The Girly-Pies Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sometime not long after Bella joined our family, it became obvious to me that wherever I went in the house, the dogs would follow. Lucy could not go without Bella  and vice-versa. They always travel behind me as a pair because if they don’t, there is the ever-present fear of missing out on a treat, a belly rub or some other sort of privilege.

Not that it was even remotely necessary, but I found myself encouraging them to follow when I would go, using that sing-song, babying voice that so many of us animal lovers tend to use with our pets. On my way to bed one night, I called out behind me, “Come on Girly Pies!”

Mark tried to stifle a laugh. “Girly Pies? Really?”

“Shut up,” I said. (With love, of course!)

And of course, they came, because I was using the voice. For all they cared, I could have said, “Come on, Ketchup and Mustard!” They still would have come. But Girly Pies stuck.

I spent last night Lucy-proofing the house. There is so much that is off-limits to her while she heals from her surgery. No stairs. No jumping on furniture. No running. There are gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. There is what I refer to as a kiddie-corral that divides the bedroom to prevent Lucy from gaining access to the bed. And of course, there is the inflatable bed set-up in my room so that one of us can comfort Lucy during the nights when she has to sleep on the floor, which she clearly considers a major hardship.

Last night at bedtime, I called to the Girly Pies to come along. I got comfortable on the inflatable bed. And so did Bella. And so did Lucy. It is only a twin-sized mattress. And sometime in the middle of the night, I realized that I wasn’t comfortable at all, but the dogs sure seemed to be sleeping soundly. So I extracted myself from the dog pile and stepped over the barrier to my bed. I crawled under the covers as quietly as possible and waited for the whining to begin. But none came.

It was perfect! Lucy isn’t opposed to not sleeping on my bed. She’s opposed to not sleeping on bed. She had a comfy mattress that didn’t require any jumping in order to get on it. And she had her pal, Bella to keep her company.

Everyone was feeling pretty good this morning. And aside from tiring out much more often than normal, Lucy seems to be doing extremely well.

“I just walked across the room. I need a break!”

Bella, as you can see, continues to be highly attentive.

“Can’t a girl catch a nap? This nursing business is hard work!”

15 thoughts on “The Girly-Pies Get a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Every time you write about your dogs, I get warm fuzzies and a smile that takes forever to disappear. I love how much you love them, and they you!
    How wonderful that Lucy was able to sleep on a bed! Glad you were able to figure that out, even if by accident! I have a feeling this time around will be a little easier on everyone! :)


  2. I can’t tell you how much I love it that you set up an inflatable mattress on the floor. Sounds like something I would have done. And, yes, it’s TOTALLY the VOICE that matters. I’m a master of the voice. The voice rules! LOL


  3. Girly pies! and I’m with Kathy, the voice rules :) We have our own language for Frankie and Hubbs, who didn’t really want a dog at all, is the best one at it!

    Glad that the mattress is helping ALL of you get a little more rest :)



  4. Why am I not surprised that you would sleep on an airmattress to comfort your dog? :-) I’m glad you have Bella ~ she is such good company for Lucy Pie!


  5. Sounds like they are becoming a real double-act!

    Girly pies? Love it! I just tend to say Boys and Girls, even though there is only one boy.

    Starting to wonder whether they need you in the bed at all – maybe the girly pies will just take to sleeping on the inflatable together?


  6. “Girly pies” Perfect! It’s funny how terms of endearment like that just sort of hop out of our mouths like the Girly Pies have been that all along.
    The air mattress is a great idea. Sounds like they may be ready to fly it solo!


  7. I always use that baby-voice with the Sheltie, and he laps it up! Isn’t it funny how attuned dogs are to tone rather than words? I’ve tried cooing to him what a “bad boy” he is, and he squirms and wags his tail, just knowing I’m telling him he’s the best doggin in the world! Glad Lucy and Bella are bonding so well and that Lucy is mending.


  8. I’m so happy to hear that Lucy is coming through this well. I just love dogs, and love reading about your Lucy & Bella. It’s funny … both my dogs (one who has passed and the new one) would lick the tip of my nose when I asked, “Do you love me?” in that “voice” you mentioned. So, I started asking Max (my present dog) “Do you have kangaroo legs?” in that voice, and he licked the tip of my nose just the same. Heh. And yes, Max’s back legs remind me of a kangaroo’s because they seem too big for his body and he hops around on them like a kangaroo. :-)


  9. Girly Pies. Cute. Glad to hear Lucy is doing well on her restrictions. Helps to have another furry friend to share. Nice trick with the inflatable bed. Should make things easier for Lucy’s recovery. Ever considered dog beds? Or would that be considered a waste of $$ since Bella seems to prefer the couch? You should get used to having your pack follow you around the house. After all, who is top dog around there?


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