Doggy Surgery – Round Two

I really did not want to do this again. Did not want to put my puppy-girl through another hip surgery. But Mark had to be all level-headed and insist that we couldn’t just fix her hip dysplasia half-way. We’d decided earlier this year to go with the surgery option and we knew from the get-go that there would be a round two. I was just not prepared to see my poor dog in such a fragile state for such a long time.

We waited until after last weekend’s family festivities when it would be quiet around the house again. Tuesday morning, before her second surgery, I hugged Lucy and kissed the top of her head over and over and told her I was sorry until Mark reminded me, “She’s going to be okay!”

All I could think about is how I came home after the first surgery to see her laying on her doggy bed on the living room floor, flashing those puppy eyes at me and looking so forlorn. The thought of watching her go through it all again made me so sad.

Lucy came home today and she is okay.

But I still feel so sorry for her. She’s got weeks of restricted activity, therapy and healing to do. At least we’re better prepared for the healing process this time.

After the first surgery, Lucy had to be locked in her kennel at night so she wouldn’t wander around the house and put too much stress on her hip while we were sleeping. She put up with this for the first few days and then decided she’d had enough. She wanted to be closer to her people. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but she whined and cried so much that Mark and I actually took turns sleeping on the floor with her for a while. But I’m ready for her this time! I blew up the inflatable mattress and made up a bed on the floor of our room so we can all get our beauty sleep.

Spoiled dog much?

Oh, well. It’s just for a couple of weeks until she can start easing back into some of her normal routines. And by Christmas time, she’ll be good as new with two working hips and no more pain! And maybe by next spring she could even start running with me. :-)

And this time around, Lucy’s got a pal to keep her company while she recovers. The fact that Bella is an old lady comes in handy here. She’s mellow and calm and has taken it upon herself to act as Lucy’s nurse, licking her face and paws and assuring her it’s all going to be okay.


19 thoughts on “Doggy Surgery – Round Two

  1. Ooch, just looking at that incision hurts. I was wondering when round 2 was happening. Hopefully the recovery will go well and she’ll be all WonderLucy! Old Lady Bella sounds like the perfect attendant.


  2. Aw, Poor Lucy. And btw -what’s to be ashamed of that you and Mark slept by her to keep her comfortable? I’d say be very proud that you did that for your baby! And with Bella there to help out keeping her calm and comfortable too, sounds like she’s got the best nursing team ever put together!


  3. I think you are right – Bella will make this time a lot easier, IMO.

    And don’t be embarassed about the sleeping on the floor thing – I have done much the same in my time (and expected no less from you two, you big softies).


  4. With everyone knowing what’s in store, Lucy included, hopefully this time will be a little easier. And you should feel no embarrassment about sleeping on the floor by her. Many of us would do the same. I’m happy she has Bella to keep her company and keep her relaxed. Wish her a speedy recovery for me!


  5. I know what you and the pup are going through. Our Lhasa Apso blew out each knee separately over the course of one year. A sad and unfortunately very expensive situation … :-(


  6. Oh, Terri, I know how you feel. When Ralph had to have knee surgery it nearly killed me. Plus, when Sara first got him he got hit by a car and shatterred his pelvis. I can hardly bear to hear Sara tell the story. I hurt just hearing it.
    Hugs to Lucy!
    Hugs to you!


  7. It sounds like you picked a good time for Lucy’s second surgery. She should be good as new by the time the holidays roll around! I know you hate that she had to have it done at all, but yes, I’d probably have done exactly what you did in letting her sleep close to her “peeps.” Mothering doesn’t stop just because it’s a “fur-kid”!!


  8. Your posts always touch me in some way. There is something about them …. what do you call it?….. they have heart. Anyway, I’m all teary for Lucy, and I’d be right on the floor with her too. My dog(s) have been my life, since I don’t have kids. So glad Lucy has Bella this time around.


  9. It’s tough on the whole family when a pet has surgery. Poor Lucy….she probably thinks she did something wrong and that’s why she had surgery! Doesn’t that just make you wan to cry?? Poor girl. Good idea with the bed. By spring she’ll be running around with you…Yay!!!!


  10. Poor Lucy. I was wondering when Lucy was going in for round 2. I know how hard it was the first time. At least you knew what is ahead of you. Good thing that Bella is there to help with the convalescence. That is one thing about older dogs, they’ve been around a while and tend to be a lot calmer/sedate and can sense when others are not feeling well. Good luck Lucy! Paws crossed for a speedy recovery.


  11. Awww…poor Lucy! But at least once all is said and done she will be a much better and healthier dog than before, and while she may not know what is going on – I’m sure her body will thank you once she’s able to move about more freely. Oh and don’t be embarrassed about sleeping on the floor for your dog. That’s love for your pet. I slept in the living room two nights ago because there was a spider on the wall in our bedroom that I left until Mike came home, only to find the spider had vanished…. :-/ We still haven’t found it.


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