.
    I loved the shots of Kacey and Connor. Especially the eye roll. I noticed that one in your previous post! That pic itself tells a story!


  3. Understand why you’d hide it :) but the series of photos of the kids made me grin — I can see why she’s your ray of sunshine and he looks pretty light-hearted himself.

    Never seen a red dragon fly before, much less 2!


  4. Lovely photos. You and I must have some strange connection these days. I just started drafting a post with dragonflies! They are so much different in FL than up north. There are swarms of them here, big enough to ride on their backs. They don’t land, they just hover. Boy, was it ever hard getting a photo of them. The post may not be up for a while yet. Just found it strange, how once again, our blog ideas are ‘on the same page’ so to speak. ;-)


  5. I’ve never seen a red dragonfly before and here, you’ve shown us two — imagine that! I empathize with how much you miss Kacey. I’m still missing my son, and he’s been gone back to campus three weeks now!


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