Lessons Learned

I was impressed with the way Lucy restrained herself upon my arrival home from work today, especially considering there was no one else home at the time. I let her out of her kennel and she looked as if she might wiggle right out of her skin, but she did not jump. She just loves everyone so much that most of the time she can’t help herself and before you know it, those paws are reaching for your shoulders. Today I didn’t have to issue the standard warning of “Down!

She’s also got a habit of wanting to take your hand in her mouth by way of greeting. She doesn’t bite, and she’s not rough about it. She just likes to gently hold your hand in her mouth. I don’t mind it so much, but I’m afraid she’ll forget her manners sometime and accidentally break skin. So we’re also working on putting a stop to that habit. But today, I didn’t have to say anything. She was wiggling up a storm, but she seemed to be on her best behavior.

“Maybe she’s growing out of her puppy ways,” I thought.

I went to sit in a living room chair and she nestled herself between my knees and against the chair. I leaned down to hug her from above, wrapping my arms around her warm furry chest and nuzzling her neck. She grasped my arms with her paws, pulling herself into an upright sitting position against me and the chair. She’s such an affectionate dog and such a goof. But I love coming home to this doggy-love. It’s as if every single day, she is surprised and elated to see that I’ve returned home after my long hours away. Every day, I am treated to this energetic, frantic welcome home party. If she could speak, I imagine she’d be shouting from the top of the stairs, “It’s the most wonderful person in the world and she’s come back to me! Sound the trumpets!”

And then she charges down the stairs to nearly topple me with her affection.

She couldn’t seem to get enough of my attention today, but she continued to exercise an impressive amount of restraint. I was so proud of her!

I was home for just over an hour before I had to leave for a hair appointment. I sent a text message to Kacey to see if she planned to be home again soon. If so, I knew I could leave Lucy out of her kennel for the short while until she’d be supervised again.

When Kacey replied, she said that she was planning to come home shortly.

“Good,” I said. “I’m leaving in a few minutes, but Lucy would like some company.”

“I’m mad at Lucy,” came Kacey’s reply.


“Why,” I asked?

“Because …”

“… she ate my shoe.”

Kacey went on to explain that “Dad yelled at her and she wouldn’t even look at him afterwards.”

I surmised the shoe feast took place sometime after I left for work and sometime before anyone else got out of bed this morning. Later, I put on my most furrowed-brow face and stern voice, asking Lucy, “Did you eat a shoe? Huh? Huh?¬†Looo-cy? What did you do? Did you eat Kacey’s shoe?”

She pretended not to know what I was talking about and refused to make eye-contact.

Well, I guess the good behavior was guilt-induced. And I’m guessing Kacey won’t be forgetting to put her shoes in the closet anymore. Lessons learned all around tonight!