Hats and Weddings

I used to have an alarm clock that gave me nine minutes between snoozes. The one I have now only gives me five. It’s hardly worth it. Just when I get all cozy and sleepy again, the alarm drags me from my slumber again. Why can’t they make one that gives 20 minutes between snoozes? I wonder if then I’d set my alarm to go off two hours ahead of the actual time I need to get up? Why do we play these psychological morning games with ourselves?

I did eventually and reluctantly drag myself from the bed. As I was getting ready for work, I remembered the Royal Wedding was being broadcast. I hadn’t planned to watch, but I got caught up in it for a few minutes. It was nice to just forget all the crap in the world for a few minutes and watch the wedding, pretending a real-life fairy tale is actually possible. What a beautiful couple.

Speaking of the royal wedding, what is with the hats?

Royal Wedding Crazy Hats

I think those grapes on top of Beatrice’s hat are about to go bad! Beatrice, do NOT eat them! Eugenie, I think the hat is actually supposed to sit on TOP of your head. Just sayin’.

I shouldn’t poke fun. It’s just that we don’t wear hats here, unless you’re talking baseball hats. I don’t wear hats at all. Not even when it’s eleventy hundred below zero degrees outside. Might ruin my hair.

Now who’s the crazy one?

I did actually wear a hat on my wedding day which was 23 years ago tomorrow. That was a pretty good hat, if I do say so myself. Haven’t had much need to wear it since. Not too many occasions call for a white hat and veil.

Anyway, we’re going out to eat tonight to celebrate. And I got him a gift. A good one. Not as good as the Nook he got me on Valentine’s Day, but he’ll like it.

That’s all. Randomness. Happy Friday!