Anyone want to buy a kid? or two?

Kacey: “Mommy? Will you sign my grade report?”

Me: (busy doing important things  reading blogs) “Yep.”

Kacey: “Do you want to sign it with a regular pen or a sparkly pen?”

Me:  “How about a regular pen so the teacher doesn’t think I’m an idiot?”

Kacey: “At least he’ll know the truth!”

Me: Glaring at my daughter with the big, fat, scary evil eye.

Kacey:  “Just kidding, Mommy.  You know I love you.”

Any takers?  She’s pretty sweet most of the time and I think she’s almost done growing….?  And those grade slips I have to sign usually have A’s on them.  Anyone?

Ok, if that one doesn’t do it for you, how ’bout a sixteen year old boy who just announced he wants to move to Germany so he can drive where there’s no speed limit?  He really only eats cold cereal and drinks chocolate milk.  He’s low maintenance!

Just think about it, ok?