I look good for my age, don't I?

I’m 58 years old.

I’m 58 with the strength of a body builder and the balance of a top-heavy toddler.

Yes, the Wii Fit has arrived at our house and it has confirmed for me that in spite of the compulsive nature of my Wii purchase, it was some of the best money ever spent, even if the Wii Fit was going to add sixteen years to my true age.

I was not even out of bed when my husband returned from Target this morning with the Wii Fit I have been coveting but unable to find in stock anywhere.

Yesterday, Mark made several trips to Target for jump drives necessary to transfer files from our ailing PC. Being computer challenged, he nagged me until I agreed to take a good look at it and ended up spending several hours of my Saturday trying to find a remedy for the computer’s sluggish behavior. I think I’m just going to wipe the hard drive. I’ve done it once before and am pretty sure I can manage it again.

Anyway, that was more explanation than was probably necessary to tell you why my husband had become close personal friends with Target electronics employee, John. And the fringe benefits of being friends with John (and spending as much money on jump drives as it would have cost to just buy a portable hard drive) is that John was willing to quietly divulge that a Wii Fit might be had if someone were to arrive at Target at 8:00 am when they opened on Sunday morning. I guess this was my reward for spending the better part of the first beautiful winter day in Minnesota in weeks inside the house. (Thirty some degrees and I spent my day indoors except for an early morning run.)

I was not even out of my pajamas (technically, a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt) when I opened up the box and surveyed the contents. I momentarily wondered if the morning after a late night of karaoke and a few beers was the best time to be assessing my fitness goals, but I couldn’t stop myself. I chose my trainer – the female one – thinking she might be easier on me than the male trainer, but she was kind of a slave-driver!

One of my first tests was to balance on one foot and do a few stretches. Trust me when I say this is harder than it looks. I might have benefited from a bit of caffeine first. I was all over the place and it didn’t escape my trainer’s attention that I put my foot down a time or two. Nothing gets past this chick. She’s a tough one, I tell ya! I think she was punishing me for last night’s indulgence with her scoldings. Either that or she didn’t like the looks of my stylish sunglasses and pouty full lips. (So I took some liberties when creating my Mii. Sue me.)

My husband and daughter were lounging in the chair and on the love seat watching my progress. I know full well that Mark has no intentions of creating a fitness profile on this thing, but he was barking out directions and criticizing my efforts.

“You’re lifting the wrong knee. Move the other direction.”

“You shut up and just concentrate on lounging in that chair,” I barked back at him. I was getting testy and breaking a sweat. I took a quick break to find some shorts, a sports bra and a t-shirt.

Next I tried some strength exercises since this is what I really need to work on. My arms have the strength of wet noodles, yet somehow I managed to complete an exercise pretty successfully and earned the ranking of …. body builder? Heh…No. That can’t be right. And my stomach muscles are aching now. Maybe there’s a six pack hiding in there somewhere. I mean, besides the liquid kind I drank last night. (No, I didn’t really drink that much. Six would put me under the table.)

I completed thirty minutes worth of exercises including ski jumping, the slalom and getting corked in the head with soccer cleats due to my complete and total lack of balance. I think the game asked me if I spend a lot of time tripping while walking. Nobody warned me that the game came pre-programmed with a smart-alec attitude! I forgave it though, since my weight measured about six pounds under what I normally see on the bathroom scale.

I’m going to give it another try tomorrow and see if I can’t make friends with my trainer. I’ll keep you posted.

The Wii is here! The Wii is here!

The Wii showed up ahead of schedule and arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I was shocked because it wasn’t supposed to ship until the 23rd and there was a glitch, so I didn’t expect to get it on time, much less early. On Monday, I received an email from Game Stop saying my credit card had been rejected and I should contact my financial institution to see what was the problem. I had used my check card and knew there was plenty of moolah to cover my purchase, so I called the bank and asked, “What’s the deal?”

The representative helping me said he showed no record of a rejected payment, assured me I had plenty of money to cover the purchase and I had not maxed out my daily purchase limit. He suggested that in the case of credit card purchases, the seller will often perform an address check to make sure the one on the credit card matches the one provided in the order and if any part of the address doesn’t match it will show up as a rejection. So I called Game Stop, told them what the bank rep had told me and my representative confirmed that it was a rejection for address. I told him I’ve been at the same one for twenty years and asked if it had to do with the part of my address that ends in “North.” Sometimes it’s listed as “North,” sometimes “No.,” and sometimes “N.” I rattled off my address and he said, “Ok. I’m just going to release this order.” Yes! It was well worth sitting on hold and being subjected to the Mario Brothers theme music while I waited to be assisted.

The kids and I set up the system as soon as I got home from work. (Ok. Kacey set it up as she is very familiar having spent much time with her friend and her Wii.) In the inaugural game, Jake beat me by three points in bowling, after which I let he and Kacey test out all the various games. Kacey had volleyball practice and I wanted to give her a chance to play before she had to go. Then Jake beefed up his boxing skills and knocked out his mom but she didn’t go down without a good fight. (My arm already hurts this morning!) Later, I proved I am a rock-star golfer, at least on the Wii. Real life golfing is a much different story.

I went to bed by ten. (I am just wiped out by Friday night.) The kids were just beginning to explore Mario Party and I have no idea how late they stayed up. This was the first night I can remember in a long time that they weren’t bickering and fighting.

And to think when they asked for a Wii for Christmas, I said, “No. No more game systems.” Not to mention, last week when we were in Target looking to see if they had any in stock, Mark said to me, “What about the video game restriction I put on Jake for the trimester?”

I sort of forgot about the video game restriction, but since he sort of forgot to remind me until we were actually in a store, shopping for a Wii I sort of told him that we’d have to rethink that restriction. And I reminded him that a Wii is not just a video game system, it’s exercise! And isn’t that really something we want our kids to do? Not to mention, the temperatures have dropped again and I personally need a way to burn off stress when I can’t get outside and run, otherwise I might take it out on him and I think we can all agree that wouldn’t be much fun.