From my place in the cubicle farm, I could hear Lori answer her phone.

“Well, hi-eee,” she exclaimed! “How are you?”

Clearly she was excited to hear from somebody. I returned my attention to my work, but a few moments later, Lori poked her head into my cube as she was breezing by on her way to the front entrance.

“Lisa’s here,” she whispered loudly.

I stood up and wandered out to the open area in front of my cubicle watching Lori make her way to the locked entrance doors.

“Lisa,” I asked? “She’s here? Now?”

“Yes, right now!”

I looked around as Lori waited to meet Lisa at the door. It seemed everyone was busy at work. No one was milling around. I wanted to run through the office and spread the news that Lisa was here! But I waited. I didn’t want to disappear just as Lisa was arriving.

Lori was opening the door and there she was. Lisa was here! Lori was explaining how she wasn’t going to hug Lisa because she’d just come down with the cold virus that’s been making the rounds. I’ve long since put my share of viruses behind me. I wasn’t holding off on the hugging.

Soon word had spread that Lisa had arrived and my coworkers had formed a circle around our unexpected guest. Every face held a beaming smile. Everyone was clamoring for a hug. After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that not a one of us was sure we’d ever get to see Lisa again.

She looked beautiful! I was struck by how bright and blue her eyes were. I don’t know why I’d never noticed it before in all the years we’ve worked together, but her eyes were striking. In a way, she reminded me of a cancer survivor. But it wasn’t cancer that robbed Lisa of her hair. Her long brunette locks were gone due to the brain surgery that was necessary after she suffered a brain aneurysm in late November. Her hair was just beginning to grow back in, no longer brunette but salt and pepper gray. Again, I was struck by how beautiful she looked.

She told us her story and everyone was murmuring about what a miracle it was that she stood before us today. In a more private moment, I asked when she might come back to work. She thought two weeks, if all goes well between now and then. I told her how much we’ve missed her and her eyes welled up with tears, not for the first time. She said what a gift it was to be standing there today and the word miracle came up again.

“I don’t know why me,” she sniffed, wondering out loud why her life had been spared.

“Why not you,” I asked?

“Because there are so many others whose lives have been cut so short. It’s not fair.”

I didn’t have any words for her at that moment, but just reminded her how glad I was that she would be able to come back to us. Some of us are close friends around the office, but we don’t make a habit of getting too emotional. But today, the professional boundaries were set aside for a while as happy tears were shed and hugs abounded.

After Lisa left and the excitement died down, it wasn’t long before it was time to pack up and go home. Only then did I begin to realize why her. I’m sure there are many reasons why she’s still on this earth. One of them might be to remind us that nothing is a given. As I thought about Lisa, I realized, I’m not entitled to anything. What’s important is not whether I have all that I want in life, but that I can appreciate all that I already have.

Do you believe in miracles? I do. I saw one today.

16 thoughts on “Miracle

  1. After having just arrived at the scenes of three traffic accidents minutes after they occurred, the thought of ‘why was I lucky enough to be just after this took place’ has struck me. Who knows. We all know life isn’t fair. We just need to be grateful, truly, for what we have.


  2. I love this story. Every day we look around we should notice the miracles – those who lived when death tried so hard to win, those who overcame bullying or poverty to become powerful and successful. Ourselves, having grown and survived all the worst life could fling. We are all miracles and I’m delighted to read about your touch with a miracle today. Be blessed!


  3. I remember how happy I was the day my son asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I honestly could not think of anything I wanted that I didn’t already have. For the time being there is nothing I really need, and I am grateful. As we talked, I finally realized that I would like to have a professional family photograph when he comes back home with his wife and my grandchild. That would please me. If everyone could reach that point, the CEOs could possibly give up their race in playing king of the mountain and my stuff’s better than yours. One can always hope.


  4. I had become single dad to my two littlle girls. Sales career was not an option due to noncompete agreements and the need to be home for little ones always.

    Going back to work when they got into school, I learned I was obsolete. The computer world took over and one could not even pump gas without a modicum of computer savvy. I went back to school to learn computers BEFORE going back to sales. DOS, WORD, dBASE, EXCEL, PowerPoint and more came easy. But I no longer had a car (single parents are always broke cept Elin Woods).

    After the girls were on thr bus, I hitch-hiked to school. Dangerous but needed.
    One day a guy picked me up and asked my destination. I told him and he inquired of my life and how I became the single dad. We hit it offin discussion and he asked if Zi had time to stop at his place. Drivivg instead of walking gave me time and I felt confident at knowing “his place”. He said to me: “i have a car for you to use. YOU have to put oil and gas in it; I’ll handle all maintenance and insurance.”
    He set NO time limit.

    I did thr gas and oil about six months and the car broke down. I called him and apologized profusely, noted I had dond nothing to damage it, nor was I able to pay as I had to learn computers to get a job.

    “Don’t worry! I’ll have my mechanic look it over.”. He did. “My mechanic says it will cost more to fix than it is worth”, he advised a day later. I sweated and stammered I don’t know what to do and have no money!

    “Don’t worry about it…. I have another car for you!”. My mind could not grasp such enormous generosity and I blurted out:
    “Let me get this staight! You let me use your car six months, I make it a junker and you say you have ANOTHER car for me???
    How can you DO that”

    “Oooh, he said, it’s not my car.”
    I was aghast at driving what I thought was his car and now he offers another car and says it isn’t his.
    “Whose car is it?”, I queried.

    “It’s GOD’S car! HE tells me who to give it to”
    My jaw dropped in disbelief as he handed me the keys to another car and my girls loved to shop groceries in it rather than the long walk.

    I used it for a year and then finished school, got a job fast and my own car . I returned God’s car. Imagine driving God’s car a whole year!!!

    By the way , the GREAT I AM, God…..
    Drives a GRAND AM!
    I know. I drove God’s car a year and in traffic ever since,….. when I see a GRAND AM, I pray for the driver and their needs.
    You just never know if they are now driving God’s car like I did long ago in time of deep need.

    Do I believe in miracles?
    Yes! Every day I see ’em. :)


  5. Terri, your posts so often inspire me to look at the world a little differently, and appreciate things I’d normally take for granted. Thank you for sharing the miracle you witnessed today.
    Best of wishes to Lisa for a speedy recovery.


  6. You said “What’s important is not whether I have all that I want in life, but that I can appreciate all that I already have.” This is beautiful, Terry. Thank you for sharing the miracle story.


  7. Miracles do happen every day. Some are big, some are small. I think we just need to recognize them. We’ve all had our share of miracles in our lives. You’ve got a great family, gave up a kidney for your dad, helped others through difficult times. Lisa reminds us to be grateful for the opportunities we have. I had the same feeling as Lisa after my round with PC 5 years ago. You are given a second chance at life and we need to appreciate the opportunity. Lisa’s story inspires us all.With that outlook, I feel that she will tackle this chance with a renewed zest.


  8. I love that you shared this with us …every once in a great while something happens in our lives that reminds us what’s really worth thinking about it. Miracles happen and it’s surely a privilege to witness them, too!!



  9. Most definitely I believe that miracles happen -and much more frequently that we often realize too. I see two miracles in my home every single day as I watch Maya and Kurtis and see the progress they have each made working with the diagnosis of autism. I’ve seen miracles at work within myself too as I survived two surgeries and chemo for two different forms of cancer in the past 10 years as well as in my ex-husband who hasn’t had a drink in 19 years now. And in so many other areas around me in my life too! Such a great inspirational story you wrote about here today!


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