Wooden Shelves Made with Love

Last year when Kacey was a freshman at a different college, her dorm room had a desk with a shelf on it. The dorm itself was old. And as tends to be with dorms, her room was cramped and the closet was tiny. And if you know anything about girls, it’s that they have a lot of stuff! So that shelf on Kacey’s desk offered necessary and valuable storage space.

When she switched to a new college this year, one of the perks was a room in a newer building. It’s much bigger than last year’s room, with a better layout and a good amount of closet space. But there was one drawback. There was no shelf on the desk. Last year, Kacey kept her alarm clock on the top shelf of her desk. She would hear the alarm go off in the morning and lean down from her bunk, reaching toward that shelf to turn off the clock. As Kacey and her roommate, Andrea unpacked their things on move-in day this year, they contemplated what they could do about the lack of space on their desks. Maybe they could buy something, they thought.

When Mark heard that, he jumped to the rescue. There was no sense in trying to find a shelf to fit the desks. He would make them, he said. He loves this kind of thing. He lives for this kind of project. All he needed were some good measurements and he would be all set to build the perfect shelves. No one had a tape measure though. I tried to get a good measurement by flipping a six-inch protractor over and over from one end of Kacey’s desk to the next, but Mark didn’t trust my measurements. (Good thing, too.)

Eventually, Kacey got a tape measure, and with the help of her Eagle Scout pal, Alex, reported the exact measurements to Mark. Mark bought some wood and I came home from work one afternoon to find him in the garage with three shelves for three desks, one for Kacey, one for Andrea, and one for their friend Haley too.

Each one is a little different the others. Mark says he did that on purpose.

“How are you going to decide who gets which one,” I asked?

“Kacey gets to pick the one she wants,” he said, “and then the other two can choose from the remaining two.”

After I’m done at work on Tuesday, we’re going to hop in the truck and make the hour and a half drive to Kacey’s school. I’ll get to see my girl for a little while and she and the girls will get to have their new desk shelves.

Mark’s not so much like me. He doesn’t always show his love with words and outward displays of affection. He has his own way, like putting his time, energy and love into some custom-made desk shelves. I’m impressed with his ability to just whip something like this together. He’s pretty talented this way. I am very proud. And Kacey and the girls are going to love these!

15 thoughts on “Wooden Shelves Made with Love

  1. How sweet! Coming from a family where my dad didn’t show me much love, I always love to see how other Daddy’s show their affection towards their girls. My hubby does a great job with our daughter and is much better at using words and hugs to show his affection than I am. I tend to be like Mark. I use my time, energy, and money to show my kids how much I care. Either way, it’s obvious how much Mark loves Kacey. I’m guessing it warms your heart to see him doing things for her!
    Enjoy your trip on Tuesday! Be sure to post some ‘after’ pictures! :)


  2. That’s some real Daddy love there! Reminds me of my dad. I think many men feel a little awkward with the showing of the love – especially with daughters. I think these shelves of love are a benefit to both Mark and the girls!


  3. You and Mark make a good team — your kids are lucky to have you! What a splendid contribution to their dorm rooms! And I bet Kacey will love seeing you, too, even if it’s a short visit!


  4. Thank you!

    She started thinking about changing schools when a few girls she connected with last year decided to transfer elsewhere. Everyone she was close with ended up transferring either by semester or end of the year. She decided to be closer to Connor and other close friends from home, so she made the switch. Classes all transferred and she’s much happier!


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