How to brighten my day via text message:

Text messaging is a wonderful invention, (when used properly, of course.) Don’t you think? My days are often made brighter when I hear a little vibration from my phone and notice there are unopened messages awaiting me.

text unread

The following are real-life examples of text messages sent by friends or family members that have actually brought a smile to my face.

Random observations are always welcome.

Cori Text


Requests for gift-giving advice … always welcome.

text monkey powder


Statements about my obsession with my dogs … Welcome.

text ecardPictures of your cute dogs … Always welcome. (Cute babies are more than welcome as well!)

text BertEven pictures of your arm, strategically focused to look like a butt … are welcome. But not too often, CONNOR!

text armBut pictures of a sunny Florida beach? Sent from your position on a sunny Florida beach? When you know damn well that it is 6 below zero up here where I am?

text beach

Not welcome! Likely to be met with retaliation of some form.

Now you know.





15 thoughts on “How to brighten my day via text message:

  1. Oh no! Is my dad texting YOU too? He does that stuff to me all the time. Cruel, I’m tellin’ ya.
    Never seen the arm shaped like a butt pic before. Funny, Connor!
    The funniest texts I get are from my daughter who thinks she’s texting someone else, but it comes to me. She’s been lucky so far…..


    • Your dad texts? I’m impressed!

      It was our good friend and neighbor who was rubbing it in about being in Florida. (We had been invited to join them, but couldn’t make it work.)

      My sister and Kacey are my usual sources of text-message entertainment.


      • We were gonna try to get down south this winter too, but couldn’t make it work. The pits, isn’t it?
        Don’t be too impressed by my dad’s texting abilities. He can do just enough to get by… and make me jealous.


  2. I texted my dad once. He said, “why doncha just call?!” *sigh*

    Like you, I perk up when my phone indicates a text. It’s usually one of the kids – needing something. Oh… and… I knew it was an armpit. Really.


  3. Funny friends/family. My guess would be that those really cold temps are driving everyone a wee bit crazy, no? I imagine that getting beach pictures would land someone on the banned list for a while. I’ll just stick with goofy dog pictures.


  4. Just the other night I was in a boutique and “867-5309” came on, the (20ish) girls were singing along to Rick Springfield, smiling happily. Surreal! And that text about him being closer to your age – hilarious!

    I can see my boys sending me a arm crack shot like the one Connor sent you.

    funniest text I’ve gotten of late? Oldest son (6’4, 240) stuffed into a tee shirt he had when he was 7 that said “I’m the big brother.” Who took the photo? Younger brother. Hilarity ensues!

    and those beach photo sharing people are just mean; turnabout is fair play!! :) MJ


  5. Wow. I need anything to recruit a better class of texted. Mine are usually of the “will you do this” or “where are you” variety.”. Our friends from Eden Prairie just bought a place in Florida and are putting their Minnsota home up for sale.


  6. Most definitely the sender of the beach pic deserves a bit of “karma” sent in that direction. That’s pure evil to post things like that to anyone dealing with below zero temps, with or without wind chill factors, ice, snow, sleet, freezing rain and the like. I know we “ask for it” by virtue of our choice to live in the north, but still -not fair to do that to us!!!


  7. Yeah, those beach texts are the worst! Actually, when “I” was on the beach, I FaceTimed my buddy so he could see the beach real time. Good stuff. Those fake butt pics though….yeesh. Love the puppy texts though!!


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