Life is Good – March 5, 2010

The morning moon has been so bright and beautiful this week. I first noticed it on Monday morning as I was leaving for work. It was huge and glowing in the western sky. I wanted so badly to go back for my camera, and take some time to photograph it, but I simply didn’t have the time.

With each day that passed, there was the moon in the morning sky, bold and bright, but seeming a little smaller each day. I was determined to make time to photograph it, so on Thursday, my day off, I set my alarm clock for 6:15 a.m.  when I knew the sky would still be a bit dark, but with enough signs of the morning light that I could get some good shots. I was lucky that the skies were clear and I could frame the moon behind the branches of the winter trees.

I’m fascinated by the moon when it is so bright and striking as it was this week. It kept reminding me of a favorite book from my childhood, Amos and the Moon by Jan Balet. I loved that book. I think I still have it around here somewhere. I’ll have to dig it up, as it is apparently quite rare, according to the blog Today’s Inspiration, which has a series of posts highlighting illustrations from the book and excerpts from the story.

Ahhh… good memories…

In other news, the kitchen remodel is about to begin and I’m getting excited! The new stove and refrigerator have been purchased. The new cabinets are almost finished and are ready for staining. I still have to pick out a sink and counter-top, but soon, the transformation will be complete and I’ll be all too willing to play June Cleaver. At least until the novelty wears off.

Remember me mentioning that I was getting my head examined by the doctor this week? Well, I did and the news was good. I’m not dying or anything. I’ve had some cysts on my scalp for a while now. Well, actually, more than a while. I’ve had one of them for years. Of course, no one really knew I had this lump on my head. It’s buried under my hair. Then over the past year, a couple more developed. They’re not painful, but once in a while, a couple of them get a little uncomfortable. I was feeling a distinct ache last week and it caused me enough concern to finally call the doctor. I did some research online and was pretty sure it was nothing to worry about, but you just never know. As it turns out, they are sebaceous cysts and harmless. But, since they bother me, I’m getting them removed. So later this month, I’m getting my head cut open, cysts removed and head stitched back up again. That sounds fun, doesn’t it? Of course, you know I asked if they’d have to shave my head in those spots and I was assured that is not necessary, which is great news. That would have been a deal breaker.

On the work front, I had some fun this week. There was a big meeting on Wednesday in which I had to present my ideas to a group of web developers. I had spent the past couple of weeks working on writing user stories, which are basically, individual descriptions of each capability I would like to have available on the website. After I presented each story, the developers would vote on them and would agree to a number that would be assigned to that story. Each number indicates the level of effort required to design that capability. The whole process will help decide what can be done first if a first release of the site doesn’t include all of the functions.

So, in this meeting, I was sitting next to a coworker with whom I’ve been working closely. At one point, after a vote, all the developers began joking about something in the technological realm of which I had no understanding whatsoever. They were laughing heartily, and I turned to my coworker and whispered, “I don’t get their humor.” This in turn, caused her to start giggling and pretty soon the two of us were laughing as well. All too soon, though, we realized all the developers were staring at us curiously, waiting for us to stop laughing and for me to present the next story. Can you say embarrassing? Oh well. No harm done and we all got a little stress break for a moment.

Brad celebrated his 21st birthday on Wednesday! According to him, he didn’t really celebrate it as he had mid-terms on Thursday. I’m not completely sure I believe there was no celebration. Who doesn’t celebrate their 21st birthday? He’s legal now! His spring break begins the 15th and he’ll be home for the week. I’m so looking forward to seeing him again since the last time he was home was for Christmas break.

This weekend, I have a free Saturday and then another day of volleyball on Sunday. I’m tempted to complain about having a fourth tournament in four weekends, but I know all too soon, these days will be forever behind me. So I’m going to enjoy it.

Life is good.

What are your weekend plans?