Single Digits

The mild temperatures of the past couple of days have faded away. As the sun went down on Saturday, a fierce wind announced itself. It rattled the windows and made the dogs nervous. A deeper kind of cold settled in, the kind that makes it hard for me to keep my finger tips and toes warm, even while staying inside. I put on extra layers and wore slippers over my socks.

Sunday morning arrived and I could feel the change in the weather outside. I gazed out the patio door and could almost see the air snapping with the intensity of the cold. The dogs stayed out in the yard only as long as necessary and I didn’t dare move far from the door. If I wasn’t ready and waiting to let them back in they howled in protest at my inattention.

Kacey is happy for her brand new, made-for-arctic-cold jacket. And all of the kids are happy that Santa thought to bring them hats to keep their ears and faces warm when the real winter rolled around.

Lucy wants a closer look at Jake's new hat

Lucy wants a closer look at Jake’s new hat

Kacey and Connor sporting their new hats

Kacey and Connor sporting their new hats

Monday’s high promises to be sub-zero. We’ve added yet another layer of blankets to the bed. I know I won’t want to come out from under the blankets when the alarm goes off in the morning, but I will. It’s just another Minnesota winter and days like these come with the territory.

18 thoughts on “Single Digits

  1. I think Lucy WANTED Jake’s hat – not just a closer look. Yikes! It’s cold up there! Your temps are making ours look quite balmy. We’ll have a low of 16 tonight and a high of 27 tomorrow.
    Do you have to work tomorrow? I thought I was the only one who had to go in…..


  2. I am just shaking my head at Carl’s comment. I could use a hat like that when our big dog (who does not care what the weather is) demands his 1 mile nightly walk around the neighborhood.


  3. I usually don’t have to wear slippers around the house, but today I was glad I remembered where they were!

    Lila doesn’t mind the cold temperatures. Her fur coat seems to be getting thicker though.

    The new hats are cute and functional!

    Try to stay warm. I dread tomorrow morning. Yuck!


  4. We are feeling those MN temps here in MI today … and getting “Lake Effect” snow as the cold air moves across Lake MI. brr. Definitely picked out layers for work today and packed my lunch so I don’t have to venture out and buy it.

    Stay warm!! MJ


  5. Love the hats. A definite must have for the stylish Minnesotan.
    Wow – Sub-zero temps. I am looking at your temps now and that is bone chilling cold. I bet the drive in is a real trip. Hope you are staying warm.


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