“Facing Redemption” – a book review

During my early days of blogging, as I spent every spare moment discovering and reading new blogs, I began to make connections with other writers. I came across so many different personalities back then, learning from others about how they kept their writing momentum going. In the blog world, I found humor and bitterness, personal blogs and fiction. There were so many words out there, some filled with struggle, others always seeming to find something of value and hope in life’s realities. All of the writers I found taught me something about finding my own voice, but one in particular had a positive and lasting influence.

me-and-kim2I don’t remember now exactly how Kimberly McKay and I found each other, but we struck up a friendship that grew strong enough for us to eventually begin communicating outside of our blogs. We messaged one another, talked on the phone, and eventually we even got to meet in person. Kim taught me about seeing my glass as half-full rather than half-empty. She always “blogged her blessings” and encouraged her readers to do the same. Some of us took her up on the challenge. In previous years, Friday posts on my blog came to share a common theme when the Life is Good series was born. (Really should get back to doing those!)  My pal, Abby‘s Silver Liningness Sundays were also a result of Kim’s challenge and Kim might even claim some credit for Bud‘s Monday Smiles, which came about in part through a sort of domino effect from the Life is Good series.

Kim took her positive outlook to an even bigger audience a few years ago when she published Finding Kyliethe story of a young woman who has lived her entire life believing her father was dead. Only after losing her mother to cancer, does Chastity discover two life-changing secrets. Her father is very much alive and there is a very big reason that her mother kept him such a secret all these years.

Chastity’s story now continues in Kim’s newest book, Facing RedemptionKim’s habit of tackling life’s problems with her faith is a solid backdrop to her stories. As Chastity balances the success and joys that come her way along with the inevitable challenges and heartache, she turns to her faith in God to get through them. Facing Redemption lets the reader watch Chastity help a friend stay afloat through a very difficult time in her life while Chastity is in the midst of one of the happiest times in hers. Chastity has met the man of her dreams and her wedding day is fast approaching. While she plans the direction of one of the biggest days in her life so far, she finds herself struggling to do so without her beloved mother by her side. And as if that isn’t enough weight for one person to carry, at the same time, she is trying to decide what – and who – family is to her.

Kim sent me a copy of Facing Redemption a few months ago. I got a slow start in reading it, thanks in part to the holidays. But once the holidays were behind us and life had slowed down some, I could really immerse myself in the book. Pretty soon, I couldn’t put it down. I love anything that lifts the spirits, and Facing Redemption does that well. I found my heart aching at times, only to cheer for the characters as they pushed themselves to overcome the things that fought to hold them back. Also, I’m a sucker for a good love story!

“We” thoroughly enjoyed Kim’s latest accomplishment at our house!

Interested in reading Kimberly McKay’s books? You can pick up your own copies (or Kindle version) on Amazon. And if you’d like to show Kim your support, you can “like” her page on Facebook.

35 thoughts on ““Facing Redemption” – a book review

  1. You’re a doll! And I love love love the pictures. I’m so blessed to have met you. And the same goes for me – I’m not quite sure how we stumbled upon one another. But we were part of a large movement back then, and I’m so glad we’ve continued strong in our lives, including each other in our milestones. Thank you for this wonderful write up! You’re awesome!!!


  2. Love the picture you and your reading companions. I remember that you recommended “Finding Kylie” several years ago but I never followed through on getting it. With your glowing review, I am going out to get my own copy. You have found a great friend through Kimberly and it is great testament to get your recommendation.

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  3. It’s important to note that you don’t have to read Finding Kylie to read Facing Redemption. The publisher, who signed me for Finding Kylie, has NEVER sent me one dime or a vendor report so that I have numbers to back my worth. This means that she’s kept every cent and kept me from going to anyone else, with proof of what Finding Kylie could do.

    Therefore I wrote Facing Redemption to stand alone, with enough backstory to give you a glimpse of Finding Kylie. You’re more than welcome to go buy Finding Kylie … but the proceeds will benefit an unethical publisher.


    • I knew you said you hadn’t seen any money from the first book. At the time, I just assumed that meant that you hadn’t received any compensation YET. I thought it was just going to take time to get the momentum rolling. I’m sorry about this, Kim.


  4. How cool is THAT?! Once again, blogging makes a big positive impact. I love the pics of you and the dogs “engrossed” in the latest book, and how you need to hold Bella up!


  5. I just think it’s incredible how blogging can bring so many people together. So glad you two found each other! That’s a great story in itself.
    We hit the local bookstore quite often, and I plan to pick up “Facing Redemption” when I go. I do hope, however, that my overgrown golden doesn’t want to sit next to me when I read – although I find it so adorable that your two had to be in on the act!


    • I hope you find it in your local bookstore. I’m not sure if it’s in stores or just available online.

      My dogs often think they need to sit on or with me when I’m using my laptop. It’s a competition between them. If one is near me, the other has to be too. But as for the photos with the book… well, that was staged!


  6. Oh!! I absolutely LOVE Kimberly McKay! She’s an amazing human being and an excellent writer! I loved reading Finding Kylie – but I still haven’t had the chance to read Facing Redemption, just yet. However I am REALLY looking forward to it!


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