New Years Day 2012 – Life is Good!

What a strange winter it’s been so far. For the first time in five years, we didn’t even have a white Christmas; Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I don’t miss those opportunities for driving, white-knuckled through snow-covered streets, worrying about spinning out due to a layer of ice underneath.

The skies have been gray for the past few days, but the air has been warm for this time of year. While running some errands yesterday, December 31st, I saw people coming and going in sweatshirts. No bulky jackets. No hats, no gloves, no scarves. Just sweatshirts. And get this! The local golf course was packed! Golfing in Minnesota in December! Strange.

Mark and I chose to stay home last night rather than go out to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We had a couple of offers to “do something” but I just wasn’t into it. I didn’t have much difficulty convincing Mark to stay home and watch The Help on DVD with me. (First time for him, second for me. Love this movie!) As we sat in our comfy family room chairs watching the movie by the warmth of a lovely gas-fueled fire in the fireplace,  Mark had a sudden outburst.

“Hey, look,” he said, motioning to a scene playing out in the darkness outside of our family room window. I looked and saw a shower of big, wet snowflakes falling steadily by the light of the street lamp just beyond our back fence. Winter had finally arrived. And as much as I haven’t missed the onslaught of snowstorms over the past couple of months, I realized I was feeling slightly excited that winter had finally showed up – however moderately.

This morning, we awoke to air that felt colder than it has in a long time and a nice blanket of snow over our world.

There wasn’t enough snow to really inconvenience anyone or make driving too difficult. There was just enough to brighten up the gray landscape that had settled here in recent months. It was just enough to bring the neighbors outside to shovel walks and driveways.

It was just enough to make Lucy Pie excited over having a brand new playground in her back yard and just enough to brighten my mood.

We’re in the midst of a nice, low-key, long weekend and it has afforded me the chance to breathe easy for a change. I stayed up late a couple of nights, something I don’t often do. And as a result, I slept late in the mornings, something else I don’t often do. I spent some time with my beautiful daughter, shopping the after-Christmas clearances and picking up a few bargains here and there. I’ve had time to read my book and time to watch a movie. There was time to talk leisurely on the phone with my sister and time to tackle chores here and there as I see fit. There has been time for real dinners and time to spend with my parents in these last days before they take off for Arizona for the rest of the winter. The gifts of time and leisure are such wonderful things!

It’s a brand new year, full of time and full of possibility. Life is good!