When you know you got at least a few things right with that parenting gig …



… from my darling daughter upon her return to school after a weekend at home …

Forgot to tell you this, but on the way back to school Conn was saying how happy he was that we got to go out to eat with you guys, and how much he loves you guys and how sad he was to leave Sunday, and how he looks at Dad as one of his few ‘father figures’ so thank you for everything. Love you guys! Have a good week ;)

That just felt like the kind of message I wanted to write down and keep forever. ‘Cause as much as I know we’ve screwed up in our roles as parents, it’s amazing to read words like these and know that once in a while, we manage to make a positive impact.

And these kids? We think they’re pretty great too.

16 thoughts on “When you know you got at least a few things right with that parenting gig …

  1. Wow. That is one uplifting text message to get from your kids. That kind of affirmation really makes your week shine. And Rock’s right, you guys have done pretty darned good parents. .


  2. Wow, you must have felt so wonderful to receive that text! We go around just hoping we’re doing at least some things right, but this message totally affirms it for you (nothing I didn’t know already). And how sweet of darling daughter Kacey to express it. Well done, you’re my idol!


  3. What a delightful surprise message!You know you’ve done something right when your kid feels that way — and isn’t embarrassed to say so. You’ve got my admiration, Terri!


    • Hmmm… well… of course what I WRITE about are the successes. There’s a whole lot of failure that doesn’t get written about, so you’ll have to trust me when I say we’ve screwed up here and there.


  4. I can only imagine how you must have felt receiving that message!
    I’m with you. I often feel like I’ve screwed up parenting, but then my kids will do something that totally surprises me, and I realize I must have done SOMETHING right. You obviously are doing more right than wrong, and it was great of Kacey to let you know! Well done! :)


  5. Well now you always have the blog to go back and reread the message to remind you :) I feel the same way about Mike’s parents and family. I love being around them.


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