Dorks Playing Raquetball

I had my first racquetball lesson tonight. It was good!

My friend, Bill plays racquetball. My friend and coworker, Lori had suggested a while ago that we give the game a try – you know, for a change of pace from the fitness classes and running and stuff. Bill said he would be happy to provide instruction.

Leaving work tonight, I asked Lori, “So what are you going to wear for racquetball tonight?”

“Oh my gosh, I was just going to ask you the same thing,” Lori said.

I don’t know why we were concerned about what to wear. I see guys playing racquetball at the gym. They’re not concerned with their attire. As it turns out, I wore a tank and capris. I should have worn shorts. I sweated more than I thought I would.

First Bill passed out racquets and safety goggles. Then he talked us through the basics, like where to stand when you serve, and when and where to hit the ball. Then we started playing. He showed us how to hit short balls and how to deal with the long ones. During the two hours we played, we started to get the hang of it.

And we also missed a lot of balls! I mean a lot! Lori said she thought there was a hole in her racquet.

When the ball was in the back of the court, we’d be in the front.

When the ball was in the front of the court, we’d be in the back.

Bill remained patient and maintained a sense of humor.

I rolled my ankle and fell flat on the floor. When I opened to my eyes to see if Lori and Bill were laughing hysterically at me, I saw that Lori was on the floor too. I’m not sure how she got there. Bill told me he fell on the floor once or twice before too.

I slammed my body into the side wall. My right shoulder and elbow are going to hurt tomorrow.

And Bill had to keep reminding us that when the ball is coming hard and fast, you’re not supposed to cower in the corner in fear of getting hit. You’re supposed to watch the ball and attack it! He also had to remind us not to be so polite because if we both step back so the other can play, then no one is going to hit the ball.

Google Images

But I managed to get the hang of a serve that just rolls back along the side wall where it’s really hard for someone to hit it back. And we hit a lot of balls. And Lori is really good at the back hand. And we laughed our butts off – which felt SO good because it has been a very long, very trying week.

And to anyone outside the court looking in, I’m quite positive we looked like newbie dorks with no clue how to play this game. But Bill is willing to commit to another lesson. And we had fun. So we’re gonna do it again!

16 thoughts on “Dorks Playing Raquetball

  1. That sounds like so much fun! My hubby and I have considered taking classes and playing now that we don’t bowl anymore. But like usual, we’ve let life take over. I’ll have to revisit it now that you’ve shown me how fun, yet challenging it can be. I love a good challenge! :)


  2. Sounds like great fun.

    This looks like Squash but with different raquets – maybe it is Squash? I have never played, it is far too fast for me.

    Hm, every time I think about Squash I think about this sketch:


  3. I’ve been told racquetball is a really fantastic sport that gives great exercise for cardiac as well as weight loss and muscle toning. Don’t think it would be for me as it’s way too fast moving but sure does look like it would be fun. Enjoy!


  4. i haven’t played racquetball in a long time, and myhand eye coordination was never great. i will have to try plaing again. i think the thing that is so therapeutic about racquetball is the wonderfully loud noise that the ball makes when it hits the wall. therapeutic for sure~


  5. Oh fun! I’ve “experimented” with raquetball too, so I get all that you said in this post, like the “…when the ball is coming hard and fast, you’re not supposed to cower in the corner in fear of getting hit.” Maybe if I had a coach.

    Go get ’em!


  6. Oh, sure. It sounds easy, but looks can be deceiving. I played handball in college and eventually took up racquetball when I couldn’t find too many takers for handball. Hard sport. Will definitely get your heart rate going to a whole new level. And injuries? I’ve hit the wall (literally) several times, been hit with the ball more than a few times, stained muscles, broke a racket, and even hit my competition in the backside with a line drive shot. You’ll definitely feel that one in the morning. Still, it is fun and a serious work out. Great way to mix it up for exercise.


  7. Oh, I LOVE racquetball. Unfortunately I haven’t played in a while, but I was pretty good. I took two classes in college as part of some requirement. Great fun and a good workout.


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