Ever notice how negative people can be?

My company has just undergone some big changes. We were recently acquired by a large, successful and reputable corporation. And as a result, we’ve moved to a new location not far from where our old offices were located. Our first day in the new place was the day after Christmas and since then, I’ve noticed a lot of discontent. I’m hearing a lot of complaints. The cubicles are too close together. There’s no longer an office manager which means  that when there are visitors or deliveries, everyone is expected to lend a hand with receiving them. The water filter/ice machines haven’t been installed. It’s too loud. It’s too cold. There aren’t a hundred restaurants within walking distance like there were when we were downtown. We’re not all sure where to find all of our office “stuff” just yet. So much of what was familiar for so many years has changed.

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google images

People are frustrated. And I get it. I do. There have been some hitches as we try to get settled in the new office and figure out new policies, systems and websites. Change isn’t easy for everyone. Some who had nice, big offices in the old place have had to downsize to smaller offices. Some who had offices before have been downgraded to cubicles. Even for those of us who are accustomed to the cubicle environment, there are adjustments to make. There’s no longer a white-noise system to help minimize distractions. We can hear everything going on around us. Everything is new and different.

But I am a bit taken aback because what this change means for all of us is job security, which has been in short supply for the past few years. It means resources to grow our business and the chance to make something big of our products and services. So we have to make a few concessions. I just don’t think that all this negativity is helping anyone to acclimate, so I’d rather we all just make the best of it. A negative attitude just makes the workday drag on. It seems to me that finding the positives in all this change will make a better working environment and brighter days for everyone.

I much prefer positive people who can look for the silver lining in any situation, not just at work but in life in general. A positive attitude goes such a long way in making others happy and helping them to want to pay it forward. And this is probably what attracted me to the blog of Steve Harper, aka Mr. Ripple. Steve has made a career out of his ability to connect with others and make a positive impact.

And also, he’s promoting a post that I wrote about a piece of my work life, so that alone moves him right to the top of my favorites list! :-) I have to say, it’s quite an ego boost to have someone come along and say, “I like what you wrote. Do you mind if I use it?” NO, I don’t mind! What are you, crazy?

Steve has written a book called The Ripple Effect, about “how one simple action can dramatically affect the lives of friends, family, colleagues, customers… even people you’ve never met.” And if you like, you can hire him to come speak about his beliefs in “the power of positive connection.”

Seems like I should figure out a way to convince the powers that be to have Mr. Ripple come pay us a visit! And, you know… if you have similar needs, or just want to read something that will help you improve your relationships, go check out Steve’s website yourself!

19 thoughts on “Positively

  1. I do think people to acknowledge their emotions first, before moving on. However, they must move on once acknowledged. If someone wants to find happiness, how do they expect to find it while wallowing in discontent. Thanks for sharing about Mr. Ripple. I’m going to check him out now.


  2. Ditto! on checking out Mr. Ripple…and good for you Sis in seeing the good in your new work situation. You have certainly seen many ups and downs.. The fact that you are still there to write about it is a testament to your flexibility, reliability and positive approach. Bravo! (and congrats on the writing promo…much deserved, for sure!)


  3. You’re right, Change IS hard and they’re fortunate to have you in the middle of it — I’d rather be next to your cubicle that Crabby McCrabbert!

    And I remember the article he linked to — good stuff :)



  4. I’m convinced one of our greatest failures is forgetting to see and say thank you for the silver linings. There is always something positive around us even if it takes some digging through the mess to find it :) Off to check out Steve’s site!


  5. I have a ‘youngest child’ theory on those that want to make to others around them feel better. IT is easy to complain and as we look around at the social media we are exposed to minute by minute, this is obvious. Right or wrong, I put people into three categories…the are either uplifting, soul sucking or generally neutral. Most people who are ‘soul sucking’ are oblivious to the fact…and not capable, due to extreme narcissism, to listening to anyone explain it to them.


  6. You’re right, many people are averse to change. But I like the way you give everything a chance and look on the bright side too! There’s always a silver lining.


  7. You can never make everyone happy, and some people aren’t happy unless they are complaining. I like how you always try to see the good in a situation. You have the right idea.


  8. I doesn’t surprise me that so many of your co-workers are having issues. Change is one of the things that people hate the most! In my professional life, I frequently work with people who are facing serious financial difficulties. Talk about financial cliffs, these are folks that can lose their businesses, homes, everything. And even then if you tell them, you have to change what you’re doing, people will say “No, no I don’t need to do that. I can keep doing what I’ve been doing” (which got them into trouble in the first place. People will stay in abusive relationships rather than change. When I help companies combine as yours did, I tell the owners they can expect at least 25% to 30% of people to leave just because they can’t handle the change. So it doesn’t surprise me at all even though what everybody is really getting is security and opportunity.


  9. Two thoughts: One (credit my friend and sometime counselor Danielle), Crisis is opportunity riding on a dangerous curve. And two (credit a 102 year old woman, all of 3 1/2 feel tall). Accept it or improve it, but don’t whine about it.


  10. I’m like you. I like to focus more on the positive than the negative. Especially for things that cannot be changed. Lucky for me, most people I work with are positive, and I can joke with the one that is not.
    Your positive outlook and refreshing posts definitely deserve some kudos. So glad Mr. Ripple is providing you some. I’ll be checking out his posts as well!


  11. That’s great that you are being recognized! I will have to check out Mr. Ripple’s blog.

    I also try to have positive attitude because it just makes me feel better!

    I hope that you and your co-workers get settled in soon. It would be difficult though to have a positive attitude about not having as many restaurants around. Maybe you could do potlucks every other week or something! Maybe that would cheer everyone up.


  12. Thanks for the reminder – within 5 minutes of coming in after New Year’s day – the office was already on the “crabby” track. I really hoped it wouldn’t start that way – but we too are going through so many changes. But this post is very helpful! Your inspiring and strong Terri! Keep posting.


  13. Change, no matter how much you prepare for it, is hard. People get into their comfort zones and it is hard to get them to accept something different. And making that kind of change right after the holidays is even harder. No wonder everyone is uber crabby. You are one of the most positive people I know and it seems like you’ve always seemed to find the silver lining in most every situation, so I am sure that things will iron themselves out.


  14. “I much prefer positive people who can look for the silver lining in any situation, not just at work but in life in general. A positive attitude goes such a long way in making others happy and helping them to want to pay it forward.”

    Amen to that.

    Also, that Toiletpaper verse Toothbrush photo is hilarious.

    Off to check out Steve’s website & book!


  15. I will have to check out “Mr. Ripple” as I do try to stay as positive as possible even though, at times, I do get a little bummed out when the negative things seem to momentarily outnumber the positives. I try to get around them by poking fun at them and at their impact on me whenever I can -like yesterday, when my jeep caught on fire while I was driving home from a doctor’s appointment. It may have been an old vehicle, but it was the only one I had and had been pretty darned good to me while it belonged to me too, so now I’m vehicleless for who knows how long. But the circumstances surrounding this incident -now those I pulled apart and make fun of wherever and whenever possible. Better to laugh than cry and by the same token to your circumstances, Change may be difficult to some, but you’ll be a shining star of positivity to lead those out of the darkness, doom and gloom over the changes! Of that, I’m sure!


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