What I do when it snows

The Minnesota winter took a little vacation last week, but it is making its return with a nice raging snow storm.

Like everyone else in the city, I figured I better start my day with a visit to the grocery store. Since I planned on being stuck in the house, I wanted to pick up a few things to cook Sunday dinner. It was crowded in the store, as I expected, but for the most part, people were polite. The snow was falling lightly when I went into the store. By the time I left, the lines in the road had already disappeared.

It was a good feeling to get back home and know I didn’t have to leave again. I spent a lazy afternoon doing some laundry and cooking dinner.

The country-style ribs had gone into the crock-pot first thing in the morning. If you haven’t tried one of these little gems, I highly recommend them:

Today I used the barbecue seasoning, but the one for beef roasts is the best. I love me some easy!

Then I got out my new favorite cookbook and made some amazing twice baked potatoes. Yum! These are full of butter, sour cream, bacon and cheddar cheese so calorie counting goes out the window.

Dinner is served!

And for dessert? I’ve been wanting to try Emjay’s brownies. Why yes! Those are Heath Bar bits on top! You’re good! (Emjay recommends waiting for them to cool before cutting them. I didn’t follow directions. And I’m not sorry. Does anyone else think that there’s some vanilla ice cream missing from this picture? Hmmm…)

Now all that’s left to do is figure out how challenging the drive to work is going to be tomorrow!