Communicating Creatively

I should have known something was up when, while text messaging with my daughter, (me in my family room, her in her dorm room at college) she asked,

Have you been on Facebook lately? … I mean, has Lucy been on Facebook lately :) ?

I was immediately suspicious and replied,

Not for a couple of days. Why?

She answered,

She probably should :)

So I … I mean …¬†my dog logged into her Facebook account.

Okay, I might have helped her a little bit. Typing is difficult because she doesn’t have thumbs. Also, my dog can’t read. I instantly recognized the status update at which Kacey had not-so subtly hinted.¬†Suddenly my daughter’s motives were very clear.

Lucy was kind enough to assure Kacey that the chocolate would be obtained in time for her upcoming weekend visit home.

Yeah. It’s not ridiculous enough that my dog has her own Facebook page. Now my daughter is conveying her “needs” through the dog!

I love that kid’s sense of humor!