Holidays and Family and the Wisdom of our Elders

So what’dja get for Christmas? I got back pain. It arrived on Christmas Eve and stayed through today. That was fun. Good timing too! ‘Cause I’m usually an insane maniac over Christmas and having to move like a hundred year-old lady just gave all that holiday stress a nice twist. Thank goodness for my daughter who made sure she covered all my bases for me while I hobbled around in pain. She was my Christmas angel.

I packed up the contents of a supply room at work last week and moved it all out in preparation for our move to the new office. I was supposed to have a partner, but she never showed up to help, so I did it all by my lonesome. Pretty sure that was the catalyst for the back pain. I went to the chiropractor on Wednesday and he suggested that I’m not as young anymore as I might think I am. Oh, he padded those comments with statements about how he knows that I work out and all, but I might want to think about doing some stretches before doing a whole bunch of bending and twisting and lifting that my back is not accustomed to. I know he’s right, but the aging remarks still sting a bit.

Other than that, Christmas was good. Our holiday celebrations are stretching out even more than usual this year. We had to work around a few things, like a husband who had to work on Christmas and a son who was taking a turn celebrating the holiday with his girlfriend’s family this year. So we’ll have our family Christmas this weekend. And even though the kids are all adults now, they’re still giddy with anticipation for their gifts. And I will not give in and let Kacey open “just one!” She has to wait.

Those of us who were home on Christmas Eve attended my family’s celebration at my sister’s house. We got this nice picture of the siblings where we’re all smiling and looking happy. Think I’ll make a copy of this for my parents. It will make them happy to see all of us getting along so nicely! :D

Three, One, Two and Four

Three, One, Two and Four

And as crazy as family Christmas can be, I still love to see the little ones get excited over their gifts. My nephew, Josh (a hockey fanatic) loved the hockey themed clothing that Brad picked out for him.

Happy kid!

Happy kid!

Christmas Day was spent with Mark’s family – all fifty-some of them. It was chaos, but the food was good. And there was an adorable baby there too. Too bad I couldn’t catch him on camera with a smile. He has the most beautiful dimples when he smiles!

Blue eyes

Blue eyes

And the nerve of that Kacey, photobombing the adorable baby picture!

But really, the highlight of Christmas Day was sitting with Mark’s parents and enjoying dinner and conversation with them. Since there were so many people in attendance, there were several tables to seat all of the family. Mark’s parents picked a small table and were sitting alone until I joined them. 83 year-old Dad-in-law was contemplating how big the family had become over the years. He said to me, “It’s hard to believe we have such a big family considering that Mom and I came from such small families.”

I nodded as he reminded me that he only had two brothers (both now gone) and mom-in-law grew up alone, her only sister having died at a very young age. I looked around at all of Dad-in-law’s children, their spouses, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As I marveled at how far-reaching this family was, Dad-in-law motioned with his thumb toward Mom-in-law and with an air of wisdom and experience, said, “This is what happens when you have an over-sexed wife!”

Mom-in-law didn’t even look embarrassed as she simply smiled at me. That’s okay. I’m sure my face was burning enough for the two of us and I don’t think they even noticed me trying to gather my jaw back up from where it had dropped to the table.

Ahh, family. Gotta love ’em!

18 thoughts on “Holidays and Family and the Wisdom of our Elders

  1. I know it’s hectic to “bounce” from one house to the next, but I’d much rather spread it out over multiple days, than have to bounce to three houses in one day. Seems to make Christmas last so much longer.
    Nice that you got to enjoy some little ones on Christmas. Our family’s littlest is Mario, so we don’t see quite the excitement. (In fact, she’s good at showing NO emotion at all.)
    Loved the sibling picture! I’m happy to see that eventually siblings do start to get along.
    Enjoy your family Christmas when it happens! I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait!


  2. I like the “less bounce” idea and more quality spreading time! – that’s my plan for next year. What a supreme ending and a very lasting memory and story you’ll be able to share for years to come! I want another weekend of Christmas!


  3. Love the “over-sexed” wife comment. And your mom-in-law’s response! Wow, 50-something people over for celebrations. Sounds fun if it’s not my house!

    I hope you’re back is better. It has nothing to do with aging! We aren’t doing that!
    Nice photo of you and the siblings, too.


  4. OMG, I can’t imagine my IL’s saying that. Ha! That’s funny. Those two guys in that photo with the four adults have some pretty hot chicks with them. Sorry about your back. Funny thing, mine went out on the week before Christmas. I was just about almost straight by Christmas day. Sounds like you had a youthful holiday despite the doc’s comments. Happy New Year!


  5. This entire post made me smile (except the back pain part, ouch!) but the Photobomb made me choke on my coffee — ha! :)

    Your FIL sounds like a character!!

    Heal up and Happy New Year, friend.


  6. Wow, never expected THAT out of Bob! Ha! We did have fun Christmas eve…I really hope we have more like it! Enjoy your weekend and kiss the kiddies…and pooches!


  7. Sorry to hear about the back pain–yuck. Mine is aching from dragging kids around on snow tubes. I think they want a robot as a dad rather than one needing regular breaks. And A+ for Kacey with the peek/bomb.

    I hope you and the family have a super New Year.


  8. Sorry, I’m late to the party! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    And I absolutely LOVE these photos! Also, I’m happy to hear your back pain is better.

    “This is what happens when you have an over-sexed wife!” AHHAHAHHAHhHAhHAhHAhHAHHA


  9. Nice pictures!

    I got that sort of pain for Christmas last year. I went to physical therapy for a while, and now it’s better. My PT gave me a lot of helpful suggestions on how to sit, and other exercises to do. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Your father-in-law is pretty funny!


  10. My kids and I -and, of course, the three grandchildren -had our “Family Christmas” dinner and gift exchange on Saturday before Christmas. So there were only 8 of us together -older daughter’s fiance and Mandy’s boyfriend and his 2 girls and my son’s girlfriend’s 3 boys were absent. When it comes to numbers at a family Christmas dinner this meal, compared to ones the old house held back when I was a kid, was really small and noisy enough with the two small children here to still run a contest against my cousins and I when we were youngsters. Back then, there was always my grandparents, my two older uncles, their wives and children, my Mom and me -for the usual accumulation then of 14 people. One year, all my aunts, uncles and almost all my cousins save for 3, were here giving us that year a total 21 people and that was pure bedlam! But it’s that scene that I long for over the Christmas holidays but one that of course, today can never be repeated as grandparents are gone, all the aunts and uncles too and three of my cousins as well. Plus, geographically, we are all across the country from PA to South Carolina, to Texas and lots of places in between. I think that Christmas when almost all were here was the last time ever that my cousins -or most of ’em -and my aunts, uncles, etc., were all together and that was 51 years ago. Be thankful your families are close enough that you can make the trip to be together and that apparently, those involved there seem to enjoy each others company too. All too soon, other interests, work, other families too, enter in and take precedent. Try to keep that from happening as long as it is possible because family and being able to be together is what makes Christmas the joyous season it is then.


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