Thanksgiving Time is Here

Had a few shopping errands to run this weekend so Mark and I found ourselves in several stores this afternoon. It’s clear that as far as the retail world is concerned, Christmas time is here. I just can’t get all that excited about it yet. I’m just not in that big of a hurry. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, and not simply because it’s a passage to the Christmas season. I like Thanksgiving. I love the holiday feeling it brings without all the hurry and rush.

I’m fortunate to work for a company that shuts down operations and gives employees time off, not only for Thanksgiving Day but the day after as well. My kids who are away at school will be coming home and I’m anxiously awaiting the happy chaos that fills the house when everyone is here. I’ll have four wonderful days to enjoy having them all back in the fold again. We’ll celebrate Thanksgiving with Mark’s family at his sister’s house. And I’m sure we’ll all overeat and come home exhausted.

After Thanksgiving, the next three days are ours.  I love to stay up late at night with the kids, watching movies and talking and laughing, knowing I won’t have to wake up to an alarm clock. I love to wake up in the morning and know that they’ll be here to spend lazy mornings with me, sitting in our pajamas, eating big breakfasts and drinking coffee.

And maybe the weather has a little something to do with my mood too. It’s been a beautiful, warm weekend. Rather unseasonable for this time of year, you might even say. The weather man says it’s going to continue through Thursday. When I drive through the neighborhoods, so many of the homes are still displaying their fall decor. There are pumpkins everywhere and it makes me want to bake. Something… pumpkin-y! So today I did just that. Don’t these look good?

Trust me. They are delicious!

No, I’m not ready to immerse myself in the Christmas season just yet. This week is Thanksgiving season and I play to enjoy it to the fullest.

22 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Time is Here

  1. That’s funny, I have my Pumpkin Cookie recipe drafted and ready to put up on tomorrow’s blog. Mine’s slightly different, and they look a little different when finished. Both yummy though. I’m glad you’re grateful for your family. I don’t have that, and I hear so many people complaining. It’s refreshing to read someone who is truly thankful on Thanksgiving. Enjoy.


    • Lori, I do feel grateful for my family. There is plenty of normal family dysfunction in the extended family and sometimes that makes it hard for all of us to enjoy one another, but I DO try to remember that we’re lucky to have each other.

      I’m looking forward to your cookie recipe!


  2. I love Thanksgiving too, so I refuse to think about Christmas until it’s over!
    I flipped over to the pumpkin cookie recipe right away! They look delicious! I have so many recipes I want to try, but not enough time….
    I’m actually working on Thanksgiving Day, but should be able to spend some time with the family before going in. I’m a little sad about it, but I’ve been assured I will have Christmas off.
    I am so happy that you get to spend a long weekend with your family! Cherish every moment, and take lots of pics! Seeing your family together and happy always warms my heart!


  3. I’m sorry you have to work on Thanksgiving. Mark’s job is like that. He often has to work holidays. He’s off for Thanksgiving this year, but I think he has to work on Christmas this year.

    I’ll do my best to remember to take pictures!


  4. Moment of shame: I kicked a Christmas decor display at Target. Not proud of myself, but somebody had to stand up for equal holiday rights. Poor Thanksgiving always gets the short end of the stick:)


  5. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year (not being of the Christmas tradition). For almost 50 years consecutive my Mom had this big 20 person + blow out and for the last 12 years I was the main kitchen guy. We’ve had nothing like that since she passed but we try to round up whomever we can.


  6. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas can be difficult for my kids and I to be together because of the job my older daughter has -works in a hospital as a CNA on the midnight shift. But some years, we just shift the “day” we celebrate to the weekend, provided she has that day off then. Can’t quite do that as easily with Christmas because of church services though. But this year, older daughter won’t be here till Saturday or Sunday and we are having Thanksgiving on Thursday then with Mandy and her kids and my son and his girlfriend -only 6 of us. So Mandy invited a friend of hers and her two young children and another friend of hers too and maybe yet another friend might be here so we will still have a little larger gathering. Mandy and I both hate the thought of people being alone on a holiday -especially one so food oriented as Thanksgiving is -because who the heck can cook a good Thanksgiving meal for one person or only 1 adult and 2 kids, ya know. If I could afford it, I’d be happy to serve a big buffet to anyone who is alone on Thanksgiving Day just to be able to provide a good meal to those folks. So instead, in the tradition of my Dad’s baby sister, who provided our Holiday meals for 20 plus years and made sure to try to invite someone who would have been alone that day to join us, I’m glad my daughter asked these others to join us and give thanks for whatever we have to share. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Terri!


  7. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I get a little annoyed when people start talking about Christmas so soon. Like you, I’m not in a hurry because I don’t like to rush through the holiday season.

    “I love to stay up late at night with the kids, watching movies and talking and laughing, knowing I won’t have to wake up to an alarm clock. I love to wake up in the morning and know that they’ll be here to spend lazy mornings with me, sitting in our pajamas, eating big breakfasts and drinking coffee.”

    That sounds WONDERFUL!!

    And oh my goodness, those look DELICIOUS!


  8. I’m glad you’re revelling in Thanksgiving! All the Christmas stuff annoys me right now, turning me into Mama Scrooge? Pumpkin cookies – Perfect!

    Your upcoming week sounds great. Enjoy!


  9. Have you read She’s A Maineiac’s post about our hurry to move on to one good thing that we bypass all the other good things along the way? She makes me laugh where otherwise I’m inclined to get ranty.

    I’ll be off Wednesday and Friday as well as Thursday. Like you, I want to savor this holiday and this time off, not be so busy looking on to the next thing that I fail to notice the wonder and peace of this very, very good one.


  10. As always my friend I agree! Thanksgiving IS my favorite holiday. No rush, gifts, hassels, minimum preparation… Just enjoy family and friends. Simple. Sadly 2 of my 3 kids wont be there, but I’ll still enjoy my family and friends. Sleep in? LOL I have puppies….

    They look delicious! Send some now.


  11. Good for you, Terri. There’s enough urgency about rushing the Christmas season; no sense for all of us to get caught up in it! Enjoy having your kiddos back home for a few days!


  12. Happy Thanksgiving! I love this time too, but it always seems to sneak up on me. Reminds me I need to start making plans for Christmas and gifts to buy/get. Hope you are able to enjoy the holidays with the family.


  13. I’m with you – I can’t get excited about Christmas until the big Thanksgiving meal is over. Only then am I excited about seeing any Christmas lights or hearing anything about Christmas!


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