The Halloween that wasn’t much

It was a rather uneventful Halloween around here. In years past, we’d have a hundred, hundred-fifty trick-or-treaters come to the door. The neighborhood is getting older. We only made it to around seventy this year.

The highlights of the evening included visits from an adorable monkey (one year-old Logan, who lives next door) and a cute little rooster (two year-old Abigail who lives next door on the other side of us.) The monkey smiled and bashed his Tootsie Pop against the stroller tray. The rooster refused to crow for me, but offered several sweet smiles instead while her parents chatted with us and the dogs barked at her from inside the house.

It might be a good thing there wasn’t more Halloween action. The dogs aren’t big fans of trick-or-treaters. There was a lot of barking here tonight!

Speaking of the dogs, I’ve been asked several times recently how they get along. Does this tell you anything?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A bunch of older kids just came to the door hollering for treats. They were faceless! One of them chanted something I really couldn’t comprehend. It was kind of creepy! An appropriate way to end the evening, I’d say.

14 thoughts on “The Halloween that wasn’t much

  1. 70? We’re luck if we made it past 20 down here. Lots of younger ones being escorted by their parents. A few Minnie Mouses, a pair of ghouls, one star wars character, the chutes pirate (with hook), and a few princesses. I’ve been handing out candy by the handful just so we don’t have any left. And the dogs were great this year. No barking, hung back and weren’t sure about these little characters that showed up at our doorstep. Pretty quiet night for our end.

    Good to see Lucy and Bella playing together. Looks like Bella rules the roost. Claire and Grayson have the exact same act.


  2. 70 trick-or-treaters? I don’t think we even have 70 kids in our whole town! We trick-or-treat on the Friday before Halloween, and out where we live, we get no trick-or-treaters. At this point, I’m not disappointed by that, but as I get older I may find myself yearning to see the little roosters and monkeys.
    I’d say the doggies are gettin’ along just fine! No costumes for them??


  3. Our neighborhood has been on the older side and has gotten older in its demographic since we moved her 12 years ago. There are virtually no kids on our very long block. If there are any trick or treaters they tend to be people who are driving here from some other part of the city. Hence, Wife and I tend to go out now on Halloween night.


  4. The dogs look great – Lucy being submissive and letting Bella do the playing.

    70? I don’t think we have ever had that many at our current house! Last night we had one group, but I wasn’t there anyway.


  5. I’ve got leftover candy this morning, which I guess is better than running out before it’s cool to turn out the light. Our neighborhood’s gotten older too. I didn’t know who most of the little kids were. Wolfgang went to a friend’s house – they were ALL faceless too. It is creepy!
    Love those pooches! I’ve been a fan of Lucy’s since the day you brought her home, but that Bella is also such a sweetie! I sense no regrets that you welcomed her home. (but if there are, we’ll take her!)


  6. Loved the slide show! Frankie had to spend most of the night in the garage, he thinks Ralloween is Rover-Rated!

    We had about 30 kids, 1/2 of our normal. The good news? I let them take what they wanted so there were some who took 1 or 2 pieces of candy and others who took nearly a handful. We still have leftovers :)



  7. I’m afraid my Sheltie would really be spooked by trick-or-treaters — my son was too old for that when we got the dog, so I don’t guess he’s ever even seen a person in costume and mask!


  8. > We only made it to around seventy this year

    I’ve never had that many. Probably because the house is on a one street cul de sac subdivision. Slim pickings….

    We had none this year for the fourth year. Maybe we’ll get to Lakeview Joe’s status….


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