Two-Dog Family

Connor’s dog, Annabella … Bella came to meet us Friday night. Connor and his grandma brought her over with the intention of seeing how “the girls” would do together. I wanted to be sure that she and Lucy were compatible before I agreed to keep her. If all went well, Bella would go back home to spend one last night with her sister, Lexie, (an energetic Black Lab who was also going to a new home,) and then come back to us for good on Saturday.

Lucy was excited about this new dog. But try as she might, she couldn’t get Bella to romp and play with her. Nine year-old Dachshunds just aren’t that playful. Bella was a bit nervous, but she allowed Lucy to sniff and kiss her and run circles around her for the couple of hours she was here. When she went home, Lucy was disheartened. But her disappointment was short-lived. Bella came back to us on Saturday morning and has been here ever since.

Getting used to new surroundings

Saturday was a day for Bella to get used to new people and surroundings. She was really nervous when Connor and Kacey left for a few hours. But by the end of the day, she had relaxed. Lucy, on the other hand, spent the entire day behaving as if she were worried that Bella would go away again. Whenever Bella moved, Lucy had to go sniff her again, lick her ears and herd her. (Lucy likes to herd other dogs. She would have been very good with sheep.)

Herding and kisses!

This morning when we woke up, Bella was feeling decidedly more at-home. When she sensed me waking up, there she was, wagging her tail and offering kisses. Lucy, of course, greeted Bella with a good-morning welcome that, if translated, would say, “YOU’RE STILL HERE! OH MY GOSH, YOU’RE STILL HERE! LET’S GO SEE THE CAT AND GO OUTSIDE AND EAT A CRUNCHY BREAKFAST AND PLAY AND BARK AT SQUIRRELS. OH MY GOSH, YOU’RE STILL HERE!”

I think Lucy will need a few days to get used to the idea that Bella isĀ here to stay.

The girls!

As for me, I’m in love with Bella already. She’s mellow and gentle and sweet. And I thought that after Shelby, I’d never have room in my heart for another dog! Turns out I was wrong! And I’m so glad. Now Bella has a safe and loving home and the best part is, Connor can still see her and spend time with her whenever he wants.

28 thoughts on “Two-Dog Family

  1. Awesome! I bet Lucy is beside herself with her new pal. Bella is definitely a beautiful dog and looks to be a great addition to Lucy. When you mentioned her earlier, I knew it was a foregone conclusion. I had the exact same feeling: Never thought I would have enough room in our home/hearts for two dogs but I was wrong. Having a second dog might help keep Lucy out of trouble and should keep her from getting bored. And the fact that Bella is an older (translation: calmer) dog, she should be easier to adjust to the new home. Bravo to you for giving Bella a new forever home. Have you tried to walk them together yet?


    • I think I knew too, the minute I agreed to consider adding Bella to our family, that something would have to go drastically wrong for me to NOT take her on a permanent basis.

      I haven’t tried walking them together yet. I think I’ll need a human assistant for that job! :-)


  2. Migosh, she’s beautiful!! Congratulations. When you said weiner dog, I pictured the short-haired version, but Bella with the flowing locks is Bellisimo! I’m happy for you and Lucy :)


    • I didn’t have pictures ahead of time, so I assumed short hair as well. It was only on the day we met that I found out she was the long-haired variety. Thanks, Abby! We think she’s beautiful too!


  3. Oh, I love that you got another dog–and Connor’s–even better. Bella’s a cutie. I’ve missed having time to read your posts. However, things should be back to semi-normal tomorrow. About time, right?


  4. I totally relate to the herding! My Sheltie is a herding dog, and he’d have a blast playing with your two girls! Now you’ll have a new subject to entertain us with — lots of photos, hear, ‘cos Bella’s a cutie-pie, too!


  5. Yay! I’m so happy they get along and that you’re able to keep her! She’s beautiful! And Lucy looks to be a very proud… well, not older, but bigger sister! Keep your camera handy! We’ll want updates!


  6. We’ve been a two dog family…until last week. :( I’m sure, after a while, it’ll happen again. We’re not sure how our dog will take to being ‘alone’ (but still with three kids around)…or how she’d react to a new dog around. I don’t think I’d go as smoothly as yours though.


  7. For anyone who is truly a dog lover (or, well, an animal lover in general I suppose) isn’t there always room for one more animal -at least in your heart? Space might be a bit cramped at times on the outside but in the inside, down deep, there’s always room for one more! (Okay -within reason -but you get my drift, I’m sure!)


  8. Okay, so now I missed the story about who this dog is to Connor. She’s nine years old and I’m so pleased to see that she has a wonderful new home. Congratulations. Those photos are precious.


  9. Hehe I love how you made Lucy’s actions into words. I bet she is so happy having another of her kind to hang out with. Now we get double the stories about your pets! =) Can’t wait!!!!


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