Kids, Dogs and Chaos

We had a family wedding to attend on Saturday, so all of my kiddos returned to home base for the weekend. We awaited Brad and Heather’s arrival on Friday night and wondered how it was going to work with three dogs in the house, but not to worry. Dacotah and Lucy got reacquainted easily. Then Dacotah and Bella sized each other up and decided they could deal with one another just fine. All was well.

We did a decent job of juggling shower times Saturday morning. At one point, Kacey, Heather and I were all sharing the mirror in “my” lower level bathroom. But we were all dressed and ready in plenty of time for the wedding. Everyone looked great! You’d think I’d have managed to take a family picture while we were all spiffed up, wouldn’t you? I didn’t. Oh well. Sometimes I’m so busy trying to get pictures that I miss half the fun of an event. So we’ll just chalk this up to me enjoying the event for a change. Besides, I did manage to get some shots of the kids on my iPhone camera.

love this shot of Brad and his godson, Ryan. Ryan is such a bundle of energy and so full of personality! Can you tell?

Just one of the many faces of Ryan!

What really made me happy was watching Jake interact with his cousins and family friends. Long story, but my best friend, Gina and I have mutual extended family, so she and her family were at the wedding and reception too. Gina’s beautiful, oldest daughter, Kirsten happened to be without a date. So did Jake happen to be without a date. Kirsten joked to Jake that they could be dates for the night. She did her best to get him out of his shell and onto the dance floor but he just couldn’t make himself do it. He’s so shy sometimes! But she had him smiling and blushing! It was wonderful to see him smile so much. I don’t see Jake’s smile enough.

Jake got his share of attention from the younger girls too.  Gina’s youngest daughter, Maddie clearly had a little crush on Jake and every chance she got she was climbing up in his lap, talking to him and running her hands over his buzz-cut hair. Jake tolerated this attention with more patience than I’d thought him capable of. Every time Gina and I would look over and see Maddie clamoring over Jake, we would laugh and I’d say, “Poor Jake!” Gina would say, “He’s adorable!”

He is. I wish he realized it too.

He didn’t want me to take this picture, but I managed to coax a smile out of him anyway!


Kacey and Connor

Brad and Heather

Brad, Heather, Kacey and Connor danced the night away. Mark took turns dancing with Kacey, his nieces and his sisters. I even managed to get Jake on the dance floor for one slower song. It was a good time!

We finally called it a night and headed home. The kids stretched out all over the living room in front of a movie. I was too tired to stay awake. Bella, Lucy and I headed off to bed.

Bright and early this morning, the dogs were awake and ready to go outside and rough-house a bit. While the dogs played, Brad wanted to know what was for breakfast. A big, hot breakfast is a rare treat, usually reserved for times like this when the house is full and busy. We decided on French toast and I enjoyed cooking it while Brad, Heather and Mark waited at the table for the first steaming slices to be ready for eating. I made stacks of French toast and we all ate until we were full. Eventually, Kacey decided to greet the day and came to the table to claim her share as well. Jake? Well, he’s the late sleeper, so I didn’t even count on him. I figured he’d eventually open his eyes and when he did, he would eat breakfast or lunch, depending on how late it was.

After breakfast, the girls and I went off to do some shopping, leaving the boys home to watch their hunting shows and football games. By the time we came back, Connor had joined the fun. The kids, hungry for lunch, descended on the kitchen once again, reheating leftover taco fixings and spaghetti and meatballs. Funny how food is always such a big part of family gatherings. It seems like someone is always eating, snacking or drinking. When everyone is home, I’m constantly rinsing dishes, wiping off the table and tidying up the counter tops. Funny, but at times like this, I don’t seem to mind so much.

Sunday is always my least favorite day of these family weekends. Sunday means it’s time for kids to leave home again and go back to school. And that means less chaos and fewer messes, but it also means all the happy conversation and joking and laughter fade away. I don’t mean to rush the days along, but I can’t wait for Thanksgiving when I can have this all over again.

11 thoughts on “Kids, Dogs and Chaos

  1. I used to do that too – spend so much time taking pics or videos of things the kids were doing, that I would miss out on the whole experience. You got some awesome pics though! (And Jake IS adorable!) I’m sure the time went by quickly, but it seems like you were able to make the most of it! And I have a feeling Thanksgiving will arrive quickly.
    We haven’t heard much about Gina lately. Does this mean she’s doing well?


  2. Sounds like a full weekend, Terri. Family weddings can be so much fun–if exhausting. I think I would have been like you and the dogs and headed to bed afterward. Hope you have a great week to come.


  3. Aren’t weddings great for bringing family together? Sounds like a fun weekend with all the kids and dogs and food and bathroom juggling! And I don’t blame you for not assembling everyone for a family photo. I like how Maddie goes for the gusto!

    Your house sounds like such a laid back friendly atmosphere – even the dogs get on like old chums!


  4. I too feel like I miss out on something when I’m taking pictures, but I am so glad to have the pictures to remind me of fun events. Good thing you have your blog to remind you just in case! I’m glad you had a fun and busy weekend!


  5. Sounds like a great weekend for the entire crew. Was wondering how Bella would take to all those new people/dog, but I figured that Dakotah was a pretty easy going girl and would love to play with Bella.

    Great photos of everyone but would have been neat to see one with all three dogs. Love Ryan’s Popeye impersonation.


  6. I’m always the one with the camera, too — somehow, it’s easier being behind the lens than in front of it! Sounds like you had a full, enjoyable weekend. Don’t worry — Thanksgiving will be here before you know it!


  7. For some reason I had a vision of Ryan whipping everyone at poker!

    Didn’t recognise Jake! He has really grow up hasn’t he! And yeah, I can see the girls going after him too!


  8. I love these photos! You have such a beautiful family. And Jake really IS super adorable!

    And Thanksgiving will be here, before you know it, and your house will be filled with love and laughter!


  9. That sounded fun!! Boy do I love Thanksgiving too. Already looking forward to it! Heather looks REALLY mature in that picture. Good for her.


  10. LOved all the photos you posted but most especially the one of Brad with the younger girl! The smile on his face -so sweet, shy yet coy too -says “Hey! I’m one really great young man!” Reminded me of my son when he is around people he doesn’t know all that well and he gets a bit shy and backward. Otherwise, when he’s with his pals and/or family, he’s a big tease to everyone!


  11. It’s great when the family can all get together. All my immediate family including siblings and spouses will be together for Christmas and I’m super excited!


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