The Aftermath of a Snowstorm

What beautiful scenery is created by a big snowstorm! The world is blanketed in white and there’s magic in the air. It is such a contented feeling to sit curled up in a chair with nothing but an entire weekend ahead, wrapped in a cozy blanket, just basking in the glow of the twinkle lights on the Christmas tree while fluffy, white, frozen flakes float to the ground.

love a big snowstorm.

Except when it comes time to leave the house.

Monday arrived in the wake of our first major snowfall and I knew I had to get to work. Not going into the office after a big snow is considered a sign of weakness. We Minnesotans pride ourselves on our ability to function in extreme weather. I woke up extra early and took a look outside at the driveway that had been snow-blown and shoveled several times the day before. More snow had fallen and blown over in the night and the driveway was covered yet again. The plows had come by overnight and left a crusty, knee-hi snowdrift across the entire width of the driveway. There was no way my eight year-old Impala was going to make it out the driveway, much less all the way downtown.

Luckily, I had my knight in Chevy armor who laughs in the face of snow encrusted streets. Mark came home in the morning after working the night shift, barreled through the wall of snow that enclosed the driveway and honked for me to hop in. He welcomed the chance to throw his pick-up truck in four-wheel drive and chauffeur me to work. I got to sit back and just be the passenger instead of stressing over traffic gridlock and the fear of spinning out or crashing. Almost as an afterthought, I grabbed my camera to document the aftermath of a good snowstorm.

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And I made it to work safe and sound and almost on-time. That’s okay though. Tardiness is acceptable as long as it is the result of braving the weather.

26 thoughts on “The Aftermath of a Snowstorm

  1. I always thought Minnesotans laughed at 2 foot snow drifts and icy streets that the rest of us would be cowering on. Glad to hear you made it into work ok. It is great that your knight in shining chrome came to your rescue and drove you all the way down to work. In my mind, he definitely earned a few extra bonus points there. But I have to ask, how did you get home?


    • He came back to pick me up, too! AND… he’d stopped to buy the stamps for our Christmas cards on the way. AND he arrived early, so he started stamping the envelopes while he waited. Yeah.. he earned a few points.


  2. You know I love the part about it being a sign of weakness to not go to the office after a big snow storm. We don’t get much snow down here in Kentucky, but when we do, I cannot be the one who doesn’t make it due to the weather.The same applies for just about any other kind of storm, rain, or whatever.

    All that being said, I do love a big snow. They are so rare down here, we charish every one of them.



    • I probably could have worked from home, but I just don’t feel I can be as productive at home. And it really is sort of frowned upon to wimp out and stay home. Sounds like that’s a universal policy in this country! :-)

      We got almost no snowfall last year, which was strange. I really did love seeing all the snow fall this weekend. I’m glad the worst of it happened over the weekend so we had a chance to clear out a bit before going back to work.


  3. Your pictures are just beautiful! I loved seeing all the snow, as well as your trip into work!
    When my kids were young, it would snow like that a few times a year. Now… we hardly EVER get snow. Funny how the climate is changing. Actually, not funny. Sad. I really miss the snow. I think I could handle the cold better, if we had beautiful snow to go with it.
    And yeah, Mark definitely earned some points today. Glad he was able to help you keep your Minnesota pride!


  4. Thanks for sharing those pics – cycling in fresh snow is rather good – it is when it goes to ice that it gets nasty…

    We have another cold snap here, but no more snow. Hoping it waits until after I finish work next Wendesday :-)


  5. Since you love a good snowstorm, it’s a good thing you live where you do. ;-) I remember such days when growing up in Chicago burbs. Ahem, but they rarely, if ever, canceled school, which left us kids bummed out. We wanted to play in the snow. :-) Thanks for sharing photos of those days I miss (only in December).


  6. Wowza, what a storm! We didn’t get nearly that much. At this point, we’ll take what we can get, but I’m jealous. Hurray to your knight in Chevy armor!
    And thanks for giving credit to that bicycle commuter dude. Awesome!


  7. This is just beautiful — the stuff of Christmas cards, Terri! But better Minnesota than downstate Illinois. You, after all, are used to snow, lots of snow. We haven’t had the first flake yet. And frankly, if we get a nice covering between Christmas and New Year’s, that would be fine, but after that, it can just go away because I’m ready for spring, ha!


  8. I love the snow. In a minor sort of way, your photographs remind me of a music video that I still find visually as appealing as the song being sung by a very troubled performer who I wish the best for in terms of recovery and a happy path to her life:

    You’ll Never Know


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  10. We’re supposed to get some after effect snow (Lake effect, they say) here tonight and probably into tomorrow with perhaps some leftover stuff on Saturday and even Sunday too. I’m not a huge fan of winter driving but I can, if need be, deal with it. Lord knows, I did just that for many years on my daily commute from the hills and boondocks area where I live over the two mountains to State College -a distance of almost 40 miles, one way. Now that I don’t have to go anyplace when it snows here (most of the time, anyway) wouldn’t you know I have a Jeep with 4-wheel drive now. The Jeep may be old but it still runs pretty decent and the 4-wheel drive works fine too if necessary. Now, if only I’d had that kind of vehicle back in the working days! Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too! (Enjoy the snow but don’t send too much this way as I have to walk the dog at least twice a day ya know!)


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