My daughter, the saint

After three days of being home sick, she is sitting at the kitchen table trying to get some of her homework made up. I am cleaning the kitchen and have my playlist blaring from the laptop.

She’s SO focused. She doesn’t even notice me bursting out in random bits of song.

Welcome to your life. There’s no turning back!


Help me make the most of freedom and of pleasure…

No reaction.

Nothing ever lasts FOR-EV-ERRRRRR!

I’m now¬†singing AND dancing in front of her as she diligently keeps her attention on her Spanish homework without so much as blinking at my antics.

Every-BODY wants to RULE THE WORLD!


“Mother. I’m focused. And do you see this large sliding door behind me that faces a busy street? People are going to see you. What was in your breakfast this morning, anyway?”

“Si, soy loco.”

She is a good sport and this is potentially why she hasn’t brought her friends around lately.

Oh great. I’m the weird mom!